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Information on Immigration, Investment, Education and Residence
Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly officially ordered on Tuesday that the Immigration Service begin arresting and repatriating more illegal immigrants to correct the Obama administration's soft policy on illegal immigration and move on with its commitment to clean up illegal immigrants during the Trump campaign.
The new order has several characteristics:
1. Give priority to repatriation and accelerate the repatriation of illegal immigrants with criminal records.
2. For very young children who come to the United States, they are not included in the repatriation.
3. Grant immigration officers discretion to arrest illegal immigrants (prohibited during the Barack Obama era) 4. Local police are welcome to assist federal law enforcement officials in repatriating immigrants (during the Obama era, police were not able to participate in immigration enforcement operations).
5. Increase the number of Immigration and Customs Enforcement Officers by 10,000, and employ 5,000 Border Protection Officers to strengthen the protection of Homeland Security in the United States.
After more than 10 years of bickering between the two parties, they failed to reach an agreement.
The deportation of illegal immigrants has been stagnating for a long time, so that the number of illegal immigrants is increasing.
It is necessary for the trump government to strictly enforce the existing immigration laws.
Priority of Law Enforcement in Investigating and Catching Immigrants According to local media reports in the United States, the Federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency (ICE) has recently intensified its enforcement efforts to arrest undocumented immigrants.
Data show that 161 "foreign criminals and other illegal immigrants" have been arrested in Southern California alone.
In addition, Chicago's law enforcement agency confirmed that law enforcement officers arrested more than 200 foreign citizens in Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, Kentucky, Kansas and Missouri during the raid that ended in early February.
According to media reports, "Many people are still working for one minute and will be sent to the airport to deport in the next minute.
" Although this statement is slightly exaggerated, the law enforcement authorities have indeed intensified the investigation and punishment of illegal immigrants.
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    ABOUT north-Carolina local customs, tourist attractions
    North carolina Museum of natural science is located in the centre of Rowley, founded in 1879, is the oldest Museum in North carolina, is the largest in the southeastern United States Museum of natural science, annually attracts about 700 thousand tourists visit, as North carolina's most popular tourist attractions.
    Through the rich and colorful Museum exhibitions, projects and field trips, so that visitors have the opportunity to personally close to and understanding of science and nature.
    The Museum is divided into four layers, each layer of the exhibition is novel and unique, eye.
    catching, let visitors through a live animal exhibition, hands-on activities to understand the state of North carolina and diverse geographical environment, history, geology and prehistoric plants and animals.
    The Museum's first floor focuses on the state of the wild animal and marine life, including more than 2000 year old trees, sea cucumber, whale skeleton, the giant whale skeleton weighs 55 tons has become the symbol of the Museum.
    Mainly about the two layers of the state variety of terrain and natural environment, from the western mountain, central foothills to the coastal plain, waterfalls, natural fish and turtle exhibition etc.
    The three layer mainly displays the state of Paleontology and the southeastern United States in prehistoric times, such as high Spinosaurus skeleton, skeleton, skeleton and other strange dragon pterodactyl.
    The four layer is composed of the zoo, nature center, a greenhouse, mainly displays the living animals and plants, various biological visitors can watch and live in a dry tropical forest in the foreSt. In addition to interesting exhibitions, North carolina Museum of natural science and special exhibition, natural research center.
    In addition, the Museum will be held in major party, festival and other astronomical insect activity.
    North carolina Museum of Natural Sciences
    Necessary to Reason: the southeastern United States, the largest Museum of Natural Science
    Spots continents: North America
    Scenic region / country: the United States
    Attractions of the province, North carolina State: [North carolina State]
    city Attractions: Rowley [Raleigh]

    The cape Hatteras lighthouse is located in North carolina on Hatteras Island, part of cape Hatteras national seashore.
    Since the civil war, the lighthouse has been guarded in this piece is called "the graveyard of the Atlantic (Graveyard of the Atlantic)" after the sea ship.
    The cape Hatteras lighthouse was first established in 1803, it is the world's highest brick lighthouse, 200 feet (61 meters), weighing 4800 tons, is the traditional form of the lighthouse in the world ranked twenty-third.
    Over the years, the sea has eroded the lighthouse around the sand, squeezing within 160 feet of the ground.
    In 2000, due to the shifting of the coastline, the landmark 0.8 kilometers inland migration.
    The tallest lighthouse in the United States built with a total of 1 million 250 thousand bricks, this huge building every 7.5 seconds will send a light to assist the ship through "the graveyard of the Atlantic".
    In fine weather, to be able to see it from 32 km.
    The tower is eye.
    catching red brick, supporting the black and white spiral stripes composed of the tower, stood high in the air, very eye.
    catching, it is spectacular.
    cape Hatteras Light
    Reason: the world's tallest brick Lighthouse
    Spots continents: North America
    Scenic region / country: the United States
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