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Information on Immigration, Investment, Education and Residence
How to Help Children Apply for Grants All students applying for grants must fill in a free Federal Student Assistance (FAFSA) assessment form, which must be filled out truthfully according to the annual tax returns of parents or guardians, Professor Lin Youzhi said, otherwise they will be fined and other penalties.
According to the four main assessment projects, the estimated family share (EFC) is calculated by determining the tuition fees that students or families can share, including family income, expenditure, family population, and the number of students attending universities.
Professor Lin Youzhi said that whether students attend public universities with very low tuition fees or well-known private universities with very high tuition fees, grants or loans are allocated according to their "expected family share", because EFC is unchangeD.If they enter public universities, they do not need grants or loans, and students can not get them.
The same students go to private colleges and universities, except for the amount shared by their families.
The rest is paid for by grants and loans from the federal, state or school.
So it's not that private colleges, which are expensive for political education, must spend more money than public schools with low tuition fees.
Schools'grants and loans, according to this important term - EFC.
New York State and other states in the United States help their students study for grants at state public and private universities.
Lin Youzhi says that the tuition subsidy program in New York State [TAP] is similar to the federal FAFSA, and some other states only ask questions based on FAFSA.Although individual schools distribute grants and loans to students according to the EFC of FASFA, the grants of the schools themselves sometimes need to be filled out in separate forms.
More detailed questions will be asked, including the type of family car, age or whether there is a yacht at home.
There are many kinds of grants available to full-time or half-time students in Colleges and universities, some of which are very helpful to students, some of which are?
Not too much help, Lin Youzhi said, parents or students have to consider their own needs when choosing.
Grants, including two federal scholarships PELL GRANT and SEOG, are not available to middle-class families; secondly, scholarships for outstanding students are awarded by schools in consideration of achievements; thirdly, scholarships for students from schools in cold regions are awarded by schools; state government grants, such as TAP in New York State, can be up to 39,000 yuan, depending on the amount shared by families; and each state grants half-time.
Student grants; the seventh category is the federal work-study grant; the ninth category is the federal subsidized low-interest loan [FEDERAL PERKINS LOAN]; the tenth category is the federal guaranteed subsidy and non-subsidy interest loan [FEDERAL SUBSIDIZED ANE UNSUBSIDIZED STAFFORD LOAN]; and the last category is the payment to parents for students'schooling.
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    ABOUT illinois local customs, tourist attractions
    The United States of Poland Museum The Poland Museum is located in chicago, Poland's oldest community center, established in 1935, is a specialized collection and exhibition of Poland and American Poland born artist goods Museum, chicago is one of the 25 national Museum, is also one of the oldest in the United States National Museum.
    The entrance hall of the Museum of art exhibition in Poland and Poland created by American born artist, mainly for the poster art.
    The art exhibition hall at the three.
    tier Poland well-known artists painting and sculpture, most of his works have been exhibited in 1939 held in New York world expo.
    The main exhibition hall of the Poland Maritime Museum during the civil war in various ship model and maritime related items, military hall is exhibited with the characteristics of uniforms, medals, these items from nineteenth century to twentieth century during the war.
    In addition, the Museum also has a collection of different parts of Poland, clothing, ceramics, metal products, 19 to twentieth century, Poland decorative wood products such as Easter eggs.
    The Poland Museum also specialize in Poland military leaders, Poland national hero c F chushko's 73 handwritten letter, medal, sketch etc.
    In addition, Dreyfuss Ki, the Museum is one of the items of 19 at the end of the century, the beginning of the 20 century the most outstanding world.class pianists of the largest Museum, has a collection of Steinway piano, signed the "Treaty of Versailles" pen etc.
    Polish Museum of America
    Necessary to Reason: one of the oldest in the United States National Museum
    Spots continents: North America
    Scenic region / country: the United States
    Attractions: Illinois, [Illinois State]
    chicago city attractions: [chicago]

