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The Hottest Science and Engineering Major in America Biology is a traditional subject.
In recent years, due to the rapid development of gene and molecular biology and related biotechnology, biology has produced many new branches, such as microbiology, microchemistry, biophysics, biochemistry, biomedicine and so on, but now they are all referred to as biology by the traditional name.
Chemistry of Chemistry Chemistry is an experimental science which studies the composition, structure, properties and reactions of substances and their energy changes in the process.
Basic knowledge:
chemistry, physics, mathematics, computer; patient, serious research spirit, strong practical ability.
With the gradual decrease of market demand, chemistry is one of the most shrinking professions in traditional science.
In the next 10 years, the growth rate of market demand will be 18%, which is lower than the average growth rate of demand of graduates of all major universities in the United States.
Possible occupations include research technicians, business managers, salespeople, engineering and teachers.
Geology and Geophysics Geology and geophysics are two related disciplines.
Geology studies the composition, structure, historical formation and evolution of the earth's cruSt.Geophysics not only studies the earth's surface, but also uses physical and mathematical methods to study the earth's internal composition, such as the ground, water, atmosphere, ocean, earth's electricity, magnetic field, centripetal force, etC.Both majors are related to the development of natural resources, the protection of water resources, landfill, waste disposal and so on.
Basic knowledge:
physics, mathematics, chemistry, computer; field work, living ability, research spirit.
Mathematics & Statistics Mathematics is widely used in science, engineering and industrial production, as well as in medicine and commerce.
But now the number of students majoring in Mathematics in the United States has fallen by more than 20% compared with 10 years ago.
Statistics is a practical science dealing with data-based information.
It studies how to collect, analyze and interpret these data-based information in an effective way.
Basic knowledge:
mathematics, physics, chemistry, computer; analytical ability, patience.
Physics, Astronomy Physics and Astronomy The main courses are forceful study, electromagnetics, optics, thermodynamics, atomic physics, quantum mechanics, etC.Basic knowledge:
physics, mathematics, chemistry, computer, analytical ability, patience.
The market demand is small, and there are few jobs and employment opportunities closely related to this major.
Cross-professional employment often occurs; 60% of students work in companies, government or primary and secondary schools after graduation.
Engineering Aerospace, Aeronautical and Astronomical Engineering Aeronautical and aerospace engineering belongs to sensitive specialty, involving spacecraft and related equipment, such as navigation equipment and control, instrument and communication equipment design, development, testing, production and development of related new technologies, etC.The main courses of study are aerospace engineering, hydrodynamics, thermodynamics, material mechanics, aircraft machinery, aeronautical control system engineering, space science and systems.
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    ABOUT state local customs, tourist attractions
    The National Museum of African Art Plaza is located in the national capital of Washington, founded in 1964, the collection, exhibition and publicity to African art and culture, in 1979 to become a part of the Smithson society, is the most famous museum of African art.
    Exhibits up to more than 9000 in the National Museum of African art, from Africa, most of the source in the Sahara region of Mali, cameroon, Tanzania, the Democratic Republic of the congo, South Africa, Garner and Morocco.
    From ancient to modern exhibits everything.
    Exhibits include sculpture, textiles, furniture, wooden masks, photographs, musical instruments, jewelry and video art etc.
    The museum will hold a series of publicity and education activities, including lectures, public discussion, movies, music performances, seminars etc.
    The museum is free to visit, open time is 5:30, 10:00 in the morning to the afternoon except christmas day, open year-round.
    National Museum of African Art
    Reason: America's most famous museum of African Art
    Spots continents: North America
    Scenic region / country: the United States
    Attractions at the provincial, District of columbia, Washington: [Washington, d.c]

    The National Arboretum is located in the capital of Washington, founded in 1850, covers an area of 180 hectares, is one of the oldest botanical garden, a living museum is a collection of plants around the world, to carry out research and education, and improve the environment, there are about 750 thousand visitors each year.
    Botanical Garden currently has about 4000 kinds, more than 26000 plants used for exhibitions, research and ornamental, including economic plants, medicinal plants, orchids, succulents, bromeliads, cycads, ferns, from the jungle to the Gobi desert, from the beach to the inland plants can be found here.
    According to the plant's living environment, and is divided into the jungle room, room, room, orchid species of medicinal plants, Desert Museum, Southeast of the chamber angle, original plant room, children's garden, visitors can choose according to their own hobbies.
    In addition, in the garden there are 10000 live specimens, which has a history of 165 years, rare and precious The National Arboretum opened 365 days a year, holidays remain open, visit time for morning at 10:00 pm 5:00. United States Botanic Garden
    Reason: one of the oldest botanical garden in the United States
    Spots continents: North America
    Scenic region / country: the United States
    Attractions at the provincial, District of columbia, Washington: [Washington, d.c]

    Arthur Sackler gallery is located in a museum of Asian Art District of columbia, was founded in 1982, as part of the Smithson society, named for Arthur sakler (Arthur M.
    Arthur Sackler was a famous American psychiatrist, entrepreneur and philanthropist, is also a well-known international artists and collectors, is the largest museum of donors.
    Arthur Sackler Art Museum collection of more than 1000 East Arthur Sakelesuo donated metal utensils and pottery sculpture in South and Southeast Asia, china jade, bronze, lacquer and painting, in addition, also has a collection of from Asia, India, Japan, South Korea and other china of ancient and contemporary art, including paintings, photographs, from nineteenth century to twentieth century chinese modern ceramics, Japanese prints and other works of art.
    The museum also has a large collection of Persian and Islamic Art and manuscripts, many Islamic and Hindu art are housed in the museum, many Buddhism and Islam sculpture make people too busy to attend to all.
    Arthur M.
    Sackler Gallery
    Reason: the most important American Asian Art Museum
    Spots continents: North America
    Scenic region / country: the United States
    Attractions at the provincial, District of columbia, Washington: [Washington, d.c]

    Attractions: Washington District of columbia city [Washington, d.c]

    The old stone house is located in the Georgetown District of columbia, built in 1765, is the oldest District of columbia there is no change to the building, is the oldest private residence, is the last of a SAR remains colonial style construction.
    The old stone house in eighteenth century when the building has experienced three times, as a typical representative of local architecture, the most is the beginning of a building, after car dealerships, in 1950s after renovation as the residential museum is open, and in 1973 included in the national register of historic places.
    The typical representative of local architecture, the interior of the building by larvikite, cobblestone construction, big pebble from the nearby Potomac River, from the local oak foreSt. At present, the old stone is a 3 layer, a layer of the roof and the front door of the original built by solid oak.
    The kitchen walls and fireplace irregular stones, big kitchen stove is enough to make the whole room to keep warm.
    The second floor of the main restaurant, bedroom and living room, in the restaurant can enjoy the food at the table to lift, can be a layer of kitchen food shipped to the second floor.
    The three layer is made of brick built, is a private space, completed in 1790, a total of three rooms, may be children's room and storage area.
    At present, the old stone house kitchen, living room and kitchen, open to the tourists, the relevant staff will give you about this ancient architectural history and related stories.
    Outside the garden for the wedding, but also provides a leisure and dining space for tourists.
    Old Stone House
    Reason: Washington's oldest private residential district of columbia
    Spots continents: North America
    Scenic region / country: the United States
    Attractions at the provincial, District of columbia, Washington: [Washington, d.c]

    Attractions: Washington District of columbia city [Washington, d.c]

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