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Notes on personal checks Mr.
Guan, a senior property person, has been engaged in financial work in the United States for more than 30 years and is familiar with the cheque business.
What should I do when I receive the check?
How to distinguish the true from the false?
There is basically no way to tell the truth from the truth.
But some low-level mistakes can be seen.
After receiving the check, look at the appearance firSt.Make sure it's printed and complete.
Then, pay attention to the recipient:
you can write the company name or the full name of the individual (generally not abbreviated, but has been recognized can also), you must have a bank record.
What about large checks?
The cash time of cheques is half a year in the United States.
Sometimes large checks, although written today to cash, but there is no money in the account, but also can not be transferreD.So for large checks, we must ask:
When can we cash them?
Small checks are normally available the next day.
What are the precautions for personal checks?
Before issuing a cheque, an individual should confirm how much money is available in his bank account so that the cheque will not be skipped.
It's best to form a habit of keeping a record of how much money you have in your account and how much money you spenD.If you don't keep a record, you won't know what's going on for a long time.
Because online banking does not necessarily show the amount that can really be used.
What are the benefits of checks over cash?
If you do business, it is better to use checks for familiar customers and good credit, and it can also save you money.
The bank charges you for your service because you have too much cash in it.
But if it's a personal user, it doesn't make much difference to use checks or cash.
If you don't have cash on hand, it doesn't matter as long as the other party accepts your check.
Because the general bank gives a certain amount of cheque processing services, the use of cheques, basically no cost, of course, depending on the type of bank you choose.
How to prevent cheque fraud?
Check fraud is an easy way:
after providing services, it is found that the cheque given by the other party can not be casheD.The only way to prevent fraud is to wait for the cheque to be cashed before providing services.
Especially if you don't know the situation of the other party, in case of being cheated, you can only call the police immediately, which has nothing to do with the bank.
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