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Engineering majors are popular majors in the United States.
Everyone chooses to study abroad for the most fundamental purpose of employment.
Apart from a few students from the second generation of the rich and the second generation of the officials, students studying abroad now take into consideration the long-term development of their majors when choosing their schools and majors, taking into account the suggestions of parents and experienced consultants.
For example, with the iteration of high-tech updates, more and more students tend to choose engineering and business majors, such as electronic engineering, which are practical, adaptable and well-paiD.Because this major involves many fields of communication, computer and information industry, and has strong practicability and wide application.
The undergraduate graduates of these majors are very popular with all kinds of large enterprises.
In addition, Chinese students'solid foundation and earnest learning attitude are praised by American universities.
Most Chinese students rank first in their academic performance.
American University teachers, especially research-oriented engineering majors, still have high recognition of Chinese students' learning and research attitude and work quality.
Computer major is one of the most popular majors in the United States.
Different schools have computer science and computer engineering majors, which are essentially similar in nature.
Both majors learn the core content of computer field, such as programming and software development.
Through interviews and analysis of some foreign students, especially graduate undergraduates, graduate students and even PhD, it is known that most of the students in the United States are looking forward to the employment of the schools with the highest ranking of computer and science majors.
For example, the employment rate of undergraduate graduates of Rensler Polytechnic, Computer CS, Automation and EE is very high, and their salaries are very gooD.So is Rensler, so it is indispensable for other schools with higher ranking in science and technology.
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