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Information on Immigration, Investment, Education and Residence
Most American community colleges or universities are public schools.
This is an educational system that is not available in Asian countries.
It offers two years of general course education in universities.
Schools award associate bachelor's degrees.
You can transfer to a four-year university or college to continue your studies.
Many credits are recognized by universities.
Community colleges have many plans to strengthen language or other disciplines to help you choose lighter courses, lay a foundation for learning, and then go to general university courses.
Especially for foreign students with poor language ability, community colleges are a good choice for those who need to make up for their English or fail to apply to universities.
Therefore, community colleges can be regarded as a springboard to enter universities, and their demand for English and disciplines is not as strict as universities or colleges.
Community colleges in the United States usually start in January and August, but it is recommended to prepare in advance, after all, there is still a long time to go through the formalities.
Following is an introduction from seven aspects.
1. Choice of Ways to Study Abroad 1) Self-application:
that is, the applicant submits the application directly to the American Community University.
This situation is suitable for students who have excellent conditions, relevant experience and abundant time and energy.
Because it is a relatively complex matter to apply for study abroad, they will inevitably encounter difficulties in applying for a school and diversify their efforts in learning languages, thus affecting the process of studying abroad and the application for visas.
2) Consulting for studying abroad:
It may cost a little money.
But it's basically a hosting service.
It's thoughtful and saves a lot of trouble.
Overseas study consultation is a new form of overseas study service in recent years.
It can provide consulting and other services for customers.
There are many advantages in studying abroad.
2. Choice of Community Colleges Applicants'accurate positioning of their own conditions and choosing suitable schools are very important for successful study abroaD.However, & ldquo; school selection & rdquo; links are often ignored by students and parents.
To apply for community colleges in the United States, you can start with the following aspects:
1) University ranking:
University ranking is one of the most important and concerned contents for students and parents, but ranking can only be used as a reference index for school selection, not the only criterion for school selection.
2) School admission requirements:
Usually, many foreign universities will indicate the admission requirements of various disciplines and majors on their websites, such as TOEFL scores, GPA scores and the list of required materials. common American community universities do not need TOEFL and IELTS scores, but only need to pass the Pre-Entrance language test.
3) School Professional Settings:
Different universities have different emphasis on teaching, and disciplines and specialties have their own advantages.
Applicants must combine their professional orientation to choose universities with professional advantages, especially those who apply for graduate students.
4) Cost:
There are more and more students who choose not to receive scholarships, especially those who apply for undergraduate courses.
The amount of tuition fees has become one of the most important concerns of many students and parents.
American universities are divided into public and private ones.
Private universities are relatively expensive, while public universities (including state universities) are cheaper.
5) Application for Scholarship:
Of course, I came to the United States on scholarship.
It's necessary to know what scholarships are.
If you choose British countries like Britain and Australia, I'm afraid there are very few scholarships.
3. Preparation of application materials Many students do not pay attention to the preparation of materials, which is very wrong.
Because beautiful application materials can add a lot of color to the applicant.
The following is a list of general community university applications:
1) Standardized test scores 2) Achievement report of high school/technical secondary school/technical school 3) resume 4) Personal statement or ESSAY 5) recommendation letter 6) Certificate of Education or Certificate of Reading 7) Financial proof 8) Other materials In addition to the above eight types of materials, in order to prove your excellent background, you can also prepare the following materials:
professional course transcripts; class ranking certificates; copies of award-winning certificates of international competitions; published academic papers, etC.Some schools also require applications for Writing Sample or research programs.
If you apply for a major in music and design, in addition to the above application materials, you also need to prepare a collection of works.
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