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Information on Immigration, Investment, Education and Residence
Choose city house or independent house?
Urban housing is very different from independent housing, but there will also be a market for both sale and rental.
The difference between the two is that city houses generally have no courtyard or very small courtyard, so they occupy little space and have little price difference, ranging from hundreds of thousands of dollars to 5.6 million dollars.
Independent housing covers a large area and differs greatly in size and internal facilities, so the prices of different independent houses vary greatly, ranging from 200,000 dollars (poorer cities) to tens of millions of dollars of independent houses, and in some poorer cities, there are hundreds of thousands of dollars of independent houses.
If the house is purchased for rent, the rent yield of urban housing is relatively high, because its initial investment is relatively small, but the appreciation potential of independent housing is relatively large.
So as investment, they have their own advantages and disadvantages.
If you want to choose between the two, first of all, depend on how much your budget is, if it is less than $200,000, you don't need to consider independent housing; if the budget is between $200,000 and $56,000, you can consider both, you can choose between specific circumstances and your preferences; if the budget is more than $600,000, you can consider buying independent housing.
Or buy a few urban housing units (as an investment).
Which city should I buy?
First of all, determine their own purchase budget, how much money can be spent to buy a house?
Comprehensive budget and other factors, you can consider which city to choose.
American cities have specific property parameters, such as average housing price, average housing age, average living area, average unit price, school area, etC.These property parameters will be an important basis for choosing cities.
Relatively speaking, the preferred places for Chinese to buy houses in the United States are Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York and Boston.
Industry insiders said that the expansion of new towns in the United States is far less rapid than that in ChinA.It is difficult for the United States to develop and revaluate, such as buying cheap places in ChinA.We should focus on mature areas with better development.
Because the United States has the best education in the world, there are more than 100,000 Chinese studying in the United States every year.
Therefore, there is a huge demand for real estate.
Most Chinese buy houses to consider the need for education and make plans for the children who are going to study in the United States.
Therefore, cities and locations with educational resources have become the hottest areas for Chinese people to buy houses in the United States, such as New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Atlanta, Houston, Seattle, Las Vegas and other cities, where Chinese people buy more houses.
Chinese people go to buy American real estate, investment and living, and there are also housing education, retirement pension.
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    ABOUT texas local customs, tourist attractions
    Parliament Street bridge is located in Austen of texas, across the bird lake, is a concrete arch bridge, opened in 1910, is the world's largest city bat community residence, known as an ornamental bat.
    Each of Austen's visitors will be introduced to the congress Avenue bridge, the purpose is not Hashimoto Mi, but watching the world's largest city of bats infested.
    Parliament Street bridge is 288.3 meters long, 18 meters wide, the maximum span of up to 36.3 meters, majestic, including driveways, sidewalks and bike lanes.
    Because the bridge is mainly famous ornamental bat, Mexico free tailed bats, these weird bats living in the cracks of concrete structures, not only has this, summer will come to the tabernacle, the winter will fly to Mexico.
    It is said that every summer is about 750 thousand to 1 million 500 thousand bats living under the bridge, Austen's resident population of only 750 thousand, significantly more than the number of bat population.
    From the scene of a bat, hundreds of thousands gathered in the parliament Street Bridge bats stream is a king.
    When evening comes gradually, is also the best time to watch bats out of the nest, the black bat ran out from under the bridge, on the river over the merged into a large, spectacular distance to fly away, amazing, loudly exclaimed, watching in just 40 minutes in the process, people take the bats fly the head of the extraordinary sight, very lively.
    congress Avenue Bridge
    Reason: the world's largest bat Bridge
    Spots continents: North America
    Scenic region / country: the United States
    Attractions of the province, Texas: [Texas State]
    city Attractions: Austen [Austin]

    The bird is called the lake before the lake city is located in texas, the capital of Austen, is a reservoir of the colorado River, built in 1960, mainly used for flood control and recreation, become an important part of public life in Austen.
    Bird lake surface area of 416 acres, the depth of 5.5 meters, is one of the most important lakes people usually entertainment around the lake, built luxurious apartment building and, in addition, there is a special walk and bike lanes, visitors can while walking along the path, while enjoying the beautiful scenery of the lake.
    In the morning, people also love running exercise on the trail, the evening will become romantic lovers walking the path.
    In addition, the best choice for bird lake or swimming, fishing and boating, in order to let people better fishing in the lake, some special aquaculture fish.
    Across the lake bird parliament Street bridge is a famous ornamental bat place, when all the bats fly out, will be in the lake circling, very spectacular, shocking.
    Lady Bird Lake
    Reason: Texas's most elegant Lake
    Spots continents: North America
    Scenic region / country: the United States
    Attractions of the province, Texas: [Texas State]
    city Attractions: Austen [Austin]

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