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What are the criteria for TOEFL writing?
Part I:
Comprehensive Writing First point:
integrity and accuracy of content Simply put, is the article whether the key information points in the lecture are extracted completely and accurately (usually three points), and effectively correspond to the relevant content in the reading material one by one.
If the information points in the lecture are missing, there will be a certain degree of deduction; if only the views on the reading materials are written, the score will be 1. Second point:
the organization of the article, the correctness and accuracy of vocabulary and grammar In writing TOEFL articles with high scores, it is necessary to be clear, coherent and appropriate to use words to accurately express the views in lectures and reading materials.
As long as the errors in the compositions do not lead to misunderstandings in the content, some occasional language errors, such as spelling of words, singular and plural problems, will not have a great impact on the performance of the compositions.
Of course, the fewer mistakes, the better.
Part Two:
Independent Writing First point:
Effectively respond to the topic and clarify the theme of the article.
Generally speaking, independent writing is seldom completely out of question, but the arguments adopted by many candidates in the discussion are more likely to have little relevance to the topic, that is, the phenomenon of partial answers, which affects the score.
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    ABOUT state local customs, tourist attractions
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    You win some.
    you lose some, win lose less is Las Vegas's eternal truth.
    Bet when you eat a big meal, bet when, I think rationally probability 1 and entertainment, to justify the simple days and months multiplying, described below, welcome different opinions.
    The casino is an absolute science, so it is absolutely superstition.
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    cheating methods when the number of cards in 60s has just started, many people practice hard for their dreams to come to Las Vegas, but because of a huge gap between theory and practice, the majority of people disappointeD- MoGaoYiche, daogaoyizhang.
    The casino has a way to deal with, in addition to 24 hours of camera, card base is also a deputy is now 6 to 8 (8 Deckers), and may require re shuffle at any time, basically smashed the possibility of cheating.
    In fact, my experience is that the game player emotional impulse and lack of adequate tactics, usually winning even less than 40%, play more will lose more.
    Master tip: for to make a difference in the 21 point of the friend, can go back flow chart, that can tell you exactly every case you should follow up (Hit) or halt (Stand) form, the winrate mentioned is very close to 50%.
    21 flow chart or Google "Blackjack chart" or Blackjack Strategy "" computer simulation of BlackJack machine 21 price in Las Vegas is not the same, in downtown caesar, Venetian are $25, you are at least every bureau to charge for the rookie $25, too sad, no accident 10 seconds away.
    Also like Harah 's from $5, which is good, you can spend less than $50 for a long time.
    If you're a dish on the table was too nervous to say anything, can be considered in the machine to play a few times, I remember that Tropicana and NYNY have a BlackJack machine from $1, a few bets began to play, until you are familiar with the rules and the mentality to the table.
    The bottom line is, at least on a table in front of it, experience with small round, waved the "Stand", click "Hit" feeling.
    3. turntable (dice game) Is probably ahead of time and size, number, parity, and then throw the dice or disc around the game, remember that Friends in the Monica out of the super combination of the pond?
    Is it.
    This game is about more than simply playing cards, with any pressure is good, 100 percent luck.
    Good, because you don't need a decision, so would have been close to 50% winrate will not be reduced, it is relatively fair 1, no master underhand points, everyone hit the jackpot.
    The outbreak of tips, remember to give Dealer one or two tablets as a tip.
    Funny is that some casino will take the previous results, as can be inferred from the trend, it is believed, lying in the top half of each.
    4. Texas hold em " Similar than the size of the poker game, but the difference of the BlackJack is that it is in competition with other gamblers, that is to say, the game indefinitely, if your level is higher than the average, can be infinitely won, not probability constraints.
    This is the type of Las Vegas's 1 most likely to win the most professional gambling people are just playing the game, otherwise it is bound to lose money.
    chairman Mao said, with people fighting, an endless enjoyment.
    5. other games Three pokers game, Omaha, Spanish 21, into the table and ask the rules of the game are the same.
    Horse As a rookie, playing more will lose more?
    Not always In fact, this sentence is a problem, I put it to redefine.
    As a rookie, had more time will lose more?
    Not always As long as you each and only a small, such as 1 points each and one line, BlackJack $1 each time and then consider every half an hour, the time is not necessarily lose much, but.
    is not too boring.
    As a rookie, playing more will lose more?
    Not always Ditto As a rookie, for a total of gambling, each round was more certain to lose more?
    Wrong, on the contrary.
    Please ignore the first two entertainment nature of the problem, this is really my argument.
    The majority view is, I want to make money, but lose too fast, so I decided to bet some money less per round, so that I can more opportunities to earn money.
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