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Information on Immigration, Investment, Education and Residence
The contribution of immigrants whose children receive more education in the United States has been recognized.
Sociologists and economists have begun to study the performance of the second and third generations of immigrant families.
Because immigrants come from different countries and cultures, it is difficult to put it in a worD.However, recent studies have found some relevant facts.
That is, education is a good start, because education is directly related to future income.
Children of immigrant families will receive more education in the United States than their peers in the same social environment in their countries of origin.
Overall, the second generation of new immigrants will be closer to the average in the United States.
David Card, professor of economics at the University of California, Berkeley, said that some parents who do not have a high school diploma will have a high school diploma in the second generation of immigrants, but some parents have a doctorate in the second generation of immigrants, but only a bachelor's degree.
In addition, poor immigrant families need generations of struggle to reach the average level in the United States.
Hans Johnson, a researcher at the California Institute of Public Relations, said:
"As the largest immigrant group, Mexican or Mexican families as a whole are making progress, but still lagging behind other American communities.
" They are doing better than their parents, mostly with high school diplomas, but the graduation rate in universities is still very low.
Despite its backwardness in education, Johnson & Johnson says Mexican immigrants and their families have little problem finding jobs.
Paradoxically, among Mexican immigrants, low-skilled workers tend to have a fairly high employment rate.
The second generation of immigrant families are trying to improve their skills.
A 2004 census showed that 40% of the second generation of female employees and 37% of the second generation of male employees occupy professional and managerial positions.
Among the first generation of immigrants, this figure corresponds to 30% and 24%.
William Frey, a visiting scholar at Brookings Institute in Washington, said the survey included decades of immigration to the United States.
He said that for many new immigrants, low education will lead to low incomes.
Another factor will make it harder for migrant children to succeed in the future, starting with increased competition.
In addition, insufficient income and wealth also affect children's future opportunities.
Immigrant children from Italy and Poland did not encounter this problem in the early 20th century, because the government adopted immigration quota restrictions after their parents arrived in the United States.
Now, migrant children will face wave after wave of peer competition from different regions.
In addition, several immigrant communities are rising rapidly in the area of high wages.
Roger Waldinger, professor of sociology at the University of California, said:
"Indians, Korean and Chinese are very successful" because, in both senior jobs and in the best universities, "the society is becoming more open to immigrants.
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