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Information on Immigration, Investment, Education and Residence
At present, the scheduling of green card applications for spouses and minor children is still accelerating.
More and more people apply for US green cards for their children and spouses.
The process is described as follows:
1. Fill in Form I-130 and Form G325A, attach relevant documents and send them to CHICAGO Processing Center.
2. The Immigration Bureau will send you an I-130 receipt within two weeks.
3. About three months.
If approved, the Immigration Bureau will send you the I-130 approval document.
There will be a place on the approval document that says PRIORITY DATE.
This is your immigration schedule.
1. Beneficiaries can wait for the scheduled date to arrive in the United States directly, but they must maintain other non-immigrant legal status.
Only after the I-485 receipt is presented, can they give up the original non-immigrant visA.If you are a student of F1, you can maintain your status in the United States without paying tuition fees.
2. If the beneficiary is in China, after the scheduled date, the Immigration Bureau will transfer CASE to the Visa Center of the State Council, that is, NVC, which will send you a letter notification.
According to the requirements, there are four postal parcels to be processeD.The last step will be transferred to Guangzhou Visa Center for interview.
After the interview, the immigrant visa will be taken to the United States.
This process is too long and takes about a year.
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    ABOUT south-carolina local customs, tourist attractions
    South Carolina is different
    1. Brookgreen Garden in South Carolina has the largest outdoor body sculpture group in the world produced by American artists.
    2. The first battle of the American Civil War took place at Fort Sumter in Charleston Harbor, South Carolina.
    3. South Carolina has more than 300 public and private golf courses.

    South Carolina's specialty cuisine
    South Carolina's culinary traditions blend French, Spanish, African and Caribbean flavors.
    It is known as the Soul Food of "Lowland Cuisine". Its typical dishes include country ham and mushroom juice biscuits, fried cheese powder catfish and oyster poor man sandwich, etc.
    Famous political and public figures in South Carolina
    Bernard Baruch
    Ben Bernanke
    James Brown
    Chubby Checker
    Stephen Colbert
    Eartha Kitt
    Chris Rock
    Art Shell
    Cale Yarborough
    South Carolina Tourist Spot
    Brookgreen Gardens, Brookgreen Gardens
    2. Calhoun Mansion 3. Dixie Stampede 4. Dock Street Theatre 5. Edmond-Alston House 6. Fort Sumter National Monument 7. Gibbes Museum of Art 8. Hampton-Preston Mansion and Garden 9. Heyward-Washington House 10. Huguenot Church, Huguenot Church
    11. Joseph Manigault House 12. Lexington County Museum Complex 13. Magnolia Plantation and its Gardens 14. Middleton Place 15. Nathaniel Russell House 16. Patriots Point Naval and Maritime Museum 17. St. Michael's Episcopal Church 18. South Carolina State Museum, South Carolina 19. Walnut Grove Plantation 20. World of Energy

    Is located in charleston, South carolina, to charleston county, the county government, is the oldest city in South carolina.
    In order to commemorate charlie S, the city was established in 1670, has now become the second largest city of South carolina, second only to columbia.
    Rich and colorful history, well preserved architecture and comfortable accommodation environment, the unique flavor of the restaurant and hospitality of the people to make charleston become a charming city, the acclaimed, also has been named the most friendly city in the United States, the United States the most beautiful city.
    The city is famous for the one and only the culture, the ancient tradition of South carolina into Britain, France and West African elements, cultural diversity, colorful.
    The city has many historical buildings and Museums, the famous charleston Museum, Guibos Museum of art, wharf theatre, city Hall Art Gallery, South carolina aquarium etc.
    The charleston Art Festival is very famous Sibolatu once a year, for a period of 17 days of art events include opera, music, dance and drama, attracted artists from around the world to attend.
    charleston, South carolina
    Reason: South carolina's second largest city in the United States
    Spots continents: North America
    Scenic region / country: the United States
    Attractions of the province, South carolina State: [South carolina State]
    charleston city attractions: [charleston]

    campbell bridge is located in Greenville county, South carolina northeast, near the town of Greenville, South carolina, is the only remaining covered bridges, the 1980 ban on motor vehicles, in 2009 was included in the national register of historic places.
    campbell bridges Erwin Willis by charles (charles Irwin Willis) was built in 1909, the owner name originates from the grain mill campbell.
    This bridge is 12 meters long, 3.7 meters wide, is a rare four arch bridge, respectively in 1964 and 1990 to repair it.
    In 2005 before the land near the bridges owned by Silvia Pittman (Sylvia Pittman) after all, 10 acres of land sold to Greenville county, set up a small park to protect the bridges, so that more people can see the beautiful bridges.
    In the park, visitors can have a picnic in the lounge nearby, also can understand the way the bridge's history and story.
    campbell's covered Bridge
    Reason: South carolina's only remaining bridges
    Spots continents: North America
    Scenic region / country: the United States
    Attractions of the province, the state of South carolina: [South carolina]

    The peach tower also known as the "giant peach", located next to the South carolina Gaffney interstate 85, the comings and goings of tourists also gave it a lot of names, such as "Mr. peach", "moon Gaffney", as one of the world's most spectacular building.
    A water tower was built in 1981, made of steel and concrete, with peach type structure, including leaves, stems and peaches on the very interesting crease.
    The peach tower has four floors, 150 feet high, peach model is the largest in the world, can hold 1 million gallons of water, a few miles can enjoy this huge Peach Water tower.
    Peach tower figure also often appear on the screen, the movie "lost" part of the scene of American and American TV series "house of cards" is in the viewfinder.
    Peachoid Water Tower
    Reason: the world's most bizarre peach tower
    Spots continents: North America
    Scenic region / country: the United States
    Attractions of the province, South carolina State: [South carolina State]
    city Attractions: [Gaffney]

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