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Information on Immigration, Investment, Education and Residence
Many friends are interested in buying American real estate, holding it as an investment and renting it.
By renting real estate, we can get a fixed return on investment every year, but when facing the choice of investment, many people do not know what kind of property they will buy, and what rate of return on rent will be brought by renting each year.
In view of this situation, this paper briefly introduces the calculation method of rent return rate, which provides a reference for investors.
Calculation of Rent Return Rate for Cash Purchase The formula for calculating the rate of return on rent of real estate purchased in cash is very simple.
To put it plainly, the net income from renting a house is divided by the total price of buying a house.
Calculating formula:
Rent Return Rate = Annual Net Rent Income / Total Purchase Price (Amount paid to Seller by Buyer) Annual net rental income = annual rental income - housing costs and rental derivatives related expenditures Annual rental income refers to the annual rent agreed with the tenant.
Estimating the future annual rental income of a house can compare the rents of rented houses in the neighboring communities under the same conditions.
Find the rent price which appears most frequently, and take this figure or lower price as a reference, we can estimate the future rent income of the house we want to invest in.
Ownership of housing costs and rental derivatives related expenditures generally include:
property tax, housing insurance, community fees, maintenance fees, vacancy period apportionment, rental management fees and other items.
According to the different types, locations and conditions of the houses, the items that should be included in the calculation are also different.
Investor readers can judge by themselves according to specific circumstances.
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    ABOUT california local customs, tourist attractions
    All the beauty, the lazy sunshine, elegant restaurant, unique taste and delicacy, made Santiago the delicacy of heaven.
    All the beauty, the lazy sunshine, elegant restaurant, unique taste and delicacy, all this makes Santiago a delicacy paradise.
    A relaxed and comfortable dining environment, careful cooking delicious food, so that the process of adding more wonderful taste of delicacy of taste.
    Here has a large number of American popular restaurant, and gathered many of the top chef, around the fusion of food culture in Santiago, has created a very distinctive cali-Baja delicacy, attracting tens of thousands of tourists from around the world. Delicacy tastemakers - Santiago, will leave you unforgettable taste rich experience.
    Farm to table delicious fresh ingredients Santiago's diverse topography and mild climate, let this seaside city with richly endowed by nature of the soil, here grow organic food is fresh and delicious Whether it is exquisite cuisine, or a simple street snack, have good color and taste, let people lead a person to endless aftertastes.
    Santiago province has as many as 6000 family farms, and has the largest number of family farms.
    There are Farmer's Market in Santiago every day, the weekend will be held lively holiday market.
    The Farmer's Market in Santiago throughout the city, uninterrupted selling fresh fruit and vegetable picking, the local production of cheese, bread, dessert and other colored foods, are showing a happy life in the sunshine town vividly.
    Following the recommendation of the region's most popular Farmer's Market: On Sunday morning, near the musicians, artists and residents will travel to Hillcrest Farmer's Market, in the purchase of fresh Vegetable & Fruit at the same time, also scouring the various characteristics of the handmade works of art and Home Furnishing activities, here will have a lot of wonderful harveSt. On Saturday morning, Little Italy (Little Italy Mercato) market bustling, selling fresh organic agricultural products and well-known restaurant's signature delicacy (Little Italy), the Little Italy street full of vitality.
    cali-Baja: Santiago's signature delicacy Santiago is the southernmost city of california, located in the United States and Mexico border, here brought together two delicious cooking style, not only has the characteristics of california delicacy, fresh and nutritious, and fusion of Mexico Baja Med and used in traditional delicacy, sea food perfect collocation together, popular all over the world praise.
    Santiago chefs are a combination of two Mexican cooking skills, have great originality of creating cali-Baja features unique to this delicacy, Santiago and Tijuana area uses seafood and Vegetable & Fruit, taste great, will not give you the same delicacy experience.
    One of the characteristics of Santiago cali-Baja delicacy signs is the famous Mexico fish roll.
    It originated in the Baja area of Mexico, Santiago has been the favorite of local residents.
    Santiago chefs will create numerous delicacy art, unique taste, elegant style of Mexico volume.
    Santiago encounter kitchen elite In recent years, the rapid development on the upgrade Santiago cooking industry, brought together the United States a variety of popular restaurants and celebrity chefs.
    Many chef from Santiago such as the "Top chef" (Top chef) and other famous American cooking contest won the championship, a strong atmosphere of cooking is attracting more and more veteran chefs here.
    In addition to the draft born chef, many chefs will Santiago as a stage to display their talent.
    The following is to introduce Santiago's most famous chefs and restaurants, where you can enjoy the taste of your ultimate challenge.
