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According to the nature of accommodation, American high schools are divided into boarding high school and walking high school.
How to distinguish the two kinds of high schools?
Besides accommodation, are there any other differences between the two kinds of high schools?
The following article makes a detailed introduction to this issue.
The first way of accommodation is different Boarding school, as its name implies, is that students live in the dormitory of the school, usually two people a room, but there are also special cases of one person or three people a room.
Most of the students who go to school are local people near the school, and they live in their own homes.
For international students, they need to live in local families.
Second Schools of Different Scales Usually, boarding schools occupy a large area, because most of them are located in the suburbs, far from the community, so the campus facilities, especially sports facilities, are relatively complete.
Walking schools are usually close to the community, so they occupy a relatively small areA.Because walking schools are close to the community, many activities can be carried out using community resources.
The number of third students is different The number of students in boarding schools is usually small, and there are more boarding schools with about 300 students.
The number of students in walking middle schools is more than 600.
Fourth, the composition of students is different Because boarding schools can provide accommodation, so the school gathered students from all over the world and from various states in the United States, so the diversity is strong.
However, due to the lack of accommodation in day-to-day secondary schools, students mainly come from local areas, so the proportion of international students is very low.
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    Interpretation of the Meaning of U.S. Postal Code ZIP Code is a postal code used by the United States Postal Service (USPS), which is usually written in block letters.
    ZIP, short for Zone Improvement Plan, implies that mail can be delivered to a destination more efficiently and quickly.
    The most basic ZIP number consists of five numbers, which are then added to make mail more precisely delivered to its destination.
    The ZIP number after adding the number is called "ZIP+4".
    For example: 22162-1010, the first, second and third digits represent the distribution area or processing and distribution center, the fourth and fifth digits represent the post office or distribution area, the sixth and seventh digits represent the cell, and the eighth and ninth digits represent the segment.
    Teach you how to shop in America
    Shopping methods
    (1) To shop.
    (2) Mail order.
    After receiving the catalogue, mail the items you like to order or order by telephone.
    The goods can be received in about a week.
    Unsatisfactory goods can also be returned, and sometimes the other party will return the postage returned.
    (3) Selection of TV programs: Some special TV stations sell goods all day long, call and order goods they like, or advertise in the programs, mail order or telephone order.
    For mail order and TV buyers, it is better to trust the reputation of the merchant or determine the quality of the product before ordering, otherwise they may be deceived.
    The best way to buy cheap goods: (1) Self-service low-cost stores: goods are displayed in whole batches, all self-help, seldom assisted by salesmen, so the price is lower, but the style is also limited.
    In addition, such as K-mart, Price Club, Cosco and other large chains of low-cost stores, more goods, cheaper prices, is a good place to buy general household goods, but high-end goods are rare here.
    (2) outlet stores: Some stores have defective goods or factory returns;
    others have poor sales, or outdated unsalable goods are sold at reduced prices through direct sales.
    The prices of the goods operated by these outlets are only about 70% or 50% or lower than those of ordinary goods, so they are also selected.
    We should select carefully.
    Choose carefully and return the price.
    (3) Thrift Shops: Usually run by charitable organizations, such as Goodwill, Salvation Army, they collect books, clothes, porcelain donated by the public, sort them out, clean them, sell them at a special price, and donate the proceeds to hospitals, schools or other units.
    These stores are second-hand, but practical and inexpensive.
    (4) Other money-saving recipes: A.
    Seasonal auctions: usually in mid-August or after Christmas.
    In addition, major festivals sometimes offer discounts.
    Use coupons: There are several sources of coupons: attached to Sunday newspapers, mailboxes and other newspapers and magazines, or attached to the goods themselves for next use.
    Some supermarkets will also set up special box for discount vouchers, so that consumers can collect unwanted discount vouchers for their free choice.
    Generally, discount coupons are used to deduct the par value of the coupons from the commodity price;
    some stores offer a strategy of double coupons, which can deduct twice the par value of the coupons.
    When using discount coupons, one should carefully measure one's own needs, instead of wasting more money because of the temptation of discount and buying things that are not needed or used up.
    Using rebate: A manufacturer or store sometimes offers a discount for the promotion of the product.
    The way is to fill out the discount form, fill in the name and address, the amount of refundable, together with the purchase receipt (which circles the refundable goods), sometimes it is necessary to cut off the label or UPC code and send it to the address designated by the manufacturer or store.
    The manufacturer's refund cheque is usually withdrawn in about four to six weeks.
    Request rain check: Unless the store specifically specifies that it is sold out, any discounted commodity that has been sold out can claim rain check from the store.
    Even if the original price of the commodity is restored, it can still purchase the commodity at the reduced price listed in the rain check.
    But there are usually quantitative restrictions.
    (5) Other matters needing attention: A.
    Refund: If the purchase is not satisfactory or the intention is changed afterwards, you can return the goods to the original purchase shop with a receipt.
    If the store is a chain store, it can also return goods to other chain stores.
    The time limit for returns varies from store to store, some are unlimited, some are 90 days, or even shorter.
    When purchasing, it should be clear to the merchants.
    If a receipt is lost or a gift is given by another person without a receipt, some stores will refund or exchange other items at current prices.
    Generally, refunds are usually made by refunding payments made when shopping.
    Cash payers return cash and credit card payers refund money in their credit card accounts.
    But there are also stores that respect customers'wishes for refunds.
    Guarantee: Especially for electrical products, it is usually accompanied by a manufacturer's after-sales guarantee, but because the value of the product is not low, the store will encourage consumers to buy another product guarantee.
    In fact, there is no need to buy another credit card, because many credit cards have the service of extending the guarantee period if they are paid by credit card.
    The way to obtain the guarantee is to fill in the manufacturer's opinion survey card and the date of purchase and send it back to the manufacturer for product registration.
    In the future, if the product fails and the parts are replaced within the guarantee period, free service will be available.
    Extension of credit guarantees Some companies require registration within a certain period of purchase, but some companies automatically extend the guarantee.
    In order to ensure effective after-sales service, the serial number, type and receipt of products should be properly kept on weekdays.
    (Note: In the United States, the overhaul of electrical appliances is very expensive.
    ) C.
    Callers who sell goods by telephone should be refused.
    Even if propaganda only requires a small payment to win the prize, we should be careful that there is no free lunch in the world, and reputable businessmen will not promote their products in this way.
    Avoiding the purchase of installments, the cost of interest is very high.
    Many stores often advertise that their store sells at a low price and encourage consumers to compare prices.
    If a consumer finds that the price of a commodity is lower than that of the store, he not only sells it at the lowest price, but also refunds a fixed percentage of the difference, such as Circuit City.
    Therefore, we should pay more attention to the sales promotion advertisements in stores, keep the text advertisement paper for the purpose of price comparison, and at the same time, we can buy the same commodity at the lowest price.
    In many supermarkets, if the accounting errors come from the wrong price, consumers will often be given free of charge to correct the wrong purchase of the goods.
    Therefore, the receipts for supermarkets should be carefully checked and not suffer from depression.
    Some credit card companies (such as Citibank) offer price difference compensation services to people who hold their credit cards.
    If the price of goods purchased by consumers (e.
    electrical products) is higher than that of the same products being promoted by other stores on the market at that time, consumers can send receipts and other store advertisements at lower prices to credit card companies to recover the difference.
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