    Mitchell Museum of the American Indian Mitchell Museum of the American Indian is located in Illinois, Evans Don, established in 1977, is the number of focus on American Indian history and culture Museum, the Museum tells the American Indian history, culture, art, collection of about more than 10000 pieces, spanning thousands of years of history, from ancient India to date.
    The Museum aims to rich and colorful collections to let more people understand the North American Indians, so as to deepen the understanding and understanding of this nation.
    The Museum collections covering archaeology, ethnology, art and handicrafts, decorative items, including beads basket, painting, photos, ships, wood.
    The Museum is divided into 4 fixed exhibition hall, exhibition hall, exhibition hall, the woodland plain southwest northwest coast and Arctic exhibition hall, exhibition hall, exhibition hall focused on forest land east of the Mississippi Department of Indians, the biggest surprise is that in addition to the exhibition of birchbark canoes, glass beads, hair ornaments, clothing, embroidery etc.
    The exhibition tells the story of the Indians of central plain region of North America's way of life, through a large number of baskets to demonstrate the difference of different races of indian.
    Southwest exhibition Navajo and Pakistan Tobago family support Henuoao Hamitic culture and art, jewelry, 40 different Kachina dolls and wood carving exhibits god.
    Northwest coast and Arctic hall is about living in Washington, Alaska and california canada British columbia province area of Indian history and culture.
    Mitchell Museum of the American Indian is the best Museum of North American Indians, the opening time is from Tuesday to Saturday from 10:00 to 17:00 to 10:00 to 20:00, the Thursday, Sunday from 12:00 to 16:00. Mitchell Museum of the American Indian
    Reason: the Illinois Indians the most comprehensive Museum
    Spots continents: North America
    Scenic region / country: the United States
    Attractions: Illinois, [Illinois State]
    city Attractions: Evans [Evanston]
    brookfield zoo The Brookfield zoo is also known as the "chicago zoo", is located in the southwest suburb of chicago, Brookfield, in 1934 Park, covers an area of 216 acres, built in the beginning, because it does not use the cage and the world's attention, with its large open space.
    Brookfield is the first American Zoo exhibit the pandas in the zoo, three giant pandas during 1937.-1953 exhibition is very famous At present, the zoo life has 450, about 2300 more than one animal, in the 20 century 60 zoo, established the world's first indoor dolphin show, when the 80 is added in the world indoor tropical rainforest, which makes it the world's 10 largest indoor animal park.
    Outstanding achievements in the zoo, raising sheep and Dole and PI in addition, there are hoofed animal, kangaroos and baboons and other African primate animal.
    The Brookfield zoo has become one of chicago's most famous zoo, the opening time is 10:00 to 17:00 every day, visitors are welcome to visit.
    Brookfield Zoo
    Necessary to Reason: the United States one of the first giant panda zoo
    Spots continents: North America
    Scenic region / country: the United States
    Attractions: Illinois, [Illinois State]
    chicago city attractions: [chicago]

    St. James cathedral chicago St. James church in chicago is the Episcopal Diocese of chicago cathedral, as the first Anglican church in chicago, managed by the Anglican Bishop of chicago.
    chicago cathedral of St. James and the Rome catholic cathedral of the holy name of chicago are located in chicago near North Street, chicago the seat of the parish".
    chicago St. James church built in 1834, in 1955 when it was promoted to the status of cathedral, is the oldest churches in chicago, chicago is also the Anglican mother church, the cathedral interior is decorated tall, beautiful decoration, gives people a sense of the sacred place, perhaps this is the charm of the church.
    Many young people are now love to take their own pictures in church in the background, the chicago cathedral of St. James has become one of the most popular picture, let the church to witness their most beautiful and happy moments.
    St. James cathedral, chicago
    Reason: chicago's first Anglican church
    Spots continents: North America
    Scenic region / country: the United States
    Attractions: Illinois, [Illinois State]
    chicago city attractions: [chicago]

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