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Information on Immigration, Investment, Education and Residence
Nursing majors are demanding, system leaders and nurses work hard, but after graduation, employment will be very smooth, and it is easier to get a green carD.So do foreign students have heartbeat?
Now, I'd like to give you more details about this.
Education Most Master's programs require American nursing scholars to have a bachelor's degree from a school accredited by the National Nurses Union and a formal nurse license from the government.
Doctoral programs usually require an American nursing scholar to have a master's degree in nursing.
Recommendation Recommendation letters are very important.
In fact, some schools require as many as five letters.
Each letter should be related to the future research of students.
Recommenders are best professors, Department directors, recent employers and consultants in this field.
Personal statement Most American nursing graduate courses require a personal statement.
This should include your interest in clinical or research, your strengths and weaknesses, and your views on contemporary care.
standard test All postgraduate nursing courses require applicants to take either the GRE or the Miller Analogy Examination (MAT).
Professional choice master The majority of Master's programs include Master of Nursing and Master of Science.
All of these may qualify you as a senior professional nurse or nurse, registered midwives, clinical nurses of specialists, professional nurses of anesthesiologists, head nurses and nurse trainers.
The application conditions for nursing in this major usually require two years of full-time education, which includes basic courses such as statistics, health policy, nursing ethics and nutrition, plus elective courses, courses in clinical fields, a thesis or other forms of graduation practice. combine the experience in lab/laboratory courses with the theory learned in books into nursing practice.
doctor Doctoral programs in nursing in the United States usually take four years to receive full-time education, usually for those who are ready to become professors, research, or work in health management.
Degrees include Ph.
D.(Doctor of Theory), D.
(Doctor of Nursing), D.
, N.
D.and Ed.
D.(Doctor of Education).
Students generally study history, developmental science and nursing tests:
data management and research methodology, and health ethics.
At the same time, some research topics and an academic paper are required.
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