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Information on Immigration, Investment, Education and Residence
American finance and financial engineering are the most popular majors in business.
Many students have some misunderstandings about these two majors.
Here is an article shared by Xiaomei to give you a clear understanding of American finance and financial engineering.
Big Mistake:
American Financial Engineering Paradigm and American Financial Paradigm When many students understand MFE, they will focus on MFE's requirements for mathematical backgrounD.Because of the high requirement of MFE for applicant's mathematics and computer background, many students think that MFE is a science degree in finance while MSF is a liberal arts degree in finance.
Maybe because our country's education has always focused on training science and engineering talents, students will think that MFE technology content is relatively high, and gold content is naturally higher than MSF.
Therefore, many aspiring students think that they should do some "more technical content" work, so they set their professional direction in MFE.
Firstly, it is very unscientific for domestic schools to divide all majors according to "liberal arts" and "science" wishfully.
What is "literature" and what is "reason"?
In the exchange with Chinese students, I found two kinds of explanations:
liberal arts does not need mathematics, science needs mathematics; liberal arts is partial to theory, science is partial to practice.
However, such a non-black-and-white explanation is obviously very inappropriate for more and more interdisciplinary disciplines in the academic circles.
For example, "Feng Jie" like "economics graduate", should be a liberal arts student or a science student?
If it is liberal arts, it obviously needs to use a lot of mathematical tools; if it is science, it is also very theoretical, and needs to have a good grasp of the logical relationship between language and writing.
If liberal arts and science are two opposing disciplines, the intersection of these two disciplines seems incompatible and even confusing.
In the United States, disciplines can be roughly classified according to Humanities, Natural Science, Social Science, Business, Engineering, Medicine and Law.
There is no antagonistic relationship between them, and in recent years the academic circles have encouraged the development of interdisciplinary disciplines, so the boundaries between various disciplines have become increasingly blurred.
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    ABOUT arkansas local customs, tourist attractions
    The rehabilitation of tourism.
    Due to the huge pressure of competition, many foreign people are too focused work and ignore health, many European and American middle.
    aged people in a year rarely checked to the hospital, many minor ailments are hard over, unless the ill had to go to the hospital, and then the condition to have missed the best treatment period.
    According to the American Medical Journal survey, the United States in a healthy population, 40 year old middle.
    aged people reached 1/4, while the EU is also 20%% middle.
    aged people in this situation.
    There are many festivals and holidays every year in Europe and the United States, so many people choose to travel rehabilitation, use this time to check for foreign travel and their bodies, in order to maintain the best physical condition.
    Now, India and Singapore have become the first choice of European and American people rehabilitation tourism ".
    Because there are not only beautiful scenery, but also perfect and low medical conditions.
    In India, at the same time, the passengers in the sightseeing to massage and yoga together, enjoy the "luxury" medical service to the relatively low price;
    while in Singapore you can enjoy the treatment of traditional chinese medicine has a long history.
    At present, the India and Singapore Tourism Rehabilitation and people has reached 200 thousand passengers a year, to create local great wealth.
    In addition to recover, many European and American people also used to travel overseas beauty and fitness rehabilitation.
    In Argentina, local clinics to provide a package tour to overseas visitors, including breast augmentation, pull the skin and tanning etc.
    Many travelers often give people a bright eyes feeling after attending the tour.
    In addition, the Baltic States joined the project in the treatment of dental and cardiac rehabilitation in tourism.
    The car travel.
    In recent years, more and more Americans use car travel in retirement.
    "The car is actually a mobile house.
    The car designers will be transformed into mobile "living room", there is a bedroom, living room, bathroom and kitchen, the occupants can drive the car home.
    Many older Americans after retirement, often will sell the house, driving a car to travel around the world. "The car" is favored, mainly provides travel convenience for tourists.
    A lot of tourists, especially the old people do not love, followed by tours fly like travel tourism, so that tourism can not really experience the local real life.
    Their love is not limited by time without geographical constraints free to stay in a picturesque place, savor the local local customs and practices, until tired to find another tourist attraction.
    Love this car especially by americans.
    The life of love, love travel, "car" can well meet the requirements.
    As one of the owners said: "we take a" car ", just like sitting in the carriage across the Blazers, and a re understanding of the United states."
    In addition, the car can make guests and relatives freely in different places together.
    Now, with Europe and the United States has entered the aging society, more and more people after retirement, there are a lot of free time, so many people choose to travel "car".
    While many local scenic spots nearby, for the establishment of "car" to stop parking spots, scenic spots in addition to each of the "car" planning a good parking place, but also to ensure that water, electricity and gas supply, and use different colors to beautify the community in the "car", will be around the lawn neatly, community greening road.
    Therefore, every other period of time, there will be a lot of scenic spots of the "car" community, become a picturesque park "".
    Terrorist travel.
    "9 / 11" to 1 Americans recognize the huge threat, terrorism has become a topic of common concern in American society.
    When the United States government is the implementation of anti-terrorism policies spare no effort, Americans are increasingly feel one's danger.
    Then, some tourism organizations to launch terrorist travel, help people experience feelings of terror in tourism, and teach some times of crisis escape skills, warmly welcomed by the americans.
    The day before the American Israel Greenwald and Mirza Lash started called "Shilong action" terrorist travel, 5 days trip fees of up to $more than 5000, tourists can take a helicopter in the Israeli Palestinian conflict zone such as Gaza circling, and accept unarmed combat, conventional weapons and anti-terrorism training, learning how to survive in the face of adversity.
    The class by the Israeli defense forces led by Israel's top military supervision content, police and anti-terrorism experts design.
    In terrorist people travel during the trip did not let down, the whole process of nervous stimulation.
    The organizers often set obstacles by surprise, often put visitors in danger.
    And these tourist sites selected in conflict often took place.
    Although the trip is not easy, but the whole but the tourists are always on tenterhooks, in droves, especially from the United States more wealthy tourists, that may occur at any time in 1 place, is a precious experience unforgettable.
    "Sinna action" in each group the limited number of 20 people, participants must be aged over 21 years old, graduated from the training class of students can get the graduation certificate and a box of training videos.
    Family travel.
    In 2004, camping has become one of the three American public are keen to participate in activities, and more popular than playing golf and tennis, but many European and American people travel only with their partners and children, and their parents rarely travel together, which is mainly influenced by culture, but the relationship between adult children and parents of the cause a growing awareness.
    "9 - 11" incident makes Americans suddenly aware of the importance of the family, and after Bush came to power in promoting family values, trying to rebuild the traditional values, which leads to the emergence of a new form of American Society for family travel tourism.
    In the promotion of American religious groups and the government, a travel together with the parents of the "Family Tour" launched across the United States, they hope to enhance their adult children and parents contact through such activities.
    Thomas is a senior engineer in Little Rock, he married later and few parents in Atlanta contact.
    Thomas love to travel, but often with his wife and two children to go out, in 2004, the Thomas family and their parents to participate in the "family tour".
    Travel back, Thomas found himself more aware of their parents, their relationship becomes more intimate.
    But the organizers in order to increase children's contact with their parents, in "family travel in the process but also increased the number of cooperative activities, such as climbing, adventure together, they hope the participants recognize each other's value in the activities, enhance mutual feelings.
    And many participated in the "Family Tour" people really know this.
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