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According to the National Center for Disease Control's breastfeeding report, breastfeeding rates have been on the rise in the United States.
From 49% of mothers breastfed their babies for six months in 2011, 79% of mothers now breastfed their babies for six months.
Not only the data, but the American Academy of Pediatrics also recommends that mothers breast-feed their babies for at least six months if conditions permit, so that they can get the best nutrition.
When some mothers hear that breastfeeding is great, they extend it to one year.
This phenomenon is also rare in the United States, and Western doctors do not recommend it.
But in special cases, mothers are not allowed to take long-term care and do not feel guilty or guilty.
Americans do not pay attention to sitting on the moon, many mothers will return to work after the birth of their children, or some mothers can not breastfeed for six months in special circumstances.
At this time, mothers will usually take out the milk sucker, or use another way of feeding:
breast milk + formula milk powder mixed feeding baby.
In Dr.
Spock's book Dr.
Spock's Baby and Child Care, a well-known pediatrician, he endorses the mixed feeding of breast milk and formula milk powder.
It's very suitable for planning to return to work quickly, expecting grandparents to help take care of babies, or mothers with insufficient milk.
Notable points:
1. Wait until breastfeeding is complete (about five to six weeks after delivery) before introducing formula or bottles.
This waiting process helps reduce the possibility of nipple confusion in babies.
Remember to build a bottle preference.
2. If a mother intends to mix breast milk with formula milk (for example, the milk itself is insufficient), the doctor advises that the supply of breast milk should be maintained because there is a risk of weaning if there is no stimulation to breast milk.
Therefore, when using breast-feeding, remember to keep the law, because the supply of breast milk depends on the law of supply and demand, so you can absorb breast milk at a fixed time every night, thus enticing the body to produce more milk.
3. Mom's mood is more important.
Keeping a happy mood can produce more breast milk and experience the new role of mother with a relaxed mooD.(Data are all from the National Center for Disease Control and Prevention)
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