    "Top chef" (Top chef) All Star game winner Richard Blais is the award.
    winning Juniper + Ivy restaurant cheF- Located in the vibrant Little Italy (Little Italy) community, high-end dining environment, the selection of organic ingredients locally produced, and has a wealth of original dishes, delicacy is one of the signs with quail egg, cotija cheese and Mexico pepper beef tartare.
    The third season of "Top chef" (Top chef) champion Brian Malarkey is the operator of the famous Searsucker restaurant, the restaurant chain's flagship store in the busy Gaslamp quarter (Gaslamp Quarter) opened, Brian Malarkey also plans to set up a branch store in Santiago.
    Repeatedly boarded the famous American cooking show chef Javier Plascencia has a number of popular restaurants in the Mexican border, such as Mexico, Tijuana is located in the n Misi 19 restaurant and Romesco restaurant is located in Santiago bay.
    The newly opened Bracero cocina de Ra Z restaurant is located in Santiago's Little Italy neighborhood, the supply of Mexico colored delicacy.
    chef Trey Foshee cooking delicacy full reflects the characteristics of cali-Baja, the local fresh fish, meat, Vegetable & Fruit and Mexico food perfect together.
    You can go to Rahoya (La Jolla) George Galaxy Taco 'newly opened restaurant or La Jolla cove s Foshee chef Restaurant landmark enjoy signs delicious, enjoy the ultimate beauty of the coaSt. In 1985, Su-Mei Yu will be Thailand's traditional delicacy to Santiago, so far, still widely welcomed by the local people and the media.
    Su-Mei has also appeared on some popular TV shows such as Martha Stewart Living.
    Visitors to Santiago can go to the Mission Hills community Saffron Su-Mei signs of Thailand restaurant to taste the delicacy.
    The city of Rochester, Minnesota, won the list of the 100 best-living small and medium-sized cities in the United States in the latest year.
    It is reported that the residential website has made the list of livable small towns in third years.
    The site commissioned experts to rank the cities and towns in the United States by comparing their economic, housing, environmental comfort, infrastructure, demographic structure, social and urban funding, education, and health care.
    Rochester, Minnesota, is the best place to live in a small or medium-sized city in the United States, according to a new liSt. The top 10 were Bellevue.
    Washington, Madison, Wisconsin, Santa Barbara, Boulder, colorado, Palo Alto, Bismarck, North Dakota, Ann Arbor, Michigan, Iowa city, South.
    Sioux Falls, Dakota.
    Yale, my ideal university
        The United States colleges and universities gathered in the history of Boston city, but after I came to the United States travel, most want to visit the university is Yale University, this is after I came to the United States to visit the first university.
    In the campus of Yale University, there are many historical celebrities who graduated students, including 6 presidents of the United states.
    Yale, my ideal university School of Yale University is very interesting, you basically can not see the school profile, school is here a trail with flowers, when I walk on the path imperceptibly, it has entered the campus of Yale University.
    Visit Yale University, the first to go to the library to see the master, it is a landmark building here.
    The fountain in front of the library is very special, the fountain is built with marble.
    california: Famous cities include Losangeles, San Francisco and so on.
    The most famous institutions in Losangeles are University of california at Los Angeles and University of Southern california.
    close to Hollywood, UcLA and USc are among the top film-making majors in the United States, and New York University in the East is the top three universities that film-making applicants want to go to.
    In addition to art related majors, the two institutes of science and technology are also listed in TOP 20. The best-known institution in San Francisco is Stanford University, whose geographical location in Silicon Valley puts its engineering majors in almost the top five, especially computer science, electronic engineering, mechanical engineering, and petroleum engineering.
    Of course, liberal arts majors are not weak.
    The city of Berkeley in San Francisco's East Bay has the best-known public university in the United States, the University of california at Berkeley, an ideal institution for many chinese students, and many of its science and engineering colleges are among the top of Stanford's liSt. Washington State: The capital of Washington State is Seattle, where manufacturing and high-tech industries are flourishing, with headquarters for Boeing, Microsoft and Amazon.
    The best-known institution is the University of Washington (Seattle), and the best in several nearby states, with a good reputation.
    In addition, Northeastern University in Boston has opened a new campus in Seattle, which is relatively less difficult to apply.
    Students who care about geographical location can consider it.
    Arizona: Although Arizona does not have a particularly high ranking institution, the University of Arizona and the State University of Arizona are very good in some areas.
    The University of Arizona's Optics is also one of the three major optical centers in the United States, and the University of Arizona's graduate business program is very comprehensive, covering accounting, finance, business analysis, management, real estate, tax law and operations research.
    First of all, it is certain to refer to the geographical location to consider schools, not only select big cities and busy cities, otherwise it will lose a lot of good school opportunities.
    Second, when choosing a school, it should be based on its own background, such as professional, reputation, school background, tuition, living expenses, alumni and other factors.
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