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    ABOUT freephone local customs, tourist attractions
    That is, the caller does not need to pay for the call, but the callee (the other party) pays for the call.
    Global 800 Telephone is an advanced international centralized payment service (UNIVERSALINTERNATIONAL FREEPHONE NUMBER, abbreviation UIFN).
    It means that users have a unique global universal 800 number.
    People all over the world (with international direct dialing function) can use this universal number to call you.
    The call fee is yours.
    Payment, abbreviated as "Global 800 Business".
    Global 800 telephone refers to the application of global 800 numbers to the World Telecommunication Union (WTU) by users through the telecommunications sector, and the use of these 800 numbers by people abroad to call you.
    According to the above definition, if the other party is not a global 800 business user, you can not make his 800 phone calls; even if the other party is a global 800 business user, your phone must have international direct dialing function.
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