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Information on Immigration, Investment, Education and Residence
"Housing slaves" are not only emerging in China in large numbers, but also everywhere in the United States on the other side of the ocean.
1 In order to save enough down payment to buy a house Chinese house slaves:
Find the other half of their lives quickly, and then two people mobilize their parents to take out all their savings, and mobilize all their relatives and friends to borrow as much money as they can.
Every minute of their life is to raise money.
American house slaves:
don't buy luxuries like high-priced juice; Mexican food is preferred for dining out because of free French fries and inexpensive side dishes; when they have to buy clothes, they only buy the cheapest brands, and every minute of their lives is to save money.
2 In order to buy a house Chinese house slave:
Breakfast and dinner are eaten at home, and lunch is brought from home at noon.
There is no restaurant at all.
Take the recipes in "save money and compete" as the standard of three meals a day.
American Household Slave:
Any daily necessities above $50 can't even look at it.
If you can't save money, you can buy discounted cloth to be your own tailor.
3 After buying the house Chinese Housing Slaves:
In order to afford a house, turn over as the owner as soon as possible, and locate their home in a satellite city outside the suburbs of the city, Nkm away from the center of Beijing, commuting is like a long march.
American house slave:
In order to save the cabinets in this house.
For this apartment, they moved their weddings to another country, Canada, where prices were cheaper and costs were lower.
For many young people, it is not easy to buy an apartment on their own because their income is relatively low.
However, in order to build a family at this age, they often need a stable home, so buying a house has become a major consideration for them.
If you don't have enough savings, you should borrow money from relatives, friends or banks to buy a house.
However, in the years or longer before and after the purchase, young people have to gradually repay their loans.
If the monthly and annual repayments are too large, their economic pressure will be great, so the house slaves appear.
They have to reduce their consumption needs in other areas for the sake of the house.
Although both Chinese and American house slaves have become "slaves" of houses, struggling to make money for them, they still have a distinct difference.
Their creditors are different.
How to raise funds Chinese Housing Slaves:
Based on "Trans-belt Transfer" Borrow money from relatives and friends, especially from their parents.
This approach is called cross-generational transfer of consumption.
To achieve cross-generational transfer, parents must save money for their children.
For many ordinary Chinese families, a couple has been busy for most of their lives, probably doing only two things:
saving money to buy a house for themselves, and then saving money to buy a house for their children.
When these two things are settled, I am old enough to enjoy my life.
American Housing Slaves:
Intertemporal Transfer One way to raise money is to borrow money from oneself indirectly, or young people borrow money from middle-aged oneself.
In middle age, people tend to earn more than they spend, so they can save some money.
Many of the money borrowed in youth has to be paid back in middle age, so the pressure is shared.
This is called the intertemporal shift of consumption.
If we go into American life, we will find that parents usually do not buy their children a house with their own money, and let their children solve everything by themselves.
Therefore, the Inter-temporal transfer of young Americans only involves themselves, and does not sacrifice the happiness of other relatives and friends.
The same is the house slave.
Different cultures and environments make different choices.
This is the power of culture.
Do you feel differently?
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    ABOUT tennessee local customs, tourist attractions
    Country Music Hall of Fame Museum The Country Music Hall of Pane and Museum, located in the heart of Nashville City Music Street, was built in 1961 and expanded several times.
    The new Museum was opened in May 2001. It looks like a huge piano keyboard, bright and broad, the outline of the arc has a musical mellow feeling, the black keys are transparent glass windows.
    It reminds me of what Zhang Haidi wrote: a group of fairies covered under the cover of the piano, white like pigeons, black like swallows..
    The library also collects and displays more than 800 sets of costumes, 600 musical instruments, a large number of music scores and tens of thousands of records, films, TV videos, books, magazines, song books, performance posters, scripts, commercial documents, etc.
    There are a lot of objects, even personal objects of stars (including Elvis Presley's car and gilded piano).
    The Museum is the largest single branch of pop music in the world, providing visitors with a tour through the past and reality of country music.
    Music in Memphis You came to the city with admiration, visited Elvis Presley's former residence, Graceland, and visited three major rock and soul Museums.
    But now, please be prepared to get rid of the constraints of Memphis's past and experience cool life rock and roll, or sunny Blues music.
    Keep your ears up and look around.
    It's everywhere! From the bars on Beale Street to the holy voice of Reverend Al Green's all-evangelical chapel.
