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Information on Immigration, Investment, Education and Residence
How do new immigrants educate the next generation growing up in the United States?
Is it a traditional oriental way of education or a wholesale westernization?
Zang Wuyun, who has been engaged in Chinese language education for many years in Houston, gave a lecture on the 5th, suggesting that parents of new Chinese immigrants should combine Eastern and Western education flexibly, based on their experience in American families, society and schools.
Zang Wuyun was invited to introduce his experience to a group of Chinese immigrants in Sugar City on the afternoon of May 5, according to the North American World Daily.
Zang Wuyun, who has been in the United States for 30 years, moved to Houston in 1976 to settle down.
At the beginning of her stay in the United States, she managed ice cream and candy stores to make a living.
When life settled down, she began to teach at Changqing Chinese School, and later served as president and chairman.
With his own experience, Zang Wuyun introduced his experience to the new generation of immigrants that day and suggested how they could educate the next generation.
She said that with children growing up in the United States, Chinese parents had better adopt the American-Chinese education mode, and it is not good to adopt either of them alone.
Zang Wuyun talked about the differences between eastern and western education methods.
She said that eastern education methods emphasize filial piety and obedience.
Western parents like to train their children to be independent.
They value letting their children think for themselves and do for themselves.
If they are wrong, they regard it as a lesson.
But Chinese parents do not allow their children to make such mistakes and protect their children too well, like greenhouse flowers.
She said that when Chinese children go out into society, they are less competitive and less adaptable to the environment than Western children who enter society in their teens.
Oriental education also has a positive aspect.
Zang Wuyun said that while Chinese teachers teach students knowledge, they also teach them how to be human.
Since the Bible can't enter the school, American schools have lacked moral education to teach students how to behave, so that students have no direction in morality.
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