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How to choose new and second-hand houses?
In the United States, most of the houses traded on the market are second-hand houses, accounting for 85% of the total number of houses listed on the market; relatively few new houses, accounting for only 15%.
Generally speaking, new houses are located in relatively remote areas or cities, belonging to newly developed areas.
Those mature cities, after long-term development, have better school districts, perfect living facilities, beautiful environment and so on, but most of the houses are not newly built.
Many of these cities are planned as a whole and developed at the same time.
Generally, the construction is completed in 15-30 years.
The housing in each city will have a similar age.
If you want to buy a new house, it's not impossible, but the house you buy may be in a newly developed town, surrounded by newly built houses, and the infrastructure may be relatively inadequate.
Therefore, don't choose a house with the mentality of buying a new house, because on the one hand, it will make your choice very small and make you miss a lot of good houses; on the other hand, the choice of a new house will always be accompanied by other sacrifices, such as immature urban development, inconvenient life, poor school districts and so on.
Of course, it is not excluded that some developers in mature cities knock down some old houses, and then rebuild new houses, but this situation will probably be more than 50 years old houses.
How about buying a school district house?
Whether to buy American school district housing or not, this is to consider comprehensively according to their own specific conditions.
Because of the strong demand and relatively high price of houses near schools, there is usually a premium compared with houses with the same conditions.
This part of the premium reflects the merits of the house near the school, which makes it easier for children to go to school.
But there are also shortcomings:
the environment around the school is noisy, which reduces the comfort of life.
If the house is purchased for rent, the house near the school is easier to rent out.
For example, if the average rent of a local similar house is $2,000 per month, the house near the school may be rented a little higher, such as $2,100 or $2,200 per month; so the rent of a house near the school is actually a little higher every year.
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    ABOUT california local customs, tourist attractions
    Palm Springs Desert Museum A privately funded public Museum, and the United States recognized by the national natural science exhibition facilities, several galleries, Annenberg theater, sculpture garden permanent collection exhibition, American Indian artifacts and artwork, Tuesday to Saturday ten am to five pm, Sunday noon to five p.m., Monday and public holiday.
    Tickets: $6 adults, children aged 6 to 17 years old, students and soldiers $3, aged 62 years or older $5. With adults under the age of six children free.
    The first Friday of every month for free.
    From November to July, two in the afternoon have led by Museum staff tour.
    Address: 101 Museum Dr.
    Palm Springs Walk of Stars Palm Springs Walk of Stars Go to visit yesterday and today's star in the famous Palm canyon Drive "palm canyon road", from the mayor Sonny.
    "Sonny Bono" and strong wave Sophia.
    "Sophia Loren" by Roland Bob.
    Herbert, you can find their footprints here.
    Located in Palm canyon Drive.
    Elvis Honeymoon Hideaway Disney Park (English: Disneyland, full name is Disneyland Park), is located in california city of Anaheim (Anaheim) theme park.
    Founded by Water Disney a Disney park by the Walt Disney company (The Walt Disney company) founded and operating a series of theme park and resort in the first, about a 20 minute drive from downtown Losangeles (highway).
    Disney park opened in 1955, attracted a large number of children and adults.
    There are many characters such as Mickey Mouse, Disney, and Disney movie scene.
    The facilities in the park are often replaced.
    The original in a man-made lake, can take the submarine to see cosplay Mermaid, but due to play 1 characters of employees working conditions not adapt to long.
    term under water, so later turned into a fake mermaid.
    The park once there is a high false snow, people can take the cable car through the middle, but also has quit the stage of history.
    In 1990s, again in the same address, the expansion of the Disney's california Adventure (Disney's california Adventure), and the original Disney Park, the newly established california Adventure Park, and around a series of related facilities (including a few with the park set up tourist hotel), is composed of Disney Resort (Disneyland Resort).
    If you have tens of thousands of glass bottles riotous with colour.
    How would you handle these bottles?
