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Information on Immigration, Investment, Education and Residence
Here are four ways to apply for undergraduate courses in American universities.
Experts say ED, EA, RD and RO are the four ways of undergraduate application in American universities.
Of course, not every university contains the above four application methods, which are determined by the policies of each university.
Among them, ED and EA are two ways to apply in advance.
Literally, ED/EA can undoubtedly get the first chance.
Generally speaking, the admission rate of ED/EA is much higher than that of RD, which usually accounts for 20-50% of the students enrolled in schools.
Therefore, this is also the fundamental reason why the applicants with excellent background will strive to apply for ED/EA.
Early Decision The ED deadline is usually before November 1, and the admission results are usually decided between December 15 and Christmas.
There are three kinds of admission results:
admission, delay (Defer to RD) and rejection.
Some schools have two rounds of ED (EDI, EDII).
Early Decision Agreement is signed by students themselves, guardians and head teachers when applying for ED because ED is a binding admission.
Binding admission means that when you apply for EDs in one school, you can't apply for EDs or EAs in other schools at the same time.
Although you can apply for RDs in other schools, when you are accepted by EDs and RDs at the same time, you can only go to the school you choose by EDs.
There is only one exception.
When you apply for ED while applying for Need-base scholarship, and the school does not meet your scholarship requirements, you can apply for the cancellation of ED.It should be noted that international students applying for ED-demanding scholarships will seriously affect their admission results, and even some schools (such as Northwestern University) explicitly stipulate that scholarships should not be applied for simultaneously when applying for ED.
Early Action EA is divided into Single-Choice EA and Multiple-choice.
The biggest difference between EA and ED is that EA is non-binding.
That is to say, when you are admitted to other schools at the same time, you can choose EA schools or other schools.
The difference between Single-Choice and Multiple-Choice is when you choose Single-Choice.
After EA, you may not apply for EA in other schools.
Multiple-Choice EA does not have this restriction. compared with all ED and EA, multiple-Choice EA is the most relaxeD.The only difference between EA and RD is that the application deadline node is earlier.
Regular Decision RD applicants must submit their applications before the deadline required by the school.
Generally speaking, they can receive notifications of admission around April 15. Routine admission has no binding commitment and exclusive nature.
It can apply for routine admission in many universities at the same time.
After admission, it can decide whether to go or not.
This is also our most common and most used admission.
Rolling admission Schools that implement RO usually do not have clear deadlines.
The school accepts applications when there are vacancies.
First-come first-try system; in a circular way, there is no certain deadline for admission applications, and the application materials will be examined at any time when they arrive, whichever is the quota limit for the year.
Such applications are unbound and exclusive.
Students can submit their applications very early, and the school will review your application immediately and give a reply within a few weeks.
You can reply immediately whether you are studying or not, or you can wait until May to reply.
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