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    ABOUT illinois local customs, tourist attractions

    Illinois is the seat of the metropolitan Chicago, with almost 11 million 500 thousand of the population. The alias is called "Prairie State" (Prairie State) because the vast grassland that early explorers at the. In addition, Illinois has hundreds of miles of river and mountain area, sparkling lake, forest and Beach - in the territory of the state 29 miles (46.4 kilometers) long the shores of Lake Michigan, 31 a comfortable and pleasant public beach for residents and tourists, in addition to many of the other states around the beach.
    (Illinois) is a state of the north central United States is partial to the East, north to Wisconsin, northeast of the Michigan lake, east of Indiana, adjacent to the southeast of Kentucky, west across the Mississippi River and the Missouri and Iowa River.

    City and population: population 12 million 870 thousand (2011), the sixth largest in the United States, the capital of Springfield (Springfield), population 117 thousand, is the political center of illinois. Chicago (Chicago) is the largest city in the state, population 2 million 850 thousand, second only to New York and Losangeles, the third largest city in the United States and an important industrial, financial, agricultural products processing and transportation center.
    Illinois has a well-developed transportation infrastructure, with 2169 miles of highway and 16100 miles of interstate highway, ranking third in the United States. Chicago is the nation's largest railway transportation center, there are 52 railway lines across the United states. Chicago O'Hare International Airport in 2009 the aircraft taking off and landing of 82.8 million sorties, import and port passenger 64.4 million passengers, passenger traffic after the Atlanta Airport, ranked second. 2009 cargo volume of 1 million 200 thousand tons, the United States ranked seventh, ranking eighteenth in the world. Illinois in the Great Lakes region has the largest lake in Hong, in the Great Lakes region a total of more than 70 lake port, the largest is Chicago harbor. Ships can the Erie Canal hade Sun River and the St. Lawrence River in the sea, the annual import and export with 50 million tons of cargo. North from Chicago, via the St. Lawrence River Seaway, up to the Atlantic. South, through the Mississippi River, up to the Gulf of Mexico.
    Illinois is the traditional manufacturing center, but also the transportation and logistics distribution center, construction machinery, agricultural equipment, communications equipment, biological technology and finance, insurance, consulting, and wholesale and retail service industry developed.
    Industry: the state of Illinois industry is complete, heavy industry dominant, light industry, financial industry is also very developed. Chicago is the United States machinery manufacturing center, which is the most important agricultural machinery. It is the country's largest steel and meat processing industry base, agricultural machinery, transport machinery, chemical, petroleum, chemical, electrical machinery, aircraft engines, printing and other also ranks the leading position in China, and timber processing, papermaking, electronics, textiles, clothing, flour and other industrial sectors.
    Agriculture: Illinois farm has two characteristics: one is maize yield is great, and the Iowa the same, the two states is corn production in the United States most states. Two is the state's soybean production in the United States in the Finance: there are more than 2 thousand and 300 commercial banks, 1000 savings banks, more than 2 thousand insurance institutions, and more than 11 thousand and 200 financial companies.

    Chicago is located in the center of the North American continent, located in Illinois, United States, is the largest city of the central and western regions, is the third largest city in the United States. Located in the central United States, Michigan lake and Chicago River Interchange, covering an area of 588 square kilometers. Land and water transportation. Important financial, trade, and cultural centers. The hot summer climate, winter is not cold, windy throughout the year, as the "windy city". Existing population of 2 million 700 thousand (2015), large urban areas 7 million 102 thousand. Is a black American, Jewish people live in more cities.
    Chicago is the most important railway and aviation hub in the United States. Chicago is also one of the major financial, cultural, manufacturing, futures and commodity trading centers in the United States. Since 1833, since the construction of the city, after more than and 100 years of development, Chicago has gradually become one of the world's influence in the city. This metropolis is known as the most American characteristic of the United States, it will be in the Midwest and the world's cultural and culinary landscape.

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