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More and more students will choose to go to France to study for master's degree.
How about the cost of studying for master's degree in France?
French Master's Student Expenses The cost of studying abroad in France can be analyzed from different kinds of schools.
The fee guarantee for French graduate students requires only about RMB 100,000, and the deposit period is three months before the visa.
The tuition fee for studying in France is entirely free for public universities in France, and only about 300 euros is charged for registration at the beginning of each academic year.
Higher business schools in France usually charge 100,000 yuan per year, while art and design schools charge less than 100,000 yuan per year.
The cost of living for French students is between 60,000 and 70,000 yuan per year in Paris and between 40,000 and 50,000 yuan per year outside Paris.
French students are allowed to work part-time, not at the language stage.
They can work part-time for half a day after entering professional courses, and during holidays, they can work full-time.
The salary is about 4-20 euros per hour.
To study in France for postgraduate studies, you can choose a public university or a business school.
1. Public universities (teaching in French) require one year's preparatory/language plus two years'graduate students.
The cost is:
preparatory/language tuition, RMB 30,000-60,000, graduate students have no tuition fee for two years.
The cost of living in France is RMB 50,000-60,000 a year, and the total cost is about RMB 200,000.
2. Business schools (taught in English).
MSC is a 1-5-year course.
The tuition fee is the cost of COURS.
If it is a business school ranked 20-40 in Europe, it will cost about 110,000 RMB.The total cost is about 200,000 RMB.
For the new blow" A common scene is the second grade students shouted into new bedroom fun ("the new guy, let us in, if you don't want to die!" ).
The second grade students often dim the lights, indicating the new sitting or standing on the table, and then ordered it to recite and sing and dance and Euclid's law after the move from reciting the alphabet or make a speech.
As Lehmann Berger wrote in his 1871 "anonymous works at Yale for four years", "unless the (Zhi Xinsheng) to comply with these requirements, otherwise these visitors will stick (stick)" stimulus "them, or, if a newborn is very stubborn, refusing to do anything, even to 1, they will use blanket over his head, and then lit tobacco from the blanket bottom blowing, choking him until suffocation or started vomiting.
This is a complete "smoke".
" Other times, the second grade students may pick a new year from the list of harassment by other means, and mocked him, including up to two miles east of Rock area.
It is between New Haven and Hamden town across a cliff area, suitable for hiking.
Then his hair shaved off there, his cheeks do digital mark marked his class, do use chemical mark, a few days will fade; or they will strip off his clothes, his body painted, pour cold water, or do some things to say.
They finally left, he was in rags, perhaps the mouth stuffed with rags, hands tied behind his back, looking for a way back to the city; they may also bring him so astonishing to throw in the cemetery wall, he would open the door until the morning of the second day there.
Must admit, those 1 new guys and cannot be regarded as a bully, ordinary thief or predator, because they are not the kind of person.
Under normal circumstances, they are honest, respectable people, others can be refined and courteous, consideration for others, respect for themselves; their students do not regard them as ordinary criminals, don't hate theM..
Perhaps the best explanation is: to bring college powerful "traditional" pressure induces a person temporarily lost his mind, and lost to the weak become 1, make good people indifferent.
In 1794 years when Harvard abolished the new repairing approach, a Yale committee also recommended the abolition of this behavior.
Have a lot of teachers (many of them trained in this ritualized repair test) are extremely angry.
In 1800, the school made the decision, "we still think, check the lower grades, especially the first grade students behavior and life habits, this is still the inherent high grade students responsibility; also, not only for the school management department, but also for the resident postgraduate reasonably in the range of a mile run errands, and low grade students can not shirk its obligations.
" A professor and three teachers also protested, claiming that the "new born rude vulgar in towns and families," that only through this process can achieve domestication repair their purpose, the lack of the experience, students will be arrogant, to "make a high grade students are often affected by the vulgar despicable behavior.
High grade students damage masculinity and dignity, so that they are infected with the same vulgar habits, the school reduced to an ordinary school level.
" The school has come up with a compromise, will "fix right" is limited to three or four students, as a result, the sophomore student would have been happy to look forward to the day you can torture as low grade students like to be treated, and now they can not when the wound healed to retaliate.
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