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Information on Immigration, Investment, Education and Residence
Science is one of the most popular majors in the United States.
Simple science majors, such as mathematics, physics and other disciplines, are in the process of learning, but the content is relatively dull and difficult to learn.
After graduation, they are not in a great advantage in the job market.
However, these disciplines lay the foundation for students and good quantitative analysis, so that they can adapt to the later stage of postgraduate study, and can apply for postgraduate students.
There are many kinds of specialties.
Not only can you continue to study for your master's degree or PhD degree, but you can also choose to study statistics, actuarial science, finance, and even apply for other liberal arts such as business, psychology, sociology, etC.Because American liberal arts education is very concerned about reiterating the invitation's mathematical and statistical background.
Financial Engineering:
Financial engineer is a new graduate major.
He has different names in different schools, such as financial mathematics, computational finance and so on.
On the basis of quantitative analysis tools, this paper studies financial products, especially financial derivatives such as securities, futures and options, using the advantages of mathematics and computer science.
As an emerging country, China's financial engineering industry has just starteD.In the future, as the world's largest market, financial markets are indispensable.
Therefore, learning this kind of specialty is boundless for its own development.
Hot Professional Finance in the United States:
Many universities in the United States do not offer financial majors.
Graduate students majoring in finance are very difficult to apply for.
Everyone knows why they are so competitive.
Major selection in undergraduate course can pave the way for further study in postgraduate stage.
The popular choice is to choose mathematics + economics as undergraduate majors.
Economics paves the way for a knowledge system related to finance, and mathematical ability is more valued by American economics and finance.
For example, American universities prefer to recruit domestic mathematics majors to study finance rather than domestic economics students.
Because mathematics majors cultivate students'strong ability of logical analysis and modeling, students can use mathematical tools to complete quantitative analysis.
This is the reason why the above Science Mathematics Specialty mentioned and Chuangchuang International Association specifically recommended undergraduates to choose mathematics specialty.
Hot majors in Arts in the United States:
For music, painting, film and other arts majors, there is a big difference from common majors, such schools are generally expensive, schools rarely provide scholarships.
Social, Political and Psychological Sciences of Hot Majors in American Studies:
International Politics, International Relations, Public Relations, Social Relations, Psychology, which are similar to liberal arts majors, require strong professional interests of applicants, and take into account future career development plans, will generally continue to pursue advanced studies.
These professional settings in the United States are more sophisticated than those in China, and there are many exchanges within the industry.
They are very helpful to broaden our horizons and absorb new knowledge.
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    ABOUT state local customs, tourist attractions
    The 10 most suitable cities for newly graduated students to settle down
    included young people's employment and income, convenient transportation, difficulty in making friends, rent index, etc
    Study in the United States
    Here are the 10 cities and the average annual salary and average monthly rent of a one.
    bedroom house for their respective 20.29 year-olds:
    1, Madison, Wisconsin (Madison, Wisconsin)
    Average annual salary for 20.29 years: $49 thousand and 434 Average monthly rent of 1 bedroom housing: $775 Madison (Madison) is the county of the state of Wisconsin and the county of Dane, located at 43 degrees north latitude.
    The eastern, northern and western sides of the city are surrounded by Lake Mendota, Lake Monona and the Wisconsin River, respectively.
    The city's state capitols and other government offices are located on a narrow land bridge between Lake Mondota and Lake Monona in the city center.
    Madison has been rated for years as one of the most cultured, safe, healthy, business-minded and livable cities in the United States.
    Nearby university: University of Wisconsin.
    2, Austen, Texas (Austin, Texas) Average annual salary for 20.29 years: $48 thousand and 454 Average monthly rent of 1 bedroom housing: $1147 Austen (Austin), the capital of Texas, is also an educational center in Texas.
    Since the mid.
    20th century, the semiconductor and computer industries in Austin have developed rapidly, and the housing costs are much lower than those in Silicon Valley.
    Austin has attracted a large number of high-tech talents and enterprises.
    It has become a well-known high-tech center, known as Silicon Hill, and is the headquarters of Freescale Semiconductor and Dell.
    In addition, IBM, apple, Google, Intel, cIScO, 3M, eBay and so on also have branches in the local area.
    Austin enjoys the reputation of "the world's live music capital".
    There are many famous musicians, music venues and music events in Austin.
    The city's per capita music venue share ranks first in the United States.
    In addition, Austen also has many advanced theaters, museums and other cultural facilities.
    Nearby university: University of Texas Austen 3, columbo, Ohio (columbus, Ohio)
    Average annual salary for 20.29 years: $47 thousand and 732
    Average monthly rent of 1 bedroom housing: $589 columbus is the seat of the Ohio government, located in the heart of Ohio, is the largest city in the state, it is the 15th largest city in the United States.
    With a population of 82,2553 (2013) and a Metropolitan population of more than 1,967,066 (2013), Metropolitan is Ohio's third largest metropolitan area after cleveland and cincinnati.
    columbus has developed industry and commerce, including aircraft, automobiles, missiles, electrical appliances, machinery, glass, textile, food and other industries.
    columbus is located in the middle of the United States, with convenient transportation, and many companies and enterprises have chosen it as a center for market development, distribution and storage of goods.
    columbo is a hub for American Airlines, highways and railways.
    Nearby university: Ohio State University, columbo School of art and design 4. Salt Lake city, Utah (Salt Lake city, Utah)
    Average annual salary for 20.29 years: $54 thousand and 460 Average monthly rent of 1 bedroom housing: $785 The capital and largest city of Utah, named for its proximity to the Great Salt Lake, has a population of 190,884 (2014) and a metropolitan population of 1,153,340 (2014), ranking third in the western inland city of the United States after Denver and Phoenix.
    The mining industry and the construction of the first trans-railroad brought economic prosperity to Salt Lake city, which was dominated by industry, electronics and biotechnology.
    The city has earned the nickname "the Western crossroads".
    Salt Lake city metropolitan area is one of the most important financial centers, business centers and resorts in the United States.
    Nearby university: University of Utah, Utah State University 5, Boston, Massachusetts (Boston, Massachusetts)
    Average annual salary for 20.29 years: $65 thousand and 324 Average monthly rent of 1 bedroom housing: $2308 Boston is the capital and largest city of Massachusetts and the largest city in the New Engel region of the northeastern United States.
    Boston is located on the Atlantic coast of the northeastern United States.
    Founded in 1630, Boston is one of the oldest and most culturally valuable cities in the United States.
    The tea dumping incident in Boston in the history of the United States eventually led to the famous American War of independence.
    Boston is the center of higher education and health care in the northeastern United States and the most educated city in the United States.
    Its economic base is scientific research, finance and technology, especially bioengineering, and is considered a global city or a world city.
    Boston is known as "Athens of America" because it has more than 100 universities in the metropolitan area of Boston, where more than 250,000 college students are educated.
    Nearby University (including peripheral): Harvard University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Boston University, Northeastern University Study in the United States .
    6. Fargo, North Dakota, North Dakota Average annual salary for 20.29 years: $49 thousand and 914 Average monthly rent of 1 bedroom housing: $653 A city in eastern North Dakota.
    On the West Bank of the red river.
    The population is 61 thousand and 300, and the urban area is 137 thousand (1980).
    Residential areas along with the construction of Railways in 1872. The Red River is the terminal point for water transport and land transportation.
    The distribution center of wheat and beef cattle.
    There are agricultural machinery manufacturing, cement, fertilizer, food processing and other industries.
    There is a famed Fargo State University that studies agriculture.
    Geographically, Fargo is located in the Red River Valley, one of the richest agricultural areas in North America, on the West Bank of the North Red River flowing across the border between the United States and canada, across the river from Morchid, Minnesota, and is a sister city.
    With this unique geographical advantage, Fargo gradually developed into a transportation hub in southeastern North Dakota and a center for economic and cultural education in northwestern Minnesota.
    Nearby university: North Dakota State University 7, Boulder (colorado, colorado) Average annual salary for 20.29 years: $53 thousand and 440 Average monthly rent of 1 bedroom housing: $1306 A city in North central colorado.
    It's 35 kilometers northwest of Denver.
    It is the county rule of Boulder county.
    The area is 65.7 square kilometers, and the population of 2006 is 91481. It is the eleventh largest city in the state.
    It was built in 1858 and set up in November 4, 1871. Industry has aircraft manufacturing, electronic instruments, chemistry, sporting goods and so on.
    It is an important center for scientific research and the location of the National center for atmospheric research.
    There is an atomic energy factory nearby, and the tourism industry is well-developed for the purpose of going to and from Rocky Mountain National Park.
    Nearby university: Boulder, University of colorado .
    8, Omaha, Nebraska (Omaha, Nebraska) Average annual salary for 20.29 years: $50 thousand and 102 Average monthly rent of 1 bedroom housing: $769 Omaha is the largest industrial and commercial city in Brass, the county seat of Douglas county, near the Bank of the Missouri River.
    Omaha means "the people of the upper reaches" and refers to the Omaha Indians.
    It was established in 1854. Market was established in 1857. In 1863, it became the real starting point of the United Pacific Railway, to the railway and highway transport hub.
    To a large distribution centre for wheat and livestock.
    Food processing is well known, as well as meat processing, butter, agricultural machinery manufacturing, railway equipment, electrical, petroleum processing, lead and zinc smelting industries.
    Berkshire Hathaway, the famous American investor Buffett, is the site of the Admiral company.
    The birthplace of the thirty-eighth president of the United States, Gerald Ford and billionaire Warren Buffett.
    Nearby university: University of Nebraska 9, Washington, d.c (Washington, Dc) Average annual salary for 20.29 years: $72 thousand and 737 Average monthly rent of 1 bedroom housing: $2203 Abbreviated as Washington, the capital of the United States of America, near Virginia and Maryland, is located in the northeastern and central Atlantic region of the United States.
    It is a special administrative region established as the capital in 1790 and directly under the jurisdiction of the United States congress.
    Therefore, it does not belong to any state of the United States.
    Washington is the political center of the United States, so the economic color is not strong, is the seat of most us federal government agencies and embassies in the United States, the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund, the Organization of American States and other international organizations headquarters, but also has a large number of museums and cultural sites.
    Nearby universities: Johns Hopkins University, Georgetown University and George University of Washington.
    10, Oklahoma city, Oklahoma (Oklahoma) Average annual salary for 20.29 years: $44 thousand and 677 Average monthly rent of 1 bedroom housing: $641 The capital and largest city of Oklahoma, Oklahoma county.
    As of 2005, 7 had 532517 population and 1 million 220 thousand metropolitan area.
    Oklahoma city is located in the central part of Oklahoma with an area of 621.2 square miles.
    Since the discovery of oil in 1928, the petroleum processing industry has become an important sector.
    In addition, there are aircraft manufacturing, oil well equipment, steel products, furniture, fiber, electronic equipment, food processing and other industries.
    There are important American air bases near the Russian city.
    Entering the new NBA season of 08.09, Russia has ushered in a new team Oklahoma thunder.
    Nearby university: University of Oklahoma, Oklahoma city University
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