    Most of us think is tantamount to sell, can also earn some money, but Elmer Ron (Elmer Long) is out of the ordinary, with a bottle to create a bottle of forest, and thus become the United States and the world famous Elmer Ron grew up with his father left the desert collect bottles and other things, after his father died, leaving his legacy is tens of thousands of glass bottles.
    In the face of the glass bottle, he created the first tree inspired bottle tree, after he was in the United States of california No. 66 park along the line to create a different tree shape bottle, a bottle of trees form the world's rare bottle of foreSt. Visit the forest not only to appreciate these bottles of creative bottle tree, listening to beautiful music wind blowing trees, more to see the innovative artiSt. Elmer Lang welcome every visit bottle forest tourists, and will visit and talk a lot.
    He often complain that modern people why love has no soul of the highway, miss before people through time to explore the town road.
    Bottle Tree Ranch
    Reason: the world's magic bottle forest
    Spots continents: North America
    Scenic region / country: the United States
    Attractions of the province, california: [california State]
    Highway No. 1 (source: the_air) Stop several important: Monterey, from the late 1800s there are a large number of artists living, fishing is also very famous It is a peninsula on the west coast of the United States the most beautiful, it was the age of Spain and Mexico, the capital of california, where the old fisherman's Wharf is the first california fisherman's Wharf, navigation and positioning: Old Fisherman "s Grotto, Wharf Monterey, Fishermans 39, cA 93940. 17 miles, is located in the carmel town of carmel, is a private highway around Monterey peninsula.
    Kamel Town, this is known as the "change your outlook on life" of the town, carmel Plaza, Ocean navigation and positioning: Avenue, carmel, cA, United, States.
    Big Sur about Searle National Park and the beach, Pfieffer beach is the world's only Pfeiffer-Big Sur State purple beach, Park, Highway 1, Big Sur, cA 93920. There are other Danish village of Solvang town of Santa Barbara, San Barbara, walrus beach.
    More than 20 historic sites in california are along the coast, so you can easily travel by car.
    The old building is enough to make any history nerd entranced.
    In this way, I believe some people will learn a truth: every time I see a car on the spot, someone said, hey don't stop this, after all, let's go to the next point.
    Then wait until the next spot found completely keep up with a different style, but also go back, too late for regrets, think it worth while, so just missed.
    Some things missed, the journey is not back again the opportunity, now do not care, with the car more and more far, regret will stay.
    In fact, like life.
    No. 1 road driving tips Self driving highway 1, this trip is very slow pace, the purpose is to enjoy and feel no burden to a highway landscape, and look at the random corner, two days after a long time the feeling is also very substantial.
    This road is often long.
    distance cyclists, some even ride from San Francisco to Losangeles.
    Please pay attention to avoid driving bicycle, caution.
    The traveller church is also known as the "glass church", is located in Losangeles city, United States california, Rancho Palos Verdes (Rancho Palos Verdes), famous for its unique unique position of modern architectural style and stands in the Pacific on the clifF- It is a part of the North American Swedenb church, the expression of the religious philosopher in Sweden in eighteenth century - Emanuel Swedenborg (Emanuel Swedenborg) the highest respect.
    The traveller church by the famous architect Frank in twentieth century - Lloyd - Wright (Frank Lloyd Wright) son of Lloyd Wright (Lloyd Wright) in 1940s to 1951, the church was built in 1949. The affiliated buildings around the church was built in the next few years, including a tower and a visitor center.
    Like many other Wright buildings, travelers church in various geometric patterns and integration with the surrounding natural scenery as the main features.
    The traveller church has been included in the United States National Register of historic places "church", all the rocks from behind the large circular glass and taken from the Palos Verdes church Hill stack, followed by steel strapping and, in case of earthquake damage.
    Such a bold combination, is still rare in the history of building creative innovation.
    Because of its excellent natural scenery around, here are the most popular church wedding ceremony.
    The traveler had as church wedding and funeral held in American TV series "the Oc" (The O.
    c also appeared in American science fiction series "parallel world" (Sliders).
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