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Information on Immigration, Investment, Education and Residence
Although the trump government has not yet issued a new immigration order, it is just restoring the strength of immigration enforcement, but this has made the immigrant community paniC.Some immigrants are sick because of their undocumented status and are even considering whether to go to the hospital because they are afraid of being caught.
In fact, ICE will not enforce the law in hospitals.
Look at Li Lan's detailed report.
After the resumption of immigration enforcement by the government, the biggest concern of undocumented immigrants is whether they will be arrested if they go to the hospital.
Sarah Nolan, New York Legal Assistance Group:
"ICE's own rule is that they should avoid intercepting, searching and arresting immigrants in hospitals, clinics or doctors'offices.
" In addition, ICE will not locate and deport undocumented immigrants through the registration information of Obama's health care.
In addition to the fear of law enforcement when seeking medical treatment, another concern is the medical white carD.Because the trump government has also included priority fraud in welfare fraud, some people who hold medical cards are afraid.
Liu Jigao, President of the Sino-American Medical Association, said:
"Some people clearly have white cards and medical ID cards.
He told the doctor that I would pay cash for my medical treatment this time.
Some patients said that because I wanted to pay for my own money, I wanted to wait and see if the law would change.
Then I would do laboratory tests or imaging examinations.
Others simply went back to the mainland to check their health.
" In fact, if you do not qualify for a white card, and there is real economic pressure, New York City Public Hospital also has some other preferential programs.
Matilde Roman, Senior Assistant Vice President of NYC Health + Hospitals Diversity Office, said:
"What we can do is to provide another kind of welfare program.
Patients can pay a minimum of $20 per visit if they can't enjoy the white and red card benefits of New York State.
" In addition, community health centers or related service agencies can provide information about medical services.
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