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Top Ten Best Employment Majors in the Future of Studying in the United States 1. Accounting Accounting, as a shortage occupation for many years, has attracted most Chinese students to study in AustraliA.The most direct way to apply for immigration is to pass CPA, IPA or ICA A after graduation.
The most direct way is to add Professional Year to IELTS 4.7, or IELTS 4.6. Top Ten Best Employment Majors in the Future for American Students Studying Abroad 2. Engineering Engineering is relatively easy to immigrate.
The undergraduate course can pass the professional evaluation of the Australian Association of Engineers (EA) even if it is proved by submitting competency reports for engineering majors in China that IELTS only needs 4,6 of G.
Engineers have many directions, such as civil engineering, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and so on.
They need logical reasoning, system analysis and the ability to solve complex problems.
The average weekly salary is $1800.
Top Ten Best Employment Majors for American Students Studying in the Future 3. IT IT is the preferred choice for male compatriots.
Starting in January next year, vocational assessment requires one year's work experience or Professional year, without IELTS scores.
Because IT majors now adopt a monthly quota allocation system, immigration scores are also rising, and basic 65 points can only be invited in a short period of time.
However, IT majors do not require high academic qualifications.
Even if they are above the specialty level, they can also pass the professional assessment of the Computer Association if they have work experience in conformity with the assessment.
General IT professions include software engineer, programmer, database administrator and so on.
It needs the ability of programming system analysis and decision-making.
The average weekly salary is $1400.
Top Ten Best Employment Majors for American Students in the Future 4. Architecture Architects have always been a popular profession in Australia, as well as an immigration profession.
Accredited architectural degrees in Australia generally require a master's degree, while master's degree in architecture requires a professional background, so it takes more than five years to obtain vocational assessment.
Architecture specialty is divided into landscape architecture, urban planning and architecture, and so on.
It needs logical reasoning ability, analytical ability and decision-making ability.
The average weekly salary is $1500.
Top Ten Best Job Majors for American Students in the Future 5. Education Pedagogy is a major that most female compatriots are willing to choose.
Nowadays, middle school teachers are relatively saturated and, like primary school teachers, they are unable to apply for 189 independent skilled immigrants.
Therefore, preschool education is the first choice in current education and teaching.
The difficulty of pedagogy lies in the high requirement of IELTS enrollment, which requires more than 4 or 7 students on average.
If you study in Australia or Canada, Ireland, New Zealand and the United States for 4 years, you can get a teacher's professional assessment after graduation.
If you have only studied for 2 years in Australia, you must get 8 marks in IELTS A listening and 7 marks in writing and reading before you can get a vocational assessment.
This requires not only a high level of English, but also patience, communication and coordination skills.
The average weekly salary is $1100.
Top Ten Best Employment Majors in the Future for American Students Studying Abroad 6. Nursing Nursing is also one of the first choices for female compatriots.
Similarly, nursing requires a high level of English.
After graduation, 4 7 IELTS A students are required to obtain vocational assessment.
If you already have relevant experience or learning background in China, you can choose different types of courses.
Detailed consultation is needeD.Nursing profession has a fine division of labor and a high demand, which has a great test on the communication ability, expression ability and listening ability of practitioners.
The average weekly salary is $1100.
Top Ten Best Employment Majors for American Students Studying Abroad 7. Social Workers Many students do not think that this major can also be immigrated, and if you study in Australia for undergraduate courses, you do not need IELTS scores in Vocational assessment, if you only study for two years, you need IELTS A 4 7. Social workers need to really love the service industry and have strong social insight and expressive ability.
It is a good way for students who are good at communication and are willing to serve the society.
The average weekly salary is $1026. Top Ten Best Employment Majors in the Future of American Studying Abroad 8. Actuarial Science Actuaries are a challenging high-end profession that is popular in high-paying professions in any country.
Because of the high requirement of mathematical logic ability, it is also very difficult.
Actuarial career assessment requires a year of work experience, with the direction of risk assessors, product development, and then immigration applications.
The weekly salary is $1532. Top Ten Best Employment Majors for American Students in the Future 9. Psychology Recent days, I have received a lot of counseling from my classmates who want to study psychology.
Psychologists are also highly respected professions in AustraliA.Entrance IELTS requires a higher IELTS score of more than 7, and the learning process needs communication, insight and logical reasoning ability because of the high requirements of English.
Career assessment is available as long as you graduate smoothly.
A master's degree in psychology requires a professional backgrounD.The weekly salary is about $1150.
Top Ten Best Employment Majors for American Students in the Future 10. Medical Science Seven of the top 10 on the average high salary list are medical related, sufficiently demonstrating the position of the doctor industry in AustraliA.However, the long medical time and high tuition fees have deterred many students.
Before practicing, it must be registered with the Australian Medical Council, IELTS Class A 4 7. Learning medicine requires a high level of English, reading comprehension, complex problem solving and decision-making skills.
Professional direction is also very broad, from general to specialty to surgery.
The average weekly salary is $1600.
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