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Information on Immigration, Investment, Education and Residence
If you want to become an American citizen, there are roughly eight basic steps.
Step 1:
Achieving the Requirements for Applying to the United States Before applying for U.S. citizenship, applicants must have lived in the United States for a period of time and must reside in an area of the U.S. Department of Immigration.
Conditions 1:
Applicants must be 18 years old and have obtained green card status for five years, during which time they have not left the United States for more than six months.
Alternatively, the applicant has reached the age of 18 and has married and lived with an American citizen for three years, during which time he has not left the United States for more than six months.
At the same time, spouses must be citizens of the United States for at least three years.
Or, if an applicant obtains a green card through political asylum, the "Resident Since" time shown on the green card (when to begin residing in the United States) is usually one year earlier than the actual time of obtaining the green carD.From the date of the "Resident Since" on the applicant's green card, the applicant can apply for American citizenship after four years and nine months.
Conditions 2:
Have the ability to listen, speak, read and write basic English, and have a good understanding of American history and government.
To prove whether the applicant has this requirement is to pass the citizenship examination.
Immigration officials will ask 10 questions about American history and government common sense.
Applicants must answer at least six questions correctly before passing the exam.
Conditions 3:
Have good moral character.
To become a U.S. citizen, the applicant must be a person of good moral quality.
If the applicant is not honest during the interview, the Immigration Bureau may refuse to apply for naturalization on the grounds of "lack of good morality".
Conditions 4:
Identify with the basic principles of the U.S. Constitution.
Conditions 5:
All naturalization applicants are willing to support and defend the United States and its Constitution.
Step 2:
Fill in the application form and collect and prepare the relevant documents needed The U.S. citizenship application form is N400 Application for Naturalization.
The application form is 10 pages long.
It asks the applicant and his family, marriage, employment, residence time in the United States and personal background in detail.
In addition to the application form N-400, the applicant also needs to send some other documents and datA.However, the number of data and copies to be sent depends on individual circumstances.
If the data sent by the applicant is not complete enough, the application process may be delayeD.Usually, the applicant sends a copy, and the original data of the original document should be brought with him during the interview.
Before the interview, the Immigration Department may ask the applicant to send some additional data or bring these documents to the interview.
If the documents sent by the applicant are not in English, they must be translated into English.
In the documents translated into English, the translator must declare that he has the ability to translate and that the content he has translated is correct.
If the applicant does not have the required original document and cannot obtain a certified copy of the original document, he can ask the original issuing agency for a certificate explaining why the original document could not be provideD.In this case, the Immigration Department will consider whether to accept other certificates, such as notarized affidavits.
Step 3:
Photography When sending an application for naturalization, the applicant must attach two color photographs (similar to the specifications and forms of passport photographs).
Step 4:
Send application forms, documents and application fees to the Immigration Service Center Applicants for U.S. citizenship are charged $595 and fingerprint services are charged $80, totaling $675. Applicants can pay checks or bank orders, but cannot send cash.
Step 5:
Fingerprint After receiving the applicant's application for naturalization, the Immigration Department will send a letter informing the applicant of the time and place of fingerprinting.
After the fingerprints are typed, they wait patiently for the interview time arranged by the Immigration Bureau.
Step 6:
Interview The Immigration Department will send a letter informing the applicant of the time and place of the interview.
However, the Immigration Bureau will only notify the applicant once, and it is the applicant's personal matter to miss.
During the interview, the applicant should bring four certificates:
green card, passport, return visa and driver's license.
The main content of the interview is to answer questions about the application form and personal background as well as the citizenship examination questions.
Step 7:
Receive notification After the interview, the applicant will receive an N-652 form with details of the interview results.
According to the information provided by the applicant to the Immigration Bureau, the Immigration Bureau will make a decision after the interview - that is, to approve the application for naturalization, to continue the application for naturalization or to refuse the application for naturalization.
Step 8:
A Naturalization Oath to Formally Become a U.S. Citizen If the Immigration Bureau approves the applicant's application for naturalization, the applicant must take part in a naturalization swearing-in ceremony.
The Immigration Department will inform the applicants of the time and place to attend the swearing-in ceremony.
During the naturalization oath ceremony, government officials read out each part of the oath clearly and slowly, and asked the applicant to repeat the oath together.
After the oath, the applicant becomes an American citizen.
After the oath, the applicant receives a certificate of American citizenship.
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