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Some tips for top students to apply to famous American Ivy League schools.
1) dare to be different.
If you love an activity rarely seen by other applicants, stick to it.
Ivy favors these unusual applicants, such as champion magicians, future meteorologists, professional uniform designers, and so on.
2) Strive for a certificate to prove your ability as far as possible!
If you are a musician, aim for the top international awards, if you are a mathematical genius, take part in international competitions.
American universities may not know your high school, but they recognize top international and national awards.
3) Don't engage in sports just because of the comprehensive development of the school.
If you're not going to run for college, it's foolish to play a sport that you're not particularly good at for three seasons.
If you like, choose the sport you are best at and spend the rest of your time pursuing academic pursuits.
4) Get a job!
The more mundane the better, especially if you come from a wealthy class.
Show the applicant that you are not spoiled and afraid of self-reliance.
5) Dare to innovate!
If you are an artist, create your own collection of works.
If you design jewelry, sell your masterpieces locally or online, and show your design and creativity to schools.
6) Scholarly demeanor!
Excellent graduates are the need of Ivy reputation, but they prefer people who love learning and exploration, not just excellent students.
7) Don't be constrained by the requirements of the Common Application!
If you need space to show a particular activity in detail, or if you need to submit an article explaining a particular situation in your past, these are permissible.
Don't get caught up in your style by ordinary applications.
8) Try to build up their own advantages in one or two academic fields, and one or two extracurricular activities have achieved higher achievements.
Schools don't need all-round students.
What they need is to build a comprehensive class consisting of all kinds of specialties.
The more prominent you are in a particular field of expertise, the more advantageous you will be.
9) Pay attention to the application work!
Don't rush to prepare your application work three weeks before the deadline.
The school wishes to see your efforts on the application letter.
The sloppy application materials are not helpful for the application.
10) Teachers'letters of recommendation are very important.
Ask your teachers to highlight their intelligence and give examples in their letters of recommendation, not just to evaluate your personality.
Many teachers just talk about how good the applicant is, but what the school wants to know is how superb your intelligence is.
The top 50 schools in the United States have similar standards when recruiting students to Ivy League schools.
Foreign experts reminded students that the top 50 schools in the United States need to have ideal ordinary results, excellent TOEFL, SAT and other standardized test scores, rich personalized extracurricular activities background, and vivid and moving application documents.
Only with these qualifications can we have the chance to be the Prime Minister of a famous American school.
In addition, extracurricular activities should not stop at a glance.
Once you take part in an extracurricular activity, you must devote yourself to it and go deep into it.
Only when we go deep into an activity can we have a different experience from others.
At the same time, we will also make the application documents more exciting and viviD.Only when we have a deep, unique and personalized background of extracurricular activities, can we have the unique advantage of applying for a famous American school.
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