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Why are the tuition fees so expensive in American universities, but so cheap in China?
Simply put, Chinese universities receive a lot of government subsidies, while American universities do not receive such large-scale subsidies, while American universities are divided into private and public ones.
Public universities in the United States usually pay about $10,000 for tuition and fees in a school year if they are state students (some states are more expensive, such as Illinois and California; and relatively inexpensive states, such as Iowa).
According to statistics, the median income of families in the United States is less than $60,000, so a year's tuition accounts for about 17% of their pre-tax income.
If you go to a public university across the state, or a private university anywhere, the tuition fee is much higher than the $10,000, or even several times higher.
Note that this is only tuition, not accommodation and other living expenses.
For China, the tuition fee of most schools is 5,000 RMB, which may add more than 1,000 accommodation.
In this way, even without considering the exchange rate, the tuition fees of Chinese universities are much cheaper.
Private universities in the United States are relatively easy to understand because they do not have any government subsidies and tuition is one of the major sources of finance.
For public universities, although there are state subsidies, as can be seen from the figure below, government subsidies have a downward trend year by year.
Corresponding to this is the increase in tuition fees.
On average, tuition fees have accounted for nearly 50% of public university revenue.
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