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Information on Immigration, Investment, Education and Residence
Austrian applicant qualification A.Application for an Austrian-German visa:
In principle, applicants must be 18 years old and graduate from high school.
B.Applicants for Austrian Music Academy:
In principle, applicants should be music students over 18 years of age.
C.Applicants for Austrian Higher Education:
In principle, applicants need at least 18-year-old senior high school graduates or college students.
D.Applicant for MBA major at Austrian University:
In principle, application for English MBA requires TOEFL or similar certificates.
To apply for a master's MBA, you need to graduate from university.
Apply to Austrian Public University:
1. Regular undergraduate universities in China (excluding private universities, correspondence, self-taught, distance education and other forms of universities) are enrolled in schools or graduate students are enrolled in schools; 2. Those who hold the university admission notice through the college entrance examination or those who hold the postgraduate admission notice after graduation from the university; 3. Domestic regular university graduates.
(We need to ask if we can apply for the University of Austria.
) 4. No German requirement, no special English proficiency requirement, no age limit.
The above requirements are the admission requirements of Austrian universities, but the Austrian National Conservatory of Music has no special educational requirements for applicants, but they are required to take the admission examination.
Application time A.Visas to Austrian:
There is no time limit for applications, and they can be applied all year round.
B.Austrian Conservatory of Music:
No application time is available now, all year round.
C.Austrian Academy of Higher Education:
Enrollment ends in September and February every year.
The enrollment quota of individual colleges and universities is limited, and the enrollment will stop immediately when it is full.
D.Austrian Public and Private University MBA:
Private University MBA has no application time limit and can apply all year rounD.Public University MBA registers every year until September and February.
Public Universities:
Application Period:
Application materials for the winter semester in September of that year will be submitted to September 1 of that year, and application materials for the summer semester in March of that year will be submitted to February 1 of that year.
Handling cycle A.Austrian Visa:
About 2-4 months to apply for a visa B.Private Music Institutions:
Apply for visas for about 2-4 months C.Colleges and Universities:
about 3-4 months to apply for a visa D.MBA of Austrian Public and Private University:
Application to Visa Month 3-4 months E.
Public Universities:
Application to Visa for 4 Months
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