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Liberal Arts:
Including East Asian Studies, History, English Education, British and American Literature, Linguistics, Sociology and so on.
These majors seem to be relatively "cold" in the face of the trend of studying abroad, because the employment of these majors is difficult, and the social demand for these graduates is not very great, but in the long run, these professional graduates generally have a good development in the later perioD.Choosing these majors at the undergraduate level in the United States requires students to have a strong interest, language achievement, ability to express words, and cultural accumulation, which are more prominent than others.
Hot Professional Economics for American Students:
Economics mainly studies the utilization and distribution of social resources by individuals, governments, enterprises and other organizations in society.
Economics majors are more popular with undergraduates, especially those from commercial families, who have been influenced by them since childhood, and have accumulated a lot in this respect.
On the one hand, the undergraduate economics major helps students to establish a complete knowledge system, on the other hand, it provides a good foundation for their future employment and further education.
Undergraduate students majoring in economics need to study postgraduate.
If they want to take part in practical business activities, they can choose to major in applied finance, that is, MSF.
If they want to engage in theoretical research in economics, they should also pay attention to the fact that postgraduate education in economics in the United States has its own characteristics, but it is difficult for them to find a job after graduation from pure economics, only after taking other courses concurrently.
There are more opportunities.
Many universities do not have a master's degree in economics.
Most of them offer PhD degree programs in economics.
Business is one of the most popular majors in the United States.
Business is the most enthusiastic major for many parents and students.
American Business School enjoys a reputation for its innovative curriculum, outstanding professional courses and competitive faculty.
At the same time, as one of the most developed countries, the United States is also far ahead in the economic fielD.Whether it is practical experience, practical opportunities, theoretical training, cultural richness, and teaching pertinence, American universities are deeply attracting domestic students.
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    ABOUT state local customs, tourist attractions
    The Grand canyon is one of the natural wonders known to the world, is located in the northwest of western Arizona on the Kaibab plateau, a total area of 2724.7 square kilometers.
    The colorado river flow through them, it is also known as the Grand canyon of colorado, it is chosen as the UNEScO protected natural heritage site.
    The Grand canyon is a masterpiece of the colorado river.
    The river originates in the colorado Rockies, flood rush down through Utah and Arizona, from california, california bay.
    A total length of 2320 km.
    "colorado", in Spanish, meaning "Red River", which is due to the large number of river sediment entrainment, the river appears red, named.
    The long.
    term erosion of the colorado River, regardless of day and night running, sometimes cleave, sometimes the way back, in the upper reaches of the mainstream and tributaries have carved the Black canyon, canyon, Glen canyon, Bruce canyon 19 and then flows through the canyon, Arizona rocky Kaibab plateau, more amazing the pen, formed the wonders of the Grand canyon, into the river all the canyon in the "canyon of the king".
    The Grand canyon of the colorado shape is very irregular, roughly east-west, a total length of 349 km, the twists and turns, like a snake crawling on the wild and intractable, Kay Babu plateau.
    Its width is between 6 km to 25 km, canyon on both sides of the north south high low valley, the average depth of 1600 meters, the bottom width of 762 meters.
    The colorado river at the bottom of surging forward, two mountains rise steeply, a water stream of spectacular, its magnificent landscape, vast verve, breathtaking demeanor, fantastic scenery, unrivalled in the world. In 1903, US President Theodore Roosevelt came here to visit, he exclaimed: "the Grand canyon filled me with awe, it cannot describe, this There is nothing comparable to this, in the vast world, unique.
    " Indian legend, the Grand canyon is formed in a flood.
    God was human fish Ao, it survived.
    Therefore, the local Indians still do not eat seafood.
    In fact, a chisel of the Grand canyon, is not a short duration of time of the power, but through a long time for billions of years, but still did not stop, until forever.
    Humans cannot perceive every engraved schedule, but the time evolution, it shows an incredible great wonder.
    The Grand canyon of colorado because of the different layers, close a river rampage, sometimes resulting in large areas of collapse, sometimes only left a crack;
    sometimes like a raging agitation, sometimes as jagged erosion;
    such as advection is slow, gentle left traces, such as torrent rolls, produce the towering ornamentation.
    So, this is a long canyon, gestos smells, some spread, some narrow;
    some like honeycomb;
    some like nests;
    some spire of the pagoda, some accumulated as the stones;
    others such as Butte alone, as some people in these caves Tiancheng, masterpiece of nature, according to the form named as containing some myths the story of the name, such as Apollo temple, Diana temple, temple Brahmins etc.
    The northern margin of the angel "window", is a mountain peaks on the side of Babel appears empty, the southern part of the "virtue ness", like the ancient general guayin worship handsome Taiwan, especially the valley wall section, texture clear, folds, curve pattern like rolls literature form, edge hill ups and downs,.
    The valley extends, also like a million in the ribbon on the earth had fluttered.
    Visitors to this wonderful, all the praise of nature of ghosts ax.
    canyon color, because the evolution of species, two wall rock weathering degree, time, and different minerals, and different iron ore in the sunlight, showing colorful, other oxides produce a variety of dark color, and white quartzite may appear, therefore, the formation of a pieces of red, a square clouds of dark, dark Brown, a piece of iron gray, the earth is like a huge colorful palette, beautiful.
    But because some with long out of the grass and mud with some poetry, and because some valley filled with mist, and slightly purple;
    plus the weather changes, or direct sun, or Fengyuhuiming, or early morning, or the mountains, the scenery of the canyon, change unpredictably, thousands of weather.
    The Grand canyon is not only strange scenery, and the wild animal is very rich.
    There are more than 200 kinds of birds, 60 species of mammals and 15 species of reptile and amphibian animal lived here, at the bottom of the pasture and 90 km from VATON, between about 3500 meters high peak of the San Francisco area, is a tropical plant, growing area is boreal plants.
    So, here the cactus, poppy, spruce, fir and other plant symbiosis is almost in the same region.
    The ruins of the Grand canyon of the mud hut, show that in thirteenth century the Indians here is the development of the original owner.
    But the natural wonders of the Grand canyon is known, due to major us armed artillery Powell propaganda.
    He led an expedition in 1869, take a boat without exploration in colorado river has been sailing to the Grand canyon on the way, he will experience a thriller, written travelogues, widely circulated, causing the us government attention, established in Grand canyon National Park in 1919. The about 3000000 visitors a year.
    Visitors can walk or ride on the donkey, deep valley adventure paths, or on rafts in the colorado river rapids on the breathtaking experience fun, or sit on the viewing plane from the sky, overlooking the majestic grand canyon.
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