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What values do Americans value most?
American netizens are eager to answer!
Let's take a look at their answers.
The first netizen, Ryan Bales, is an American veteran.
He thinks the following are the most important points:
Professional ethics Americans work so hard that they hardly ask for leave.
I think most Americans are proud of their work and willing to give everything for it.
Of course, there are also some lazy people, but they are everywhere.
Individualism Americans like to be themselves.
This does not mean that we are unwilling to contribute to the public cause, but we do not like collectivism.
Moreover, our attitude is that if we can do it ourselves, we won't bother others.
We also believe that we can find a way to solve the problem.
Patriotism Americans hang the flag at their doors, wear clothes with the flag on them, stick the design of the American flag on their cars, and so on.
It's really patriotic, not nationalistic.
Help others enthusiastically Americans are very friendly, though they speak a little loudly.
We believe that communication between people is very important.
In the United States, you can chat with strangers anytime and anywhere, and no one will think you are strange.
According to David W.
Budd, the second netizen, some of the values that Americans value most can not be achieved at all.
Moreover, the value that Americans value most is a very subjective question.
Different people must have different opinions.
He also gives his own answers:
Fair competition Fairness is the premise for everyone to realize their dreams, and also for the American Dream.
Follow the rules of the game, respect others, you will also be respected by others.
Work hard Effort is the condition of success.
Of course, there is no denying that many people are born with a better starting line.
But for most of us, as long as you follow the rules, work hard and compete fairly, you will succeed!
Freedom of thought No matter how silly or disgusting your idea is, it's your ideA.It shouldn't be influenced by others, even racial discrimination or Nazi speech.
Freedom of speech is mainly to protect those views that are not accepted by the publiC.After all, it is possible for each of us to say something that is not recognized by others.
Who knows when it will be attacked by others?
In fact, compared with other free countries in Europe, many Americans are prejudiced and even polarizeD.For example, many Americans feel that the poor are to blame for themselves because they are lazy and unwilling to work harD.Therefore, the government should not impose heavy taxes on the rich, because the rich people's money is their own efforts, so this is very unfair!
Others think that everyone has the right to own weapons, even military submachine guns.
What else can I say?
You just feel happy.
In short, the most important value of Americans is "freedom".
Americans just want the government to let them do whatever they want, as long as they don't hurt others or violate the law.
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