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The major of polymer materials and Engineering in the United States is becoming more and more popular in recent years.
Here we will give you an analysis of the application introduction of the major of polymer materials and Engineering in the United States and the recommendation of selected famous universities.
What are polymer materials and engineering?
Polymer materials are one of the fastest growing industries in the worlD.Polymer materials have been widely used in electronic information, biomedicine, aerospace, automotive industry, packaging, construction and other fields.
The research contents include active polymerization, synthesis and development of new materials, structure and properties of polymers, reactive processing, advanced composite materials and applications, ultrafine materials and nanomaterials, biological materials, new functional materials, chemical building materials and chemical fibers.
What is the average admission requirement?
Generally speaking, applicants need professional background in physics or chemistry and crossing with macromolecule.
GPA is at least over 3.4, G average:
Q > 760, T average > 88, and the requirement of American bull school is higher than average.
If undergraduates apply for PHD degree in polymer materials, they should do as many projects as possible under good hardware conditions, enter more laboratories and accumulate materials for their CV and PS.
If in this process, it is better to find a bull push for their application.
If you have a MASTER degree, American universities will place more emphasis on research experience and internship experience than just the applicant's hardware conditions, so students with general hardware conditions can devote more effort to research experience and internship experience as well as PAPER.
As for scholarships, PHD's award-winning rate is higher than MASTER's, but the study time will be longer, but the return rate of this major is still relatively high.
Introduction to the "Temple" of American Polymer Materials and Engineering Specialty There are 50 top universities and research institutes involved in polymer materials science research in the United States, among which the top five are MIT, Stanford University, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Northwest University and University of California at Berkeley.
In the United States, polymer specialty has a strong interdisciplinary nature, so its research is often interdisciplinary.
Famous universities with independent macromolecule majors include Akron University, Case Western Reserve University, Lihay University, Amherst Campus of the University of Massachusetts, Ann Arbor University of Michigan, Carnegie Mellon University, etc.
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