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New York is a city with a lot of nightlife.
We can say that it is a city that can't sleep.
It's a city with bright lights all night long.
You can't finish the night scene of New York without sleeping for a year.
Put on your sneakers and start the day in New York with Zabar's takeout breakfaSt.Zabar is in the West End of Mahattan.
It's a tradition in London.
It's also a long-sown food in London.
With cream cheese and smoked salmon cakes in hand, they drove eastwarD.First go to the funny and world-renowned Natural History Museum of the United States, which is situated on the west side of Central Park, in a magnificent 19th-century building that summarizes Roman and Renaissance styles.
Join the army of the students (because there are so many students here all year round) and look up in awe at the endless blue whale hanging in the Marine Biology Museum.
Of course, dinosaur fossils are also worth watching.
Visitors interested in geography can go to the Rose Base, which is not far from the Natural History Museum.
There is a space museum where they can experience the experience of outer space.
Advocating a pass would be a lot of money.
If you want to be conscientious, you won't go to outer space, aiming to take a walk in the urban green space of Central Park and breathe the fresh air in the morning.
Walk south from the museum to the strawberry fielD.But the place covered with flowers is not a strawberry garden, but a memorial to the legendary John Lennon.
Opposite is his new house, and if you go into the viewing room, you may see the Beatles improvising in it.
Walking south along the park, you can get to Columbus Circle.
Here you can start your bloody journey.
There are not only high-level shops on the ground, but also Whole Foods Market, which is known as the aristocrat in supermarkets all over the worlD.At the supermarket's cafe, we had a cheap lunch and rewarded ourselves on the first floor with truffles made by a few global chocolate barons.
This is also the base camp of Lincoln Base Jazz Hall.
It is set in the charming scenery of New York Base City, where people can appreciate the beautiful jazz musiC.If you travel there, don't miss the opportunity to buy a ticket for the night performance and appreciate the Jazz performance.
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