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In the tide of studying in the United States, business is always one of the hot spots.
Many applicants only know that they intend to apply for business, but they don't know what majors business schools have to choose and which American business schools are most profitable?
In general, there are business schools (or management schools) in comprehensive universities, i.
schools (colleges) of Business / Management.
Almost all business majors are in business schools.
It should be noted that business majors other than American business schools often need GRE scores, rather than GMAT scores commonly used by business schools.
Under Business School:
Market Research and Analysis ranks first; Operational Research and Analysis ranks second; Accounting ranks third, followed by Financial Advisors and Business Operations Management.
Here, we focus on two major areas:
Market Research and analysis ranked first and accounting ranked third.
Market research and analysis:
These two disciplines may be learned in the domestic study of professional courses, such as market research and analysis, which is almost one of the professional courses of marketing.
But if we do a market research and analysis from the perspective of sales, we need not only sales knowledge, but also more comprehensive knowledge of business management and practical operation ability.
For example:
statistics, mathematics, computer science, and even need to learn social theory, such as communication.
The comprehensive abilities of these disciplines together create such a high-income joB.In 2012, the annual salary of market research and analysis has reached $60,300, with the highest income of $113,500 and the lowest income of $33,280.
Almost all of these high-income jobs are in California, such as Los Angeles and Auckland.
Accounting profession:
This major has a very high employment rate both at home and abroaD.Take the statistics of the United States for example:
from 2012 to 2013, the number of people engaged in accounting increased by 13.1%, but there are nearly 166,700 vacancies so far from 2012. So in the United States, which draws on the need for accountants, the treatment of Accountants is very good, in the relatively high-income New York City, Atlantic City, New Jersey and Newark, New Jersey, and so on.
In urban areas, the annual salary of Accountants is $111,510, while that of the lowest-income earners will be close to $39,930.
High-income early investment is also very big, CPA - CPA, simple three letters but will really start your career.
In addition, when the company recruits candidates, the adoption of CPA, the average score in school, the practical ability in school, the leadership ability and personal initiative are the focus of the company's attention.
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