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Information on Immigration, Investment, Education and Residence
Engineering majors are popular majors in the United States.
Everyone chooses to study abroad for the most fundamental purpose of employment.
Apart from a few students from the second generation of the rich and the second generation of the officials, students studying abroad now take into consideration the long-term development of their majors when choosing their schools and majors, taking into account the suggestions of parents and experienced consultants.
For example, with the iteration of high-tech updates, more and more students tend to choose engineering and business majors, such as electronic engineering, which are practical, adaptable and well-paiD.Because this major involves many fields of communication, computer and information industry, and has strong practicability and wide application.
The undergraduate graduates of these majors are very popular with all kinds of large enterprises.
In addition, Chinese students'solid foundation and earnest learning attitude are praised by American universities.
Most Chinese students rank first in their academic performance.
American University teachers, especially research-oriented engineering majors, still have high recognition of Chinese students' learning and research attitude and work quality.
Computer major is one of the most popular majors in the United States.
Different schools have computer science and computer engineering majors, which are essentially similar in nature.
Both majors learn the core content of computer field, such as programming and software development.
Through interviews and analysis of some foreign students, especially graduate undergraduates, graduate students and even PhD, it is known that most of the students in the United States are looking forward to the employment of the schools with the highest ranking of computer and science majors.
For example, the employment rate of undergraduate graduates of Rensler Polytechnic, Computer CS, Automation and EE is very high, and their salaries are very gooD.So is Rensler, so it is indispensable for other schools with higher ranking in science and technology.
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    ABOUT state local customs, tourist attractions
    Strange and fantastic Antelope Valley in the western United States       Reminder: if it is well prepared friends think of the word, can double the price in advance to buy tickets at the ticket office photography license, with this license tickets to enjoy the free time to stay for 2.5 hours in the canyon.
    There are many kinds of the Grand canyon, want to change a fresh way to start with you ride West, RV, a grand canyon RV self driving pleasure to enjoy life!
    The west of the Grand canyon gallop RV self driving pleasure to enjoy life The South canyon look spectacular scenery This is not a luxury trip, this is not a formal plan, this is just a natural follow, a return of life.
    Driving a car running to the Grand canyon of colorado on Highway 1, the most beautiful, spectacular scenery to witness the South Rim, waiting for the morning feeding animal in the undisturbed Valley, in the camp on the oven to enjoy the most extensive delicious delicacy, with the most primitive way to explore the lack of human survival ability.
    Beautiful Xixia feel close to the colorado River Valley Grand canyon West Grand canyon belongs to the Indian reserve, where beautiful scenery, driving a car in the car, enjoy the unique scenery of the grand canyon.
    In addition, can also take a helicopter and sightseeing boat viewing at Grand canyon scenery, feeling close to the colorado River Valley and magnificent scenery.
    Grand canyon RV self driving tour to the Grand canyon, later replaced the helicopter drop 4000 feet to the bottom of the Grand canyon, walk in the bottom, look at the magnificent grand canyon probe, more directly overlooking the colorado river at the bottom of the canyon landscape.
    Where visitors can enjoy a champagne picnic and tea, enjoying the magnificent natural landscape surrounded by their grand canyon.
    Arizona's most unique geographical situation here will be destined to the United States since the good place for driving.
    Here in addition to desert wasteland, and alpine valleys;
    in addition stretches the vast land, and the magnificent scenery.
    The most important is the self driving tour across the United States on Highway 66, what also don't say, follow the small series of!
    The history of Highway 66 (History Route 66) The United States Travel Zijia beautiful resort - Arizona Highway 66 recommended!
        Highway 66 has a long history, Americans had been affectionately called "mother road".
    Today, Highway 66 prosperous has become a historical memory decline.
    Highway 66 existing in Arizona to save the longest distance is about 170 miles.
    Driving this old road, looking ahead, visible to maize, Indian reservation and boundless desert.
    The vast loess, spread sporadically during cactus, full of cowboy style.
    A No. 66 road trip, as if into a time tunnel, back to the western cowboy era of the meeting of wind and clouds.
    The United States Travel Zijia beautiful resort - Arizona Highway 66 recommended!
    Flagstaff (Flagstaff) is the outdoor sports and the Grand canyon trip home from here, start driving or driving this accommodation for the night is a good choice.
    Take a day across the canyon, if you intend to Flagstaff overnight, can try to Albert trail (Flagstaff Ale Trail), visit the surrounding winery, authentic taste of the local wine.
    Recently, Ireland trail extends forward, until the Sedona and Williams.
    Before leaving this picturesque mountain, don't forget to drive along the road of Mars (Mars Hill Road) to the famous Lowell Observatory (Lowell Observatory).
    The Lowell Observatory is the oldest American Observatory, the most suitable for night watch the wonderful sky in 1930, astronomers have discovered the planet Pluto here.
    The United States Travel Zijia beautiful resort - Arizona Highway 66 recommended!
    continues westward, the birth of Di Seligman can return to the Highway 66 (Seligman).
    Burma shave (Burma Shave) billboard on the side of a road to Seligman old old people, the reception is a variety of retro Motel and gift shop.
    Del Gadi Atilio Highway No. 66 gift shop (Delgadillo 's Route 66 Gift Shop) sold 66 highway guide, snow hat restaurant (Snow cap Drive.
    In) bus is Highway 66 landmarks can be a simple meal here, then embark on the journey.
    The United States Travel Zijia beautiful resort - Arizona Highway 66 recommended!
    Traveling along the winding road to the north, across a roll of grass and the giant cactus Tuanfeng, indistinct can see an old western town of Oatman (Oatman).
    Oatman was a gold mining town, peak period, a large number of prospectors frantically searching for the legendary stampede in, can let a person "overnight" gold.
    Oatman is now left with the gold rush of the most relevant, than in the streets around the little donkey.
    Pack these cute little donkey donkey from a long time ago to buy mine multiply to get rich.
    Oatman donkey docile, adorable, if good to feed it to eat, it will follow.
    In the main street (Main Street) the most lively place every day a cowboy shooting performances, other shops and restaurants also have similar performances, people seem to return to the old days.
    The Wild West cowboy in any case will not think of half a century ago, the Interstate Highway No. 40 (I-40) from here through.
    The United States Travel Zijia beautiful resort - Arizona Highway 66 recommended!
    Highway 66 along the way carefully driving, in Flagstaff East, the town of Winslow (Winslow) is a worthy place to stay.
    Here is what it feels like to sing songs in the eagles as "free" ("Take it Easy").
    Beautiful La Hotel Posada Garden (La Posada Hotel and Gardens) by reputable canyon architect Mary Kurt (Mary colter) to design.
    This beautiful building is the coarse line, and full of romantic color, very fit old western style.
    Now the hotel built in 1930 is the world's only existing homes Harvey (Harvey House).
    The hotel of the museum with the famous painter named Tina (Tina Mion) a series of historical works.
    In these works, the most striking about the "Harvey girl" paintings.
    Recently, La Hotel Posada opened a new grade class "Turquoise restaurant" (Turquoise Room restaurant), dedicated to the production of the "four corners" (Four corners region) features the most delicious delicacy, by John Sharp (John Sharp) nominated by James Bill de (James Beard) as a chef Menu design.
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