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Information on Immigration, Investment, Education and Residence
How can the United States buy a house for a loan?
Good credit All borrowers must pass the examination of their personal social security numbers in order to obtain personal credit report scores from the three major credit evaluation companies.
At present, all banks will adopt the median value of the three reports as the credit approval score.
This figure summarizes the past credit history of individuals and evaluates the possibility that lenders will repay on time in the future.
A high credit score is not only qualified to apply for a mortgage loan, but also can obtain a better loan interest rate.
Stable income This is the guarantee of lending.
Generally speaking, monthly income should be 2.5 times the loan expenditure.
At present, the debt rate DTIRation adopted is less than 55% of income, but the standard of each bank is different, but it can be calculated by formula:
loan principal + Interest + real estate tax + fire insurance + all credit monthly payment (recorded from the credit statement)/total monthly income 55%.
There are two benchmarks for auditing revenue:
1. Stable income.
Borrowers are required to have a record of working continuously for more than two years in the industry they are engaged in.
2. Enough sources of income.
Income certificates can be obtained in the following ways:
Fixed salary:
for office workers, provide two years W-2 form, according to pre-tax income audit; Self-employed entrepreneurs:
Get 1099 form, provide 2-year bond, calculate 2-year average income according to after-tax AGI.
Asset certification This is the key to ensure that loans pass quickly.
Such as deposits, checking accounts, fixed deposits, retirement accounts and stocks.
Head payment and house purchase fee, together with the amount of three months'mortgage payment, require the existence of bank certificates for more than two months.
In addition, any deposit other than monthly income must be accompanied by an explanatory letter explaining the source of money (LOE-Letter of Explanation).
If large deposits are remitted from abroad, the source of the money should also be explained and proveD.Usually it is based on the stub of the remittance.
Housing value This is the criterion for determining the amount of loans available.
Since it is a mortgage loan, the value of mortgage is very important.
Most homeowners choose a loan scheme that is less than 80% LTV (loan/house price), because the loan exceeds 80% mortgage ratio and requires additional loan insurance, namely PMI (Private Mortgage Insurance).
The monthly premium varies from $150 to $250 depending on the amount of the loan.
The lower the LTV.
The better the loan plan and the interest rate.
In addition to the two-year W-2 income statement, 1099 income statement and Tax Return, the bank also needs the lender to fill in 4506T form, which is used by the IRS to verify the personal tax return records, in order to verify the true tax return income.
If the checked tax returns do not meet the income specified in the loan application form, the bank may refuse to lend.
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    ABOUT texas local customs, tourist attractions
    Texas State capitol is located in texas, the capital of Austen, built in 1885, covers an area of 51 acres, by the architect Elijah E Myer modeled on the Houses of Parliament designed by Washington, in 1970 was included in the national register of historic places, in 1986 was named a national historic landmark.
    Texas State capitol is texas historical landmark, about 173 meters long, 88 meters wide, 94 meters high, is the highest state capital building, seven feet taller than Houses of Parliament.
    The building is constructed of red granite, the overall feeling of the magnificent.
    There is a 14 foot high statue of liberty at the top of the building, and in 1986.1987 years, so that the whole building is more outstanding.
    circular hall building is the center of the center of the floor decorated with a large stamp, surrounded by large chapter six stamp.
    The president of the Republic and the governor of Texas are the portraits of four layers of annular hall open to the public every layer.
    There are flowers in full bloom in the garden of the parliament building around, and in different periods of history and an important figure sculpture monument.
    To texas, the parliament will become one of the tour attractions, many young people will choose to take pictures here to get married.
    Texas State capitol
    Reason: the highest state capital building
    Spots continents: North America
    Scenic region / country: the United States
    Attractions of the province, Texas: [Texas State]
    city Attractions: Austen [Austin]

    Lakewood church located in the state of Texas in Houston, is not restricted to a particular religious denomination of the christian church, is the largest church every week, about 43500 people come to worship, has become the Evangelical faith.
    Lakewood church is the largest and most rapidly growing church, become one of the most abundant church congregation members the most diverse.
    Lakewood church was included in the "100 largest and fastest growing church" list, the church said that the whole Bible is inspired by God, the church is also based on this belief set up.
    Lakewood church site, formerly the Houston Rockets stadium, now the church is located, can accommodate 16800 people worship, and in different forms to help church members or non members.
    Lakewood church weekend week, all the pop music of the choir opening, 1.5 hours a week about half of the time in singing, singing when everyone stood up and sang some people also moved to tears.
    Lakewood church Houston community service not only actively, but also extended international.
    Austin sermon program, through the "Discovery channel" and other major media broadcast network, attracting more than 100 countries worldwide broadcast, Austin's book "live good" has become a national sales of books.
    Lakewood church
    Necessary to Reason: the largest church
    Spots continents: North America
    Scenic region / country: the United States
    Attractions of the province, Texas: [Texas State]
    Houston city attractions: [Houston]

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