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Information on Immigration, Investment, Education and Residence
In the United States, many new immigrants and refugees find it difficult to find a well-paid joB.Some people have ambitions to do business on their own, but find themselves isolated and helpless.
A non-profit organization is trying to help these newcomers get on the road to success.
The two salons generate more than half a million dollars a year Zachary Mancini had a good time.
He came to the United States from Morocco at the age of 29 to pursue his American dream.
He said, "My life is wonderful.
I have been pursuing the American Dream.
When the time came, the dream came true.
I've worked hard for that.
Mancini is a hairstylist and entrepreneur.
He owns two hair salons in the Washington area of the capital, called "Paris Mancini".
He said the two salons generate more than half a million dollars a year.
But when he first set foot on American soil, he was not thinking about the beauty industry.
But he soon realized that he could not find a job with his bachelor's degree in electromechanics from Morocco.
He said, "But I found another world where I could use it.
So I put my heart and soul into it.
But the road to success is not always smooth.
Mancini said that four years ago, he encountered a major obstacle.
He said:
"My first experience of working hard to realize my dream was running a hair salon from scratch.
I'm in a lot of financial difficulties.
I tried different banks and none of them wanted to help me.
Mancini then found the Enterprise Development Group.
It's a non-profit organization that provides microfinance, mostly for refugees and immigrants in the Washington area of the capital.
Like Mancini, Lopez feels that he will get rid of the need for microfinance and qualify for formal bank loans in the future.
They also believe that they can achieve their ambitious goal of starting a chain store and, while working towards that goal, they can also help create jobs for people in the region.
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