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Information on Immigration, Investment, Education and Residence
Because Norwegian has Norwegian, unlike European and American countries, it is English.
So it is difficult for us to choose our major.
So what kind of specialty would you like to study in Norway?
The following is the relevant information introduced to you by Lischen Student 360 for your reference!
___________ 1. Norwegian is used in classroom teaching in Norwegian universities, but many of the course reference books are English, so students are required to have good English proficiency.
Norwegian universities require students from non-English speaking countries to have TOEFL or IELTS scores.
For those who have studied in Universities in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand for one year, and have passed all subjects, they can also be exempted from TOEFL and IELTS examinations.
2. Norwegian universities have limitations on the subjects open to foreign students.
Only the Colleges of Literature, Mathematics and Natural Science and Sociology can recruit foreign students.
In all disciplines, economics and informatics majors have the most candidates, and the competition is fierce.
Only a few candidates can be admitteD.The number of Postgraduates enrolled in the Master's degree in Informatics is even smaller.
Because only students from Nordic countries and foreigners living in Norway are allowed to apply for medical, dental, pharmaceutical and nutritional courses; only students from Norway are allowed to apply for law courses, because they only grant Norwegian legal system and provisions, and they can practise locally after obtaining a degree.
3. The Norwegian government has two kinds of official scholarships and educational loans.
The former is a scholarship offered by the Norwegian Government to students and young researchers from countries with which it has signed cultural exchange agreements, which is reciprocal to each other.
The Norwegian Education Loan Fund is mainly set up to support domestic students, but foreign students can also apply.
They are required to be full-time students with one of the following qualifications:
from developing countries and have been allowed to live in Norway; have studied regularly in a Norwegian University for three years (including preparatory courses) and have obtained good examination results; have worked in Norway for at least one year before enrollment; have married Norwegians or have Norwegian refugee status.
Foreign students who have received financial assistance from Norway or other countries, have completed one course of study at a university in another developed country, apply for a doctorate, and have worked for more than four years after graduation in their own country are not allowed to borrow money.
The loan usually lasts for five years and is granted before the beginning of each semester.
Foreign students who enjoy the loan must repay the loan if they migrate to other countries after completing their studies.
4. If you are a Norwegian major, there is little hope of applying for scholarships for liberal arts majors.
When choosing a major, you can continue to take Norwegian or Norwegian history majors.
Because some of the master's courses in Norwegian institutions of higher learning are taught in English, mainly for students from Eastern European countries and developing countries who enjoy the Norwegian Research and Development Agency scholarship, or through exchange projects, quota projects, etC.to provide education for foreign students, but also accept a small number of self-funded foreign students.
Overseas students in some exchange programs can take Master's degree courses, but they can't get Master's degree.
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