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Do you know the application requirements of American undergraduate business schools?
1. Excellent GPA/SAT/TOEFL Achievements Top30:
GPA 3.7 or above, TOEFL 105+, sat 12200+, sat 22200+, high school performance excellent, excellent soft conditions, rich extracurricular activities, independent thinking ability, unique views on business.
GPA 3.5 above TOEFL 95+, SAT 1900+, SAT 2 does not need.
GPA3.3 or above, TOEFL 85+, single subject no less than 20, SAT1 does not need.
2. Graduation/Degree Certificate Although the comprehensive ability of the applicant is highly valued in the application of famous American universities, the GPA and GMAT test scores of the applicant are still very important.
Excellent GPA / GMAT is the premise of applying for a famous university, excellent language performance is the guarantee, and rich background materials are the chips.
3. Good resume and letter of recommendation The application of high-end business schools is a process of mining, evaluating, thinking and positioning the applicants themselves.
Students should make clear the purpose of applying for a famous school, not only depend on fame, but also closely combine their goals, plans and schools to see whether the school can help to achieve the goals and plans they have set.
4. Quality Essay.
Essay is an article written by the applicant according to the requirements of the school.
It is also the most important creative written document in the process of MBA application.
It is also the most difficult document to write.
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