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Trends in business admission in the United States.
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Trend 1:
The requirement of hard scores for top schools is higher than that of previous years.
Although the total enrollment of future top graduate schools in the United States increased considerably over the same period last year, careful analysis shows that the requirements for hard scores of top American business schools are higher than in previous years.
According to the weighted GPA of undergraduate students, the lowest GPA of Top 3 0 is 3.15, and more than 75% of the students get 3.6 (full score 4.0).
In terms of TOEFL score, the lowest TOEFL score was 101, with an average score of 107. At the same time, nearly 85% of the students had GMAT scores higher than 720.
The average GRE score of the students was 320.
Trend 2:
Increasingly rich means of admission audit Top schools are more inclined to consider students'soft backgrounds.
From the background of our students, there are few students who have no internship or scientific research experience.
Most of the students have two or more internships.
Over 75% of the students have overseas exchange or learning experience of overseas summer courses.
It can be seen that according to the application requirements of different majors, students with academic research ability, social practice experience, English communication ability, cross-cultural experience, communication and collaboration ability are more likely to stand out in the application.
If there is no chance, create it!
Taking an MBA from Cornell University in Beijing as an example, the student's GPA:
3.6, GMAT:
750 and TOEFL exemption for overseas undergraduate course can be said to have a perfect academic background, but his lack of management experience in his work is very unfavorable for applying for MBA programs in top universities.
Therefore, for students'lack of work experience, the content of early planning includes students' in the TOEFL program.
During his working time in the United States, he helped students plan their spare time activities together, contacted domestic enterprises to tap deep resources, helped him find internships and eventually gained valuable internship experience.
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