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Information on Immigration, Investment, Education and Residence
Where do immigrants live in the United States?
This is a major life issue that American immigrants are very concerned about.
Look at the living choices of young American rich people.
Can you give some reference to American immigrant friends?
Where do immigrants live in the United States?
This is a major life issue that American immigrants are very concerned about.
Look at the living choices of young American rich people.
Can you give some reference to American immigrant friends?
Recently, Forbes magazine published a "40-40" list of young wealthy people to identify the richest "40 under 40" in the United States.
As a result, Facebook's Chuckleberg ranked first, with his family growing to 46.6 billion.
Of the 40 young rich, 33 live in California, while seven in Chengdu live in the Bay Area, related to Silicon Valley and San Francisco Technologies.
It is reported that these young rich people have at least 400 million yuan in wealth, 39 of whom are men and only one woman.
She is Elizabeth Holmes, founder of Theranos, a Silicon Valley startup.
Most of the young rich get rich from start-ups; because the start-ups are not yet listed, the market value of these companies has a direct impact on their families.
The United States should notice, 5 will ask

According to the 2005 American visa rate rise trend, this year, the United States will further open the door to Chinese students.
For the students are concerned, this is undoubtedly a good news.
However, the visa is relatively easy to prospective students can not blindly optimistic, studying remind, the United States should pay attention to the "three guidelines" and "five will be asked".
Three notes First, according to the law of the United States to study in the United States is not affected by age, quota, but students must provide proof of studying objective and funding period to ensure that clear, the United States has enough charge.
Students must also provide strong evidence, prove that they are inextricably linked with the domestic family, occupation, social and other aspects, which later will return.
Second, college admissions in the United States generally have both spring and autumn time.
Most of the graduate school has the application deadline constraints, so the United States interested students should begin to prepare for at least 12 months in advance.
Three, bachelor degree in the United States generally require 4 years of time, the master's degree and doctorate in two years, to obtain about three years.
Because of the American education system to the credit system, so if the student credits can graduate ahead of a degree.
Five will be asked Q: the size of the school and professional expertise The college also has expertise in different scale, different, therefore consult the first person to scale, characteristics and professional expertise to consult the school, in order to select their own professional and interested in the school.
In addition, because many colleges in the United States although the overall ranking is not high, but may in some professional counseling so that ranked among the highest, easy to understand the professional level of colleges.
Two: the school tuition fees and provide scholarships The American College of a year on average cost about $3 million, but there are still great differences between public and private schools.
U.S. college scholarship is divided into service and non service two.
Service Scholarship and twocategories: fellowships and assistantships; many of the forms of non full scholarship Service Award, awards and other half tuition waiver, grants or loans etc.
A detailed understanding of these, to apply for school transcripts more focused.
Question three: what are the requirements for the proofreading of international students The school is required to provide direct basis for the transcripts and personal statements also apply to different professional students, often have different specific requirements.
The consultant must ask, so that schools interested in your application.
General requirements of course to study in the US you have to understand, read undergraduate senior middle school graduation certificate and TOEFL scores; Bachelor degree certificate needs as well as TOEFL, GRE or GMAT grade undergraduate degree or above.
Question four: the latest trends of visa Although the school does not directly interfere with the visa, but students should ask the school which can provide help in the visa, which will be subject to professional visa restrictions also apply.
For example, "9 - 11" in the future, such as biotechnology, chemical and other sensitive professional visas have difficulty.
Five Q: School Services and tutor In the United States 1 immigration approval for international students in the University, most schools have a center for International Student Affairs and services, providing all kinds of needed services and create a good learning environment for the school to study international students understand these for this study.
But because a lot of studying in the United States are the master, PhD or Shuoboliandu, so we must understand clearly in advance instructors, including research direction, research strengths and visibility and so on.
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    ABOUT pennsylvania local customs, tourist attractions
    Fairmount park is located in Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, is a city park system, composed of 63 Park, covers an area of 9200 acres, the name name originates from the first park, in 1972 was listed as the national register of historic places.
    Fairmount Park as the largest park landscape city in the United States, lush trees, gurgling streams, lovely animal, elegant lakes, trails and walkways will become the leisure dress of Philadelphia's most popular park.
    This park is a riot of colours memorial hall, Japanese garden, Philadelphia Art Museum, Philadelphia zoo, and came here to visit many tourist attractions, you can not only enjoy the full botanical garden can also be birds'twitter and fragrance of flowers, visit the artistic Museum, can also watch those historic buildings, so your journey definitely not a single, but not boring.
    In addition to feast for the eyes, also can let oneself body exercise, horse riding, boating, picnic, play frisbee golf is essential entertainment.
    If you want to calm down, close your eyes to relax, you can go to Mann (Mann center for the center Performing Arts) to listen to a concert, let yourself enjoy life in the music world. Fairmount Park
    Reason: the largest park landscape city in the United States
    Spots continents: North America
    Scenic region / country: the United States
    Attractions of the province, Pennsylvania: [Pennsylvania State]
    Philadelphia city attractions: [Philadelphia]

