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Information on Immigration, Investment, Education and Residence
Five popular majors with the best prospects for studying in the United States:
1. computer Science In addition to learning computer hardware and software knowledge, this field also involves the learning and application of knowledge such as robots, natural language cognitive projects, artificial intelligence, programming, large data analysis and game design technology.
Whatever the direction, the field pays great attention to the ability to solve professional problems.
Subdividing major:
Artificial Intelligence and Robotics Computer and Information Science Computer Graphics Computer Systems Analysis for Computer System Analysis Data Processing Game Design Information Technology Web Design Network Management Webmaster and Web Management 2. communications in Communication Science Communication majors tend to train students with quick thinking, distinct personality and good storytelling skills.
Students need to spend a lot of time studying different forms of communication and the strategies behind information dissemination.
Whether oral or written information dissemination, the response of the audience and the influence of the dissemination environment are the research objects of the students of this major, and students in this field have broad job opportunities in the business, advertising, human resources, public relations, education and media industries.
Subdividing major:
Advertising in Advertising Communication and Language Communication and Rhetoric Communications Studies/Speech Communication and Rhetoric Digital Communications and Media/Multimedia Journalism of Journalism Mass Communication Photojournalism Political Communication Public Relations Radio and Television 3. Political Science Government/Political Science The field of political science usually needs to face the solution of emergencies or major events, so the major pays great attention to timeliness, effectiveness and the changing trend of events.
In short, it is a study of government policy, foreign affairs, political theory and so on.
Therefore, it trains students'excellent logical thinking ability and communication skills.
Learning this major requires a lot of reading, writing and logical analysis.
4. Business Business majors focus on the cultivation of students'comprehensive abilities such as data computing, problem solving, decision-making, communication skills, etC.In the process of learning, students will learn a complete set of activity budgeting, organization, planning, execution and control processes.
Subdividing major:
Accounting Actuarial Science Business Administration/Management Business Communications Entrepreneurship Fashion Merchandising Finance Hospitality Human Resources Management International Business in International Trade Logistics Management Management Information Systems Managerial Economy in Management Economics Marketing Merchandising and Buying Operations Operations Management Organizational Behavior Studies Real Estate Risk Management Tourism 5. Economics of Economics Economics is a discipline that studies how individuals, businesses, governments and societies spend time and money and how resources are allocateD.In modern society, the production, distribution, consumption and service of commodities are all the subjects that need to be studieD.A large number of mathematical model research and careful logical thinking ability are the characteristics of this major.
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