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Information on Immigration, Investment, Education and Residence
Every year, the tax season is coming again.
Many foreign residents or temporary residents living in the United States do not know much about the complex tax laws of the United States.
Sometimes they ignore them.
When people from the IRS come to us, they are surprised to find that American tax collectors are more difficult than immigration officials.
If something goes wrong, citizens who apply for green cards will have trouble.
So it's particularly important to know the basic tax laws of the United States involving foreigners and who has to pay the least, who can be exempted from taxes and who won't have problems.
American taxes involving foreign visitors to the United States include income tax, real estate tax, gift tax, social security tax and so on.
Some definitions in the tax law are different from those in the Immigration Bureau.
For example, the term "Resident" in the Immigration Bureau refers to foreigners living in the United States other than non-immigrant visas.
However, residents in the tax law have a broader definition.
From the standpoint of the IRS, the more people pay taxes, the better.
The view of the Immigration Bureau is that the fewer people pay taxes, the better they pay for fooD.Of course, the definition of the IRS is the standard.
* Income Tax, as long as there is income, American citizens and residents can not escape this federal and local income tax.
The so-called income is not only income within the United States, income outside the United States, and even dividends that foreign companies do not distribute are subject to American income tax.
Income tax coverage in the United States is impressive.
Many countries and regions also draw income tax, but the income is limited to domestic income, and the income abroad is usually tax-free.
Immigrants or temporary residents in the United States will be amazed by the IRS's rules on drawing foreign income, or not distributing dividends, and delaying dividends.
American "residents" have to pay American income tax in order to obtain income everywhere, while "non-residents" only need to pay income related to the number of domestic companies in the United States or abroaD.Therefore, it is particularly important to understand what is a non-citizen "resident" in tax law and what is a non-citizen "non-resident".
Non-Citizen Residents, which are earned worldwide, must be paid to the United States during the year.
These are roughly the following categories:
first, permanent residents of the United States, commonly known as green card holders; and second, sufficiently long-term residence in the United States during the tax year, and two years before that, they had lived in the United States equally.
Long time [substantial presence]; third, or become a green card resident at the end of the tax year, even if it has not become a permanent resident of the United States in the previous two years.
To enter the United States as a non-immigrant, whether or not to pay taxes depends on whether the parties have stayed in the United States for so-called "quite a long time".
The time arithmetic in tax law is also different from that in general mathematics.
If the total residence time of one year and two years before tax payment reaches 183 days, the income tax should be paid.
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