    carnegie art Museum is located in Pittsburgh, as one of the four Pittsburgh carnegie Museum, by industrialist and philanthropist Andrew carnegie (Andrew carnegie) was created in 1895, in 1979 was listed on the national register of historic places.
    carnegie art Museum is the first Museum of modern art, a collection of contemporary art internationally renowned masters, such as painting, sculpture, decorative arts, paper, photographs and other forms of art works, which since sixteenth century, the United States and Europe won the outstanding collection of domestic and international widely recognized.
    The Museum building hall of building gypsum model, the largest of the United States and the world in addition, built in the 1993 Heinz Building center (Heinz Architectural center) focuses on the architectural design model and design drawings collection and exhibition, to promote people's understanding of the objective space through exhibitions and public utilities.
    carnegie art Museum will be held every four years the Nakanai 1 international art exhibition, provides a platform for emerging artists from around the world, but also provides opportunities for learning and communicating for art lovers.
    carnegie Museum of Art
    Reason: the earliest American Museum of modern art
    Spots continents: North America
    Scenic region / country: the United States
    Attractions at the provincial, state of Pennsylvania [Pennsylvania State]
    Pittsburgh city attractions: [Pittsburgh]

    Pittsburgh zoo and aquarium is located in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, established in 1898, covers an area of 77 acres, the United States has six general zoo and Aquarium combination zoo, Pittsburgh zoo and aquarium is one of them.
    Over the years, a zoo is committed to animal protection, and participated in 64 animal rescue project.
    At present, the life is 475, more than more than 4000 animal and birds, is divided into 7 different regions, each region has a different theme, namely children's Kingdom, aquarium, Asian jungle, African savanna, tropical rainforest, polar bear Museum etc.
    The aquarium has two floors, covers an area of 45000 square feet, with piranhas, survival fish, penguins of Papua, a variety of colors, various forms of fish is also very beautiful, in the beautiful water and coral swim.
    The aquarium also opened a special place to watch the penguins, a white world, there are dozens of penguins.
    The tropical rain forest is a huge enclosed space, the roof is full of glass, which is full of all kinds of imitation of rainforest plants, there lived many ape monkeys in the trunk, between tiaolaitiaoqu, very flexible, very cute.
    Pittsburgh Zoo & PPG Aquarium
    Reason: Pittsburgh's largest zoo and Aquarium
    Spots continents: North America
    Scenic region / country: the United States
    Attractions at the provincial, state of Pennsylvania [Pennsylvania State]
    Pittsburgh city attractions: [Pittsburgh]

    The American Jewish History Museum is located in Pennsylvania Philadelphia, founded in 1976, adjacent to the Historic Park, which opened in 2010, is the only one completely dedicated to the collection, protection and interpretation related to Jewish history of American cultural relics Museum, devoted to the research on immigration, assimilation, cultural identity, religious identity and other issues.
    The Museum consists of 5 layers, showing the structure of terracotta pottery and glass, top lit a beacon, a symbol of faith and patriotism.
    The exhibition space is 25000 square feet, exhibits up to 20000, from the colonial period to now, everything, mainly focused on Jewish immigrants, sports, art, religion, science and technology, through a large number of pictures and text about the Jewish people in American history and related stories.
    The Museum is open Tuesdays to Fridays 10:00 to 17:00, 10:00 to 17:30 for the weekend, a week on Mondays and national holidays closed, but the Martin Ruud Kim memorial day, memorial day, the president's day except.
    National Museum of American Jewish History
    Necessary to Reason: the United States only tells the story of the Jewish Museum in American history.

    Spots continents: North America
    Scenic region / country: the United States
    Attractions of the province, Pennsylvania: [Pennsylvania State]
    Philadelphia city attractions: [Philadelphia]

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