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New York is a city full of nightlife.
Walk south from Broadway, so you can freely line the theatre area and be obliterated by endless neon lights, Times Square, Pioneer Square, the world-famous department store Macy's Department Store and Madison Square Park, where there are the symbolic 1902 skyscrapers in New York and the Iron Tower, standing as if they were guarding the south.
About a few more blocks down Broadway, you can head into the ABC home base, the best baby and child department store in New York, where children's decorations, toys and furniture are beautiful.
Then go on to Union Square, where there are green fairs all year rounD.Every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday, there are fresh fruits and vegetables, flowers, baked food, meat and so on in the tent shop.
Buy snacks in the market, and then visit some shops near the square:
Underground Square is the hottest famous button shop, Underground Square is the shop that operates sci-fi toys and comics, Underground Square is the shop that sells music CD-ROMs and books, where there are the same bookshelf aisles as labyrinths, but you can find any local books in the world.
Now it's near evening, take Line 4, Line 5 or Line 6 from Union Square Station to Brooklyn City Hall Station.
Still, don't visit the Mayor of New York at City Hall.
Walk on the Brooklyn Bridge.
Since it was built in 1883, it has been a symbol of New York.
If you don't see enough of the deep-seated images, the glittering Manhattan skyscrapers will surely amaze you.
In the evening, you can sit in a coffee shop along the river, have dinner and appreciate the towering buildings.
Perhaps, if you think it's expensive, you can test the simplicity of local restaurants, such as London-flavored pizza in some shops, authentic hamburgers and fried chicken.
Now, I've been wandering around New York all day.
It's time to overlook the scenery of New York.
It's an exciting job to look down at New York from the top of the Empire State Building at night.
You should think about purchasing tickets online to save time on elevators.
According to the regulations, the Empire State Building is a queue to buy tickets, and the elevator is a queue.
If you book tickets online, you can print your own tickets without having to queue firSt.The Empire State Building also offers audio tours ($6), but I think just looking at the scenery is enough.
New York's nightlife is so colorful that it's almost impossible to recommend a place to satisfy everyone from salon enthusiasts to smokers.
But here's a final recommendation:
129 East Elizabeth Street, the longest bar in New York since 1864. It is also a common setting for many movies and TV programs.
New York is often called a city that never sleeps.
After dark, there are countless bars and nightclubs on the streets.
As one of the largest cities in the world, New York is a city full of Party animals.
Want to travel to New York and experience the colorful nightlife.
What about you?
What about New York?
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