    Music has been experienced and sublimated in Memphis.
    Don't assume that only Elvis has experienced it in Memphis, as well as the famous Rock and Roll Soul Museum.
    This excellent Museum, opened by the Smithsonian Institution, showcases some of the best musicians from the 1930s to the 1970s.
    It's a perfect place for music fans there.
    Check out seven different galleries here, listen to hundreds of different songs, and learn about Memphis's important role in the history of American music.
    Tennessee: The Greatest Music Holy Land
    On November 20, 2008, Ms.
    Susan Whitaker, Director of the Tennessee Tourism Development Agency, received an interview with Sina Travel at the 2008 China International Tourism Fair.
    Beautiful Susan not only introduced us to the fascinating Tennessee, but also invited Chinese tourists to take a musical trip to Tennessee as soon as possible.
    Tennessee is a very beautiful place.
    We don't play music there, we create music.
    Susan came from Chicago but moved to Tennessee because it was beautiful, and it was Elvis Presley's home town, the greatest music shrine in the world.
    "There's delicious food and a satisfying shopping trip.
    We have music, buildings, food, performances, beautiful scenery, countless shops and factories.
    You can buy all the luxuries like GUCCI here.
    From the Mississippi River to the Great Smoky Mountains, Tennessee is a holy place to discover great music, a fascinating historic resort, a wonderful place to explore outdoors, a place to experience the hospitality of southerners and taste the delicious food with fragrant lips.
    The famous amusement resort "Taoliwu", Dayanshan National Park, is located in Tennessee.
    In addition, Tennessee also has the famous "Grand Opry" (Country Music Festival), the tourist attraction Graceland (Land of Grace), Bill Street (in Memphis), the oldest winery in American history, Jack Danny Winery, National Museum of Civil Rights, Tennessee Aquarium, Country Music Honor Hall and Museum.
    And Bristol Racing Track and Stone City Park.
    These world-famous scenic spots in Tennessee make the state a world-class exclusive resort.

    In the upside down house is located in Tennessee Pigeon Forge, seen as the soul paradise, as one of Pigeon Forge's most famous tourist places.
    This is a handstand of the White House, the white house standing we are familiar with, but the inverted White House still see for the first time?
    In the upside down house can be said to be a Museum, but also can be said to be a theme park, with more than 100 famous interactive exhibition, offers 55000 square feet of entertainment space for tourists.
    In the upside down house equipped with more than 100 interactive exhibits, 12 sports seats are equipped with the cinema, and a 36 foot indoor rope.
    Into the inverted White House, inside the exhibition are inverted, in order to visit these special exhibitions, you also need to adjust their posture.
    This is a very suitable for the size of a visit space, in this wonderful space can feel strong hurricanes, 6 level earthquake simulation, put themselves in a huge bubble, the largest indoor climbing rope.
    Reason: one of the most wonderful buildings in the world
    Spots continents: North America
    Scenic region / country: the United States
    Attractions of the province, Tennessee: [Tennessee State]
    city Attractions: Pigeon Forge [Pigeon Forge]

    Novotel Lille lake is located in the northwest of Tennessee in the United States, is due to the formation of three earthquakes, about 32 km long, 8 km wide, 0.5 to 3 feet deep, due to growth in the United States and the famous yew lake, as one of the most beautiful and elegant lake, the lake every day tourists in a continuous line.
    The Novotel Lille lake is a lake, as it is a wetland, because the lake in growth with a plurality of American yew, yew these become bald eagle nesting sites.
    The lake water is 8.10 meters high, the trunk base expanded into the column groove, and root out soil or surface water absorption, tipping big canopy is spreading, ovate or obovate, fresh green leaves in spring, autumn is red brown, and a strange vine root, so it has high ornamental value.
    A boat trip on the lake to watch American yew is the most pleasant thing, in the yew growing place, with a layer of green algae floating on the lake, the ripples in the algae between off and rise from time to time can be seen hovering over the vulture.
    Lille Fute lake to commercial lakes legitimate only one world, you can catch crappie, provide the freshest ingredients for a restaurant in the lake.
    Novotel Lille is the best place to go fishing and boating, provides facilities for tourists.
    Reelfoot Lake
    Reason: commercial lake one of the world's only legitimate
    Spots continents: North America
    Scenic region / country: the United States
    Attractions of the province, Tennessee: [Tennessee State]
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