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Tipping strategy Many people are curious about how tips are given in the United States.
What is in the hands of waiters?
What is on the table?
Are they not taken away by idle people?
Do you pay for meals, or are there any other ways of tipping?
However, in 50 states, tips vary from place to place, and each situation is different.
People who don't tip:
Police, civil servants and government officials are not legally allowed to tip.
Bus drivers, supermarket salesmen, stewardesses and gas station attendants all do not accept tips.
Tipping people:
1. Restaurants with waiters serving dishes:
15-25% After excepting the excise tax, the total price of all food, beverages and drinks is taken as the base.
15% is the most basic, and may be increased to 20%.
In addition to your waiter, if other people come to help (especially high-end restaurants), then your waiter needs to give them a 3-5% tip, then you need to pay some more to your waiter.
The bartender in an upscale restaurant pays a separate fee (sometimes assigned to him by your waiter, please ask your waiter) for $1-2 per serving.
2. Cafeteria:
It's called "self-help".
In fact, it's harder for service personnel to serve, clean dishes and clean up than for non-self-service restaurants.
So tip at least $1 per person.
Don't tip 75 cents for a $5 meal.
A $1 integer is requireD.Sometimes when people eat together, tips are automatically added to the bill.
Please check the bill before paying.
3. Fast food restaurants:
No tips are required.
Although some fast food restaurants have tipping cans on their order counters, you don't have to put in coins.
If you have special service requirements, tipping is appropriate.
Packing generally does not require tipping, but some special packing services such as restrictions and some larger orders are best tipped by 10%.
Door-to-door takeouts, especially pizza and Chinese food, are typically between 10% and 20%.
4. Bartenders in bars:
$1-2 per glass of wine/15-20% of the total price.
Usually if you regularly visit a bar and tip properly, you may be given a free drink on your third visit, commonly known as "buy back".
The bartender will put a glass upside down on the table to hint at you.
But remember, drinks are free, but tips for free drinks can't be saved!
5. In some non-chain pizza shops, gourmet pubs and ice-cream stores, you can also pay by credit carD.You can choose to tip 10%, 15%, 18% or 25% of the bill on the screen, up to 30% (you ordered some special food).
The waiter won't see what you choose out of courtesy.
There is also the option of not tipping at the bottom of the screen.
If you don't want to pay, and don't worry about looking at other people's faces, customers are God, you are right to do anything.
6. Taxi:
Tip about 15% of the fare.
Usually the driver will take the initiative to help you carry your luggage.
If the service is very thoughtful, the maximum can be 20%.
7. Parking Attendant:
If he always greets you with a smile in his service, gives you a luggage ticket and has a tacit understanding with you, it is appropriate to tip him $5 (31.4 yuan) when you pick up the car.
8. Airport pick-up:
If the driver helps you carry your luggage, he usually tips you $1 to $2 each.
9. Baggage Clerk:
The first luggage is tipped at $2 (RMB 12.5), and then each additional luggage is tipped at $1 (RMB 6.3).
10. Staying in a hotel:
Smiling, opening doors and guiding services are free of tips, or you can tip the guests in different places separately.
When you get to your room, you'd better tip (between $1 and $2 per luggage).
Tips for room cleaners ranging from $2 to $5 a day can be placed directly under pillows, or a note can be posted saying "For room cleaners".
Make sure you give it to the right person so that your room will stay the way you want it to be during your stay.
Tipping at least $5 for a room service call unless it's already included in the bill.
11. Hairdressing and massage:
15% is usually enough, but if you want to have a hairdressing, 20% is basically enough.
In addition to tipping the shampoo worker, girls may as well tip a little more when they meet their favorite hairdresser, because the handicraft is too big.
Hair trims, especially in different places, sometimes range in price from $80 to $15. 12. Shoe polishing:
In the words of a New York dry shoe polisher, 10% is unsatisfactory, 20% is good, 30% is great, 40% is that you have opened my beautiful day, and I want to start your beautiful day.
13. Envelope Etiquette - Marriott Hotel Group has envelopes in more than 160,000 rooms in the United States and CanadA.Guests can leave tips for room cleaners.
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