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Let's see how American college students use loans.
There are companies specializing in college student loans in the United States.
However, the purpose of the loan is not to allow students to spend, but to pay tuition fees.
According to the Institute of College Access and Success According to Success, "Seven out of 10 recent U.
graduates have applied for student loans (69%), with an average loan of $28,950 (about 180,000 yuan).
Of these, 83% came from student loans provided by federal agencies, while the remaining 17% came from private lenders.
Then comes the debt pressure of students after graduation, which to a certain extent affects the students'career choices.
According to a report issued by American universities, students with loans are less likely to start a business after graduation and are usually reluctant to choose low-paid public welfare jobs.
In order to solve this problem, the United States passed the College Cost Reduction and Enrollment Act, which stipulates that federal student loans provide family income-based repayment plans, which slightly reduces the debt pressure of students after graduation.
There are three repayment models for student loans in the United States Before this bill, the most traditional repayment model (also known as the "standard model") was to calculate the monthly repayment amount through a fixed formula, regardless of the borrower's family income.
After the bill is promulgated, borrowers can choose a repayment plan based on the family's financial situation.
One of the most common two modes is called IBR (also known as "stretch mode"), which reduces the monthly repayment amount and lengthens the repayment period; the other is PAYE (also known as "incremental mode"), which adjusts the repayment amount every other time, and the repayment period remains unchanged.
Examples Suppose that the graduate Zhang Mou has a student loan of 25,000 yuan with interest of 2%.
Under the standard mode, Zhang Moumou has to pay back 368.
76 yuan a month, a total of six years.
Under the stretching mode, Zhang only needs to pay back 274.
13 yuan a month, a total of 8 years to pay off the loan.
Under the incremental mode, assuming that the amount of repayment is adjusted every two years and paid off in six years, the amount of repayment in Zhang Mou's first two years is 150.
10 yuan, the middle two years is 300.
57 yuan, and the last two years is 676.
59 yuan.
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    ABOUT tennessee local customs, tourist attractions
    Ruby Falls Generally we see waterfalls are located on the ground, from the mountain waterfalls, like a white ribbon, but there is a waterfall located deep underground, can change various colors in the light irradiation, that is the famous ruby falls.
    In view of ruby falls is located in Tennessee Jingfeng (Lookout Mountain) internal Ruby cave (Ruby Falls cave), closely together with the cave landscape, forming a romantic tourist attractions, visitors can view the waterfall wonders, but also enjoy the cave landscape.
    The waterfall is located in deep 1120 feet underground cave, the largest the most open to visitors falls, about 40 million visitors come to visit here every year.
    Ruby inside the cave stalactites, stalagmites, stone flow across the beautiful landscape, the rise seen a waterfall drop from the clouds with the lights changing color, red, yellow, blue and purple one transformation, really very shocking.
    No one knows where is the source of the waterfall, perhaps is the underground river, the mountain rain falls may be formed together, so the size of the flow falls with the change of season.
    Ruby Falls
    Necessary to Reason: the most mysterious underground waterfalls
    Spots continents: North America
    Scenic region / country: the United States
    Attractions of the province, Tennessee: [Tennessee State]
    The city of chattanooga attractions: [chattanooga]

    Graceland is located in the us state of Tennessee Memphis Elvis Presley Avenue, is the late pop singer Elvis Presley in Tennessee, a white columned mansion.
    Haiya Park covers an area of 13.6 acres, in 1982 as the Elvis Presley Museum is open, respectively in 1991 and 2006 were included in the national register of historic places and the national register of historic places.
    One of the largest private residential house for the United States the number of visitors, there are more than 60 million visitors every year, after the White House and the Biltmore estate.
    Graceland is composed of brown limestone built mansion, at the entrance put four cylinder and two wind Temple perched on the porch on both sides of the big lion, including 23 rooms, including 8 bedrooms and bathroom for.
    Elvis Presley to buy old mansion of houses were a lot of repair, to meet his needs and taste, in the transformation into the studio to record most of the contents of his last two albums.
    For the Elvis Presley admirers, is the best way to visit Graceland Elvis Presley miss, you can visit the Elvis Presley bedroom, dining room and kitchen, showroom, show Elvis Presley was inhabited at the scene, has displayed many records, movie posters, the old lipstick shoes and souvenirs, even in 50s Elvis Presley doll.
    Graceland has appeared many times in popular culture, Paul Simon's "Graceland" album and the song of the same name, all inspired by the pile mansion, expressed in the song the Graceland is a holy place.
    In the ABc sitcom "modern family" mentioned in the second quarter of Dengfeier to Graceland, another character says this is not a theme park but Elvis Presley home.
    Reason: one of the largest private residential population in the United States to visit
    Spots continents: North America
    Scenic region / country: the United States
    Attractions of the province, Tennessee: [Tennessee State]
    Memphis city attractions: [Memphis]

    Parthenon temple located in Tennessee, Nashville, Athens is the Parthenon complete 1:1 replica, built in 1897, is part of the Tennessee centennial Exposition.
    A fair held in 1897 that, in order to make Nashville with "South Athens" in the title, some people call the construction of this building.
    At that time, for the Expo, built a series of antique buildings.
    However, only the Parthenon is about to correct products of recovery, is the only surviving.
    The original building is gypsum, wood, brick, in 1920s on the same basis to concrete reconstruction.
    Today, the Parthenon was as an art Museum, as the core of building Nashville city on the outskirts of the century park.
    The sculptor Alan Le Er (Alan LeQuire) in fast 1990 reworked the statue of Athena statue, which is the focus of the Museum in recent years as people's attention.
    This huge statue is full size of the original products to Athens, the statue of Athena on the basis of careful study of the original academic research of ancient gods disappear: Athena, wearing a helmet, wearing a cuirass a shield, the right hand left hand Peng Shengli statue, 42 feet high, the body with total weight of about eight pounds of gold.
    In the body and between a snake and shield.
    This building is completed, as far as possible in order to approximate the original, also made the color paint, as many tourists here certainly took pictures of the iconic scene.
    Parthenon (Nashville)
    Reason: only a replica of the Parthenon
    Spots continents: North America
    Scenic region / country: the United States
    Attractions of the province, Tennessee: [Tennessee State]
    Nashville city attractions: [Nashville]

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