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What are the most popular majors in American studies?
Category I:
Economics Major Economic majors have always been one of the popular majors in the application.
In a list of the top ten majors that Chinese love to study abroad, the top one is economic majors.
Not only that, but also the employment rate of students majoring in finance is much higher than that of students majoring in other majors in the survey of graduates'employment datA.In fact, when it comes to economy, I think many people will associate with Wall Street.
It is true that the United States has always been the target of the global economy, and the research level of American economics has absolute advantages all over the worlD.It can be said that applying for a major in economics is absolutely worth the money.
Category II:
Management Major Management major is one of the most popular majors in the United States.
Students choose to study in the United States not only because the United States is a commercially developed country, but also because American management major actively introduces foreign high-quality educational resources and fully absorbs foreign advanced educational concepts.
It can be said that American universities cultivate high-quality, internationalized and applied management professionals with theoretical basis and strong practical ability.
At the same time, American universities absorb international students from all over the world and exchange cultures, so that students have a more open-minded world outlook.
Category 3:
Media Major The United States is a global leader in the field of media, and its media industry has been at the leading level in the worlD.At the same time, many media companies in the United States have the most developed media system in the world and international media giants (Time Warner Group, Walt Disney Group, General Electric Group, News Group, Viacom Group, etc.
At the same time, the strong economic strength makes the American media have a solid material foundation in participating in the market competition and help them become the world's media industry leaders.
They can quickly introduce the world's most advanced technology, can purchase and use the most advanced equipment, can introduce the most reasonable news business production process.
Regardless of its economic advantages, the media industry in the United States ranks among the top universities in the worlD.It can be said that the United States is the preferred country for gold-plated overseas students.
Category IV:
Computer Major Computer majors in American universities have always been favored by Chinese students.
Because the United States is not only the originator of the Internet, but also has very advanced Internet technology. computer courses offered by American universities are more comprehensive than those offered by domestic universities.
Students can also access more advanced technology at any time.
And the United States has many of the world's strongest IT companies, such as apple, microsoft, ibm, Google and so on, which provide students with paid internships every year.
Category 5:
Engineering Major Engineering major is one of the most popular applications.
The high quality teaching in American universities is undoubtedly the main reason for attracting many overseas students.
Moreover, the demand for employment market of engineering specialty keeps rising and the salary level is relatively high.
It can be said that it is a specialty with high performance-price ratio.
And the United States has a first-class teaching staff, students can learn more comprehensive knowledge.
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    What is the meaning of the names of states in the United States?
    1. ALABAMA (AL Alabama Montgomery Montgomery Montgomery Montgomery): Originated from the Choctaw Indian language, it means "thicket-clearers" or "vegetation-gatherers", "pioneers" or "grasslanderers".
    2. AlASKA (AK Alaska Juneau Juno): Originated from Aleutian, meaning "great land" or "that which seas breaks against", "great land" or "the place where the sea is divided".
    3. ARIZONA (AZ Phoenix Phoenix, Arizona): Originated from the Indian language "Arimnac", meaning "hule spring" and "Koizumi water".
    4. ARKANSAS (AR Little Rock, Arkansas): Originated from Indian, it means "a breeze near the ground" and "a breeze near the ground".
    5. CALIFORNIA (CA, California, Sacramento Sacramento): Originated from French "Califerne", it is imagined in French epics of the 11th century.
    6. COLORADO (CO Colorado Denver Denver): From Spanish, meaning "ruddy" or "red", "red".
    7. CONNETICUT (CT Harford, Connecticut): Originated from Indian, meaning "beside the long tidal river" and "beside the long tidal river".
    8. DELAWARE (DE Delaware Doverdover): In commemoration of Sir Thomas West, Lord De La Warr, named after Sir Thomas West, the Delaware River and the Delaware Bay.
    9. FRORIDA (FL Florida Tallahassee Tallahassee) comes from Spanish, meaning "feast flowers" (Easter), "flower festival" (Easter).
    10. GEORGIA (GA Atlanta, Georgia): In memory of King George II of England.
    In honor of George II of England.
    11. HAWAII (HI Honolulu Honolulu, Hawaii): Uncertain sources.
    The archipelago may be named after its discoverer, Hawaii Loa, or Hawaii or Hawaiki, the traditional Polynesian home.
    12. IDAHO (ID Idaho Boise Boise): Originated from Indian, it means "gem of the mountains", "gem in the mountains".
    Another term means "Good morning", "Good morning".
    13. ILLINOIS (IL Illinois Springfield Springfield): Originated from Indian plus French suffix, meaning "tribe of superior men" and "land of noble men".
    14. INDIANA (Indianapolis Indianapolis Indianapolis Indianapolis): Originated from Indian, meaning "land of Indians", "Indian land".
    15. IOWA (IA Iowa Des Moines Des Moines Des Maine): It comes from Indian, meaning "the beatiful land", "this beautiful place".
    Another term is "the sleepy ones", "sleeping people".
    16. KANSAS (KS Topeka Topeka Topeka Topeka, Kansas): Originated from the Sioux Indian language, it means "people of the South wind" and "people of the South wind".
    KENTUCKY (KY Kentucky Frankfort Frankfurt): Originated from the Iroquois Indian language "Ken-tah-ten", meaning "land of tomorrow" or "the dark or boldly ground", "land of hope", or "black on the Waterloo".
    18. LOUISIANA (LA Louisiana Baton Rouge Baton Rouge): In honor of the French Emperor Louis XIV of France.
    19. MAINE (ME Maine Augusta Augusta): In memory of Queen Charles I of England, Helita Maria, "Henrietta Maria, Queen of Charles I of England".
    She is said to have owned Maine in France, "The province of Mayne in France" 20. MARYLAND (MD Maryland Annapolis Annapolis Annapolis): In memory of Queen Charles I of England, Helita Mary, "In honor of Henrietta Maria, Queen of Charles I of England".
    21. MASSACHUSETTS (Boston, Massachusetts): Originated from the Indian language, it means "great mountain place" and "great mountain place".
    22. MICHIGAN (MI Michigan Lansing Lansing): Originated from Indian, it means "great lake" or "big water" or "big lake".
    23. MINNESOTA (MN Minnesota St. Paul, Sao Paulo): From Dakota Indian, meaning "sky-tinted water" and "sky-tinted water".
    24. MISSISSIPPI (MS Jackson, Mississippi): Originated from Indian, it means "father of waters" and "father of water".
    25. MISSOURI (MO Missouri Jefferson City Jefferson City): Originated from Indian, meaning "town of the Big Canoes" and "the land of the big canoe".
    26. MONTANA (MT Helena Helena Helena, Montana): The word chosen by J.
    Assy from the Latin Dictionary is Latinized Spanish, meaning unknown.
    27. NEBRASKA (NENebraska Lincoln Lincoln): Originated from the Australian Indian language, it means "flat water" and "water of plains".
    28. NEVADA (NV, Carson City Carson City, Nevada): From Spanish, meaning "snow-capped" or "snow mountain".
    29. NEW HAMPSHIRE (NH New Hampshire Concord Concord Concord): Hampshire, Hampshire, England.
    30. NEW JERSEY (NJ Trenton Trenton, New Jersey): Jersey from the Strait, "The Channel Isle of Jersey".
    31. NEW MEXICO (NM Santa Fe Santa Fe, New Mexico): from Mexico, "the country of Mexico".
    32. NEW YORK (NY New York Albany Albany): In honor of the English Duke of York.
    33. NORTH CAROLINA (NC Raleigh Raleigh Raleigh Raleigh): In honor of Charles I of England.
    34. NORTH DAKOTA (ND North Dakota Bismarck Bismarck): Originated from Dakota Indian, it means "allies" or "leagued", "alliance" or "alliance".
    35. OHIO (OH Ohio Columbus Columbus Columbus): Originated from the Indian language, it means "great river" and "great river".
    36. OKLAHOMA (Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma): Originated from the Choctaw Indian language, which means "red people" and "red people".
    37. OREGON (OR Salem Salem, Oregon): The source is unknown.
    It is generally believed that the name was first used by Jonathan Carver in 1778, in the book of Robert Rogers, a British officer.
    38. PENNSYLVANIA (PA Harrisburg Harrisburg, Pennsylvania): In memory of Sir William Penn, meaning "Penn's Woodland" and "Bin's Woodland".
    39. RHODE ISLAND (Providence Providence Providence Providence), from Rhode Island, Greece, "The Greek Island of Rhodes".
    40. SOUTH CAROLINA (SC Columbia, South Carolina): In honor of Charles I of England, in memory of King Charles I of England.
    41. SOUTH DAKOTA (SD South Dakota Pierre Pierre Pierre): With North Dakota.
    42. TENNESSEE (TN Nashville Nashville, Tennessee): Originated from the Churokee Indian language, it means "the vines of the big bend" and "the big bend vine".
    43. TEXAS (TX Austin, Texas): Originated from Indian, it means "friends" and "friends".
    44. UTAH (UT Salt Lake City, Utah): Originated from the Utopian Indian language, it means "people of the mountains" and "mountain people".
    45. VERMONT (VT Vermont Montpelier Montpelier Montpellier): From French "vert mont", meaning "green mountain" and "green mountain".
    46. VIRGINIA (VA Richmond Richmond, Virginia): In honor of Elizabeth I, the Holy Queen of England.
    47. WASHINGTON (WA Washington Olympia Olympia): In honor of George Washington.
    48. WEST VIRGINIA (WV West Virginia Charleston Charleston): With Virginia.
    49. WISCONSIN (WI Wisconsin Madison Madison): French
    50. WYOMING (WY Wyoming Cheyenne Cheyenne): Delaware Indian, meaning "mountains and valleys alternating" and "rolling mountains".
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