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How much does it cost for American graduate students to study abroad?
There are two main expenses for studying in the United States, one is tuition, the other is living expenses.
The annual tuition fees of private universities in the United States range from $25,000 to $30,000, which is estimated at a medium level of $27,500 and translated into about RMB 192,500.
The tuition fees of postgraduate students are higher than those of undergraduate students.
Some professional colleges, such as business schools, law schools and medical schools, are more expensive.
The tuition fees vary from 28,000 to 35,000 US dollars per year.
It is estimated at the medium level of 31,500 US dollars, which translates into about 225,000 RMB.
No matter what kind of college you are studying, you have to pay for your living expenses.
Depending on the area where the school is located, the annual housing and meal expenses are about $6,000 to $11,000; books and personal expenses are about $600 to $2,600; incidental expenses and insurance premiums are about $150 to $1,000.
In this way, the cost of living for studying in the United States is about $6750-14600 per year, which is estimated at $10,675 at the medium level and converted to about RMB 747,700.
That is to say, the total annual tuition and living expenses for graduate students in American universities are about 320,000 yuan.
Moreover, these two fees are increasing at a certain rate every year.
The latest increase is about 5% to 10%.
Some schools, such as the University of California, have even increased their tuition fees by 20%.
Through the above introduction to the basic situation of American graduate student applications, many students who plan to go to American universities for graduate students should have a general understanding of the application of American graduate students.
When making individual study plans, they also need to decide according to the situation of the universities they apply for.
This graduation season, not only children are leading, parents also worked hard.
The summer comes, it is a good time to travel, parents that a day hanging in the heart should be put down, together with the children of the other side of the ocean to the United, experience the exotic, feel the atmosphere of the institutions of higher learning.
The American elite gathered, is the first destination for many students abroad.
In the United States, most of the university is open, visitors can freely enter the campus.
Students can linger in the natural beauty of the campus, students and schools.
However, these schools of Library and laboratory teaching places are not open to the outside world.
The students in American schools, travel can enjoy world-class library academic background, experience a full range of elite atmosphere.
First to see Columbia University, President Obama also graduated from the Pulitzer prize, and founded by Columbia University is the highest honor of the press, it is worth visiting the university.
Everybody is not strange to the Harvard University, it is one of the most famous universities in the United States, came to the United States can not enter the University for having heard it many times in the TV movie.
Harvard is located in the historical and cultural city of Boston city of Cambridge, founded in 1636, is the oldest institution of higher learning in the United States, is a variety of research and Teaching Center for global brands.
Harvard has a number of Nobel prize winner, academic atmosphere is very strong.
Take some time to enter the university library, a collection of about 13000000 books.
Around the campus at random, perhaps one not careful you entered Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
The famous institution of adjacent and par is interesting, and no obvious boundaries between campus.
Massachusetts Institute of Technology school has more than 10000 people, nearly 500 of international students from all over the world including.
Yale's reputation, beautiful and solemn, and the sunset on the central campus to look around, the heavy sense of history, attracting outstanding students to the world.
The children and parents went to the Yale University, under the guidance of teachers and students in school, visit the teaching building, library, living area and other recreational facilities, they give you a tour guide to explain the history of Yale University and teaching advantages, life and cultural differences in communication between Chinese University, is full of first-hand information.
Of course, many of the city in the United States, have a variety of museums, the museum is a journey, a study tour of the United States Tour fun, entertaining, harvest a lot.
Children can follow the "Museum wonderful night" plot, into the magical journey, a comprehensive understanding of human and natural environment in the reflection of the natural history museuM.
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