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Information on Immigration, Investment, Education and Residence
The basic situation of the top ten high schools in the United States.
Horace Mann School Horisman School Horace Mann School, a private preparatory school in New York, was founded in 1887. All the students come from the New York Triangle, and their education ranges from kindergarten to grade 12. The school motto is "Magna EST Veritas et pr?
This sentence comes from King James'version of the Old Testament.
The school mascot is a lion, the same as Columbia University, perhaps because he once belonged to a part of Columbia University.
Winsor School Windsor School Windsor School is a full-time prep school for women.
Boarding grade:
5-12. Founded in 1886, it is located in Boston, Massachusetts.
The suburban campus covers an area of 8 acres with 2 buildings.
The total number of registered persons is 434. The average number of teachers in high school is 13 in each class, and the proportion of teachers is 1:
5. High school students attend school 163 days a year, 5 days a week, 6 hours and 30 minutes a day.
Phillips Academy Andover Phillips Andover College Phillips Academy is located in Andover, Essex County, Massachusetts.
The college is a private high school and a member of the Ten-School Alliance.
It is the earliest private boarding high school in the United States and is still in operation.
The goal of the school is to provide educational opportunities for young students from every region and keep pace with the times.
In 1973, the school became a coeducation school.
At present, students come from almost every state and 26 other countries.
About 35% of the students are coloureD.Schools provide financial assistance to low- and middle-income families; 40% of students receive financial assistance.
Brearley SchoolBrilly School Located in Manhattan, New York, it is a girls'school with 670 students, including all students from kindergarten to twelfth grade.
Brearley is known as the most challenging women's school in the United States.
The syllabus is a comprehensive liberal arts and science education.
Brearley is especially good at literary history.
Middle school emphasizes writing skills, while high school emphasizes analytical skills.
The Spence School Spencer School Spencer School is a full-time prep art school for women.
K-12. Founded in 1892. A building on the campus in the suburbs.
The total number of registered persons is 704. The average number of teachers in high school is 14 in each class, and the proportion of teachers is 1:
3. High school students go to school five days a week, six hours a day.
Chapin School Shapan Middle School Located in Manhattan, New York, it is a girls'school, which includes about 50 students in each grade from kindergarten to twelfth grade.
Chapin's syllabus is a comprehensive liberal arts and science education, providing 19 AP courses for students.
Each student takes two courses in experimental science.
In Chapin, kindergarten students learn creative collaboration, and in third grade they begin to learn yogA.Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, wife of President Kennedy of the United States, Queen Noor of Jordan, and King Vera, a famous American fashion designer, graduated from Chapin.
St.Paul's School St.Paul's High School Located in New Hampshire, it was founded in 1856 and covers 2,000 acres.
It is a co-educational boarding school offering 9-12 grade courses.
The school has a beautiful environment and picturesque scenery.
There are 524 students from 38 states and 18 countries.
On the basis of respecting tradition, the school develops friendship and mutual love, mutual understanding and trust among students, and educates students to respect others and all other religious beliefs.
Roxbury Latin School Roxbury Latin School Located in Massachusetts, Massachusetts, it has a long history.
It combines traditional education with advanced education.
The way they follow is happiness education, which enables children to acquire knowledge in the process of happiness.
In order to enable students to get better exercise, a series of sports were carried out in the school.
At the same time, music, drama and publishing associations were also carried out.
Debate competitions were also organized to simulate the United Nations.
Phillips Exeter Academy Phillips Ester Middle School A private boarding high school in Exeter, New Hampshire, is also one of the best private boarding high schools in the United States.
Schools regularly hold various activities to cultivate students'character, guide and promote students' physical development, and cultivate students'integrity, empathy and kindness through daily interactive activities.
Because the school pays attention to every student participating in school activities, everyone is very happy to learn and grow up.
There are abundant educational resources and diverse cultures, which benefit students from different countries in the world.
Dalton School Dalton School It is a 13-year coeducational non-profit private school located in Manhattan, New York, USA.It is not only the most prestigious school in the United States, but also a school with considerable international influence.
It was founded in 1919 by Helen Middot, a famous progressive educator.
The Dalton system initiated by Ms.
Packhess is still the theoretical cornerstone of Dalton's progressive educational philosophy.
Dalton system has become a model for schools all over the worlD.There are more than 200 ldquo and Dalton School in the world.
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