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Bioengineering, a popular major in the United States With the maturity of gene manipulation, bioengineering is becoming more and more popular.
Bioengineering takes into account the basic principles of biology and the process design of engineering.
It aims to solve the practical problems encountered in agriculture, food science and medicine.
It also provides an opportunity to solve the energy crisis and prolong human life.
It is an interdisciplinary subject involving many specialties.
Many bioengineering majors originally require postgraduate level, but recently the demand for undergraduate degree graduates has gradually increased, and the prospects for undergraduate bioengineering majors such as Delaware State University are also very promising.
New Media:
A Hot Major for American Students As one of the most popular majors in the United States, new media has always had great potential for development.
As the network media has become the fastest growing area of media and journalism, new media has also naturally ranked firSt.New media majors combine traditional journalism courses with the latest digital media design and management.
Among them, schools like San Francisco College of Art are more focused on computer technology and web design, while others are more focused on the integration of media and digital technology.
Indiana University and Purdue University are more representative.
Organic Agriculture:
A Hot Major for American Students Organic agriculture sounds very remote, but it will be a favorite specialty in the future.
In 2006, Washington State University pioneered the opening of organic agriculture.
Professor Perero, the head of the major, said:
"To meet the increasing demand for organic food by consumers, many large companies began to employ specialists in this field.
" At present, many colleges and universities in the United States are preparing to start this major in response to changes in the market.
Homeland Security Homeland security courses cover a wide range of subjects, ranging from psychology to disaster relief, from federal law to the handling of dangerous goods.
The Department of Homeland Security of the Federal Government of the United States provides considerable scholarships and grants to students in this major, and provides an 18-month degree-awarded training course at the Homeland Security Defense Center.
Hot Major in American Studies:
Network Business and Network Market Living in today's society, no one can be separated from the network, the network is so prevalent, learning business transactions through the network profession will naturally not be cold-bloodeD.Universityof Akron and Missouri State University offer online marketing majors for students.
According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the growth level of demand for students in this major will be much higher than that of recent graduates.
Hot Major in American Studies:
Computer Game Design Today, game design majors have become popular in more than 150 colleges and universities across the United States.
Schools are competing to offer different courses, including the development and design of games.
The University of Michigan opened a Master's degree in Serious Game Design in the fall of 2007. Students will receive a scholarship from the International Association of Game Developers.
This is a good choice for those who like games and want to study in the United States.
Hot Major in American Studies:
Law, Finance and Accounting Due to the company financial scandals in recent years, the long-standing legal and accounting profession has leaped to become the seventh most popular profession.
And it has become the fastest growing major in accounting, offering courses such as money detectives (responsible for investigating corporate and legal financial loopholes) and so on.
Most schools offer only undergraduate degrees, while a few, like the University of West Virginia, offer master's degrees.
Hot Major in American Studies:
Human-Computer Interaction With the increasing demand for high-tech products, the major of human-computer interaction has begun to attract the attention of many students.
This major is usually a graduate course in the Computer Science Institute, but in some American schools, undergraduate courses have been offered.
Hot Major in American Studies:
Social and Environmental and Micro-Engineering Although the emphasis of each school is different, it is undoubtedly sought after by the students.
Of course, the needs of society have also contributed to the rise of these popular majors.
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    ABOUT state local customs, tourist attractions
    The United States travel notes
    Detailed content: American travel (travel notes - 2000 years) A sequence: "to america.
    " The boss said, young people before the age of 30 to go to america.
    The summer of 2000, at the age of 26, I had a chance to travel, you can see the United States coast, long experience.
    Remember that the British writer Laurence said, "life is a journey, a longing for the travel destination.
    " The United States is the nature of my journey, I guess even, sadly to the United States may also be a personal hiking end point, even if the soul is roaming the world without end journey.
    "Has been to the United states".
    This sentence means that a wide open eyes.
    The day after the life, whether it is reported by the media, or television screen, you can easily determine the authenticity and the actual seeing!
    This is the charm, I thought it was a test board of Western civilization, human civilization is also the ultimate achievement (so far.
    Good or bad with kaleidoscope)!
    The ruler, can be used to measure the degree of modernization, is a practical tool!
    The mainland compatriots, as with the central capital scale, and Shanghai public eye, the gap between urban and rural areas is the control measure of angle.
    If someone accuses you of misplacing ocean fart, you can only smile, understand the so-called compatriots understand English dialogue, limited outlook;
    can face the whole world!
    Two, fall Angeles The plane took off from Shanghai, from Seoul to fly to the United states.
    Midway replacement in Seoul, I was somewhat surprised at the Seoul International Airport, Shanghai Pudong Airport construction scale, think of the new airport in Beijing, it is the pace with the times!
    (later, see the New York J.
    Apt Airport, it is really huge!
    ) However, from the plane overlooking Seoul city view, is really ordinary appearance, almost no impression (TV camera not attractive.
    Afternoon, over the aircraft to fly to the west coast of the United States fell Angeles, I immediately from the observation machine window, see the sea bridge collapse and majestic, heart admiration.
    After all, across the sea, spectacular bridge span and the degree is more than the Pujiang bridge, alas, the future of the Zhuhai bridge Macao bridge to fight back a little face!
    Under the wing of the city overlooking the street, you will see the eye.
    catching color is a reflective flicker - a sapphire charming longan (china ink fragrance "longan"!
    ) Embedded in the concave convex lay out the puzzle on the city, another is the colorful light pan pearl on the winding road corner or neat.
    carefully observe, understand "longan" is surrounded by a private pool villas, "Pearl" is spreading or walk a brand.
    new car light.
    This is actually my first sight of the landscape, can be expected to, but still less than some of the reactions.
    Once across Hongkong this swanky city (- known as the "Pearl of the Orient"?
    ) Over time, only the grand looking ghostly confrontation Seaview commercial buildings.
    In downtown Hongkong, I didn't seem to like what!
    Everywhere see is prosperity but depressed, but the hard mottled mixed, can not see and praise a loose and free.
    In the face of falling Angeles leisurely relaxation, good heart instantly.
    Off the plane, after the exit, see in the luggage is a lot of chinese faces, a little inattentive to hear a clear Shanghai accent.
    A friend on the bus In Los Angeles, know chinese people move, in 80s after a new generation of immigrants in a common.
    Friends at home, is located on the outskirts of the villa, on the two floor, the top five suites available for US residents, friends and parents living in the lower family.
    I noticed the house nearby, are single villa, neat style.
    Surrounded by residential road, renovation is complete, green foil.
    Friends said the city development, is gradually developed along the edge of the road environment and living.
    About 5 years, commercial buildings and municipal construction in the center of the new haven't changed, focus on the development of suburbs become, is also closely disperse population.
    I think this coincided with Shanghai's development mode on the contrary, once Shanghai municipal planning blueprint, a design proposal to the edge of the diffusion, or strengthen the outskirts of several satellite towns, but 90's commercial buildings in downtown Pudong or complete in Lujiazui district can not wait to decorate the bustling clusters, face the new city, but traffic weary, prices doubled.
    The city fringe and suburban scene, still keep missing at residue.
    It seems, thinking conservative, urban development model has not yet been from outside